Courses Offered to Colorado Agencies : ARFF Academy

  ARFF 40-hour Basic Training

The ARFF 40-hour basic training course includes instruction (based on IFSTAs Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) in the 11 topics specified in FAA/CFR Part 139 to meet aircraft rescue and firefighting operational requirements. Using current material and practical examples this training gives students the ability to interpret the necessary components of aircraft rescue firefighting and provides the skills needed to meet the particular demands of an aircraft incident. All required tasks including, but not limited to, incident command, communications, search and rescue, and ventilation and extinguishment will be demonstrated safely and accurately in accordance with established procedures and national standards. This course is administered over five days with classes beginning on Monday and concluding on Friday.

Per student cost $1,100.00
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  FAA CFR 139 Recertification Live-burn Training

The live-fire training course includes an interactive strategy and tactics class and a complete review of all ARFF requirements. The curriculum of this course is designed to be dynamic to ensure that all FAA requirements are met while at the same time taking into account the students' local fire department and/or airfield protocols, procedures, and resources. This four-hour course is typically offered during daylight hours.

Per student cost $500.00
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  Fire Extinguisher Training

The fire extinguisher course is designed to provide students with the knowledge to meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.157. History has shown that employees have greater confidence in their capabilities to deal with an emergency when properly trained. This course affords that opportunity by providing a general understanding of fire theory and a firsthand look at extinguisher operation. Live-action demonstrations of different types of fires and firefighting techniques show employees what to do - and what not to do - when confronting fire. The core curriculum of the course is based on recognized national standards; however, flexibility is designed into the course to allow the instructor to address specific workplace environments of the students.

The course also includes actual hands-on fire extinguishment with a certified fire instructor.

Per student cost $35.00
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  Custom-designed Courses

Custom class dates can be arranged for agencies wishing to train from eight- to 12 students at a time. Specialized courses may be requested and will be designed to meet the needs of the student(s). We are fully equipped to include additional material to improve and enhance the skills of the firefighter. Call (303) 342-4281 to determine how DEN ARFF Training can meet your unique training needs. Prices will vary depending upon course design.