Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Airfield Engineering Services
NUMBER:  201732606-00

Current as of:  4/20/2018
Question Number  1:   Section C.4, as revised by Addendum 1, indicates that we are to “Submit detailed resumes for the proposed project manager and key staff personnel including key personnel of subconsultants that are identified on the Exhibit E(s).” The table in Section C, #7 indicates we are to submit resumes for (5 key personnel & 5 non-key personnel) only. Are we limited to the 10 resumes (5 key personnel & 5 non-key personnel) as indicated by the table, or can we include more as may be needed to comply with the requirements of C.4 as revised per Addendum 1?
    Answer:   It is preferable to have resumes for 5 key personnel and 5 non-key personnel.
Question Number  2:   I would like to confirm a comment made in the pre-proposal conference. Is “Arial” font an acceptable substitution for “Times New Roman”?
    Answer:   “Arial” font is an acceptable substitution for “Times New Roman” font.
Question Number  3:   Is the required Table of Contents excluded from the maximum allowed 32 pages?
    Answer:   Yes. The Table of Contents is excluded from the 32-page maximum for the proposal.
Question Number  4:   A subconsultant has requested to submit the Submittal 2-Overhead/Multiplier Calculation directly to DEN, as allowed per the notes within Submittal 2. Should we instruct them to submit this to the attention of Tony Deconinck, Business Management Services (Procurement), Administration Office Building (AOB), Room 8810, Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Boulevard, Denver, Colorado? If so, how should they label their sealed document to ensure that it will be considered with the rest of the documents submitted later by the prime consultant?
    Answer:   Yes. The sealed document needs to be labeled with the subconsultant’s name, the associated prime consultant(s), and the contents.
Question Number  5:   Should the Exhibit E Core Staff Labor Rate exhibit be limited to include only the 5 key and 5 non-key personnel, or should it include all staff shown on the organizational chart?
    Answer:   It is preferable to have resumes for 5 key personnel and 5 non-key personnel.
Question Number  6:   Are we required to submit a checklist with the Letters of Intent? We could not find a checklist included in the RFP.
    Answer:   A checklist is not required with the Letters of Intent.