Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Federal Lobbying Services
NUMBER:  201732760

Current as of:  6/23/2017
Question Number  1:   I will not be ablt to attend the Pre-Proposal Conference for RFP No. 201732760 scheduled for 3 PM on April 14 but wondered if it was possible to call in instead.
    Answer:   You may dial into the pre-proposal conference scheduled for Friday, April 14 at 3:00 PM Mountain Time. Please call 303-342-4901 and participant code 807931.
Question Number  2:   Under 33. Federal Provisions (p. 41), which refers to Appendix No. 1, Standard Federal Assurances (p. 42), would MWC be treated as a federal subcontractor if we are awarded the federal lobbying work for DEN? If that is the case, may we take exception to that requirement and still be considered for the work?
    Answer:   Appendix 1 is applicable to all contractors / consultants to the Airport and will be a requirement of the consultant's contract.
Question Number  3:   If we are awarded the work, would our consultants be required to have airport ID badges, as described on p. 12-13, sections 1-16 and 1-17?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  4:   In the sample agreement, 5.a. Maximum Contract Liability; Funding: (p. 31) the figures have not been filled in. How will those figures be determined?
    Answer:   The maximum contract liability is left blank because this is a sample agreement. Those figures will be negotiated once the Airport has made its selection(s).
Question Number  5:   Can a firm bid on, for example, just the secutity/TSA issues, or do you have to bid on all of the issues?
    Answer:   Any qualifying firm meeting the minimum requirements is free to make its best case in responding to the RFP with the understanding that they will be scored among firms responding to the full Scope of Work.
Question Number  6:   Is a firm still eligible for the RFP if they do not possess a Denver, CO office?
    Answer:   Yes. Please visit, click on the Addendum #1 that was posted on April 17 that addresses this, and read through the document in its entirety.
Question Number  7:   In filling out the Joint Venture Agreement with another firm, I noticed that the Joint Venture Prequalification Application is due at least 10 days prior to RFP submittal due date (April 24, 2017). With that date having passed, is there any way we can still submit the application and form today, and still be approved ahead of the RFP submission date?
    Answer:   Joint Venture Prequalification Applications submitted with an RFP submittal by April 24 will be accepted.