Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Federal Lobbying Services
NUMBER:  201732760-00

Current as of:  6/21/2018
Question Number  1:   Is a limited liability company based outside of Colorado required to obtain the CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING as set forth on the last page of the RFP?
    Answer:   Yes. Companies based outside of Colorado are required to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State. Your proposal will be considered responsive if you submit documentation, showing that you are in the process of obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State.
Question Number  2:   Regarding the RFP No. 201732760 for on-call federal lobbying services, I was wondering if you could provide us with call-in information for the pre-proposal conference this morning? We would like to listen in.
    Answer:   Phone Number: 303-342-4901. Participant Code: 807931#.
Question Number  3:   What are the October 2017 dates for in person interviews of companies that successfully submit written submissions to the On-Call Federal Lobbying Services RFP No. 201732760?
    Answer:   Friday, October 13, 2017 has been set aside for the day to interview responsive proposers to this RFP. Please check back frequently for updates. UPDATE: To respect proposer's time and travel considerations, DEN is conducting two rounds of interviews: 1) The DEN Evaluation Panel will participate in phone interviews with the responsive proposers on Friday, October 13, 2017 and 2) A final round of in-person interviews at DEN will be scheduled at a later date.
Question Number  4:   Section 1-22 of the RFP, "Diversity and Inclusivity in City Solicitations," states that in order for the agency or City to consider the proposal, Proposers must complete the electronic version of the Diversity and Inclusiveness in City Solicitations Form and then print the completed form and include the hard copy as part of its proposal. A proposal or response to a solicitation by a Proposer that does not include this completed form shall be deemed non-responsive and subsequently rejected. Can you please send bidders a MS Word form of the electronic form so that we may fill it out in advance and see all the questions? In addition, we can include this in our response?
    Answer:   The Agency and the City do not have a Microsoft Word version of the Diversity and Inclusivity in City Solicitations form. All Proposers are required to complete this form in its on-line version, then print off a copy. As stated throughout the RFP, this is one of the required forms, and all required forms must be included in your proposal submission per the instructions (refer to "Proposal Submittal Location" on pg. 4 of the RFP).
Question Number  5:   The RFP requests a proposed hourly rate(s) for on call services. Would a proposal containing both a monthly retainer and an hourly rate be considered?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  6:   The RFP states that this procurement has been reviewed by the City and County of Denver’s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO), and determined that it is not subject to the DSBO ordinance and, therefore, will not have an M/WBE goal assigned to it. There is a required form that needs to be completed identifying how the proposer plans to utilize DBE and/or MWBE firms. What Federal, state, or regional DBE, WMBE, and/or small contractor certifications are recognized by DEN?
    Answer:   Correct - no DSBO goal, so no forms requiring M/WBE reporting. Separate and apart from this is the Diversity and Inclusivity in Solicitations, which is mandatory to complete on line as well as print a hard copy and include with the proposal. Neither DEN nor the City evaluates the Diversity and Inclusivity information provided. This is a survey that all proposers/bidders are required to complete for any and all City opportunities. This on-line survey does not have a field where proposers need to explain or demonstrate how their company will utilize DBE or M/WBE firms. Proposers are; however, requested to provide details on the company's existing principles and programs or else the company's plans to develop a program or committee or adopt a program for diversity and inclusivity.
Question Number  7:   The RFP states that proposers are encouraged to have the “ability to bring legal services to bear when needed.” What legal services are contemplated under this RFP? Is DEN seeking firms that have in-house legal resources? How much weight will having in-house counsel have in the evaluation of proposals.
    Answer:   Proposers will be evaluated based on the ability to execute as lobbyists. While knowledge of the law can be a tool, DEN has a legal department.