Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Janitorial Airside Employee Parking Building
NUMBER:  201732980

Current as of:  4/25/2017
Question Number  0:   Any change to scope of work?
    Answer:   Changes to the scope of work have been posted on the flydenver website.
Question Number  1:   Regarding the Meeting and Tours for Airport Janitorial Contracts NO. 201732928, NO. 201732980, 201732982 – If we want to attend the Main Terminal tour and the Parking/Outlying Areas tour, do we need to have 2 people at the tour because the tours may occur at the same time?
    Answer:   Correct, as stated in the RFP one representative per site tour.
Question Number  2:   Which questions contribute to 40 page limit: "Please clarify the items that do not contribute to the 40 page limit for the Narrative. For example does the W-9 form and sample Green Cleaning Program contribute?"
    Answer:   Any required RFP forms do no contribute to the 40 page limit.
Question Number  3:   I have a question regarding the Mandatory RFP Questions, attachment 6. It states that these pages are not included in the page numbering of the contract. Is that regarding the RFP or the bid?
    Answer:   It’s in regards to your submitted proposal.
Question Number  4:   In reviewing the “Minimum Qualifications”, provided in Section 1-5, all proposers are to submit the resume and affidavit for our proposed Project Manager and alternate, such as an Assistant Project Manager or Operations Manager. In Section 1-7, on page 9, you are requesting resumes for all Supervisory positions. I would assume the Department of Aviation, for the City & County of Denver, would want to protect the wealth of knowledge and experience of all operations management and supervisory personnel that the incumbent contractors employees possess today. With that said, although we understand the need for the resume and affidavit from the project manager and his/her alternate, we feel that requesting resumes for all supervisory positions provides an unjust advantage to the incumbent contractor and to require this information from all other proposers related to the work and facilities detailed in RFP #201732980 will result in the replacement of those individuals, since those individuals are currently employees of the incumbent contractor and not accessible to provide resumes and affidavits. With that said, will the Department of Aviation, remove the requirement to obtain resumes and affidavits for all Supervisory positions?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.
Question Number  5:   Can the Department of Aviation provide facility diagrams, along with floor covering and square footage information for all facility locations outlined in RFP #201732980 which will enable all proposers similarly situated, to accurately complete the Staffing Plan matrix contained in these RFP’s?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.
Question Number  6:   During the Bid conference there was conversation regarding the format for submission of the bids. Could you restate exactly how the bids are required to be submitted? One binder with copies on one junk drive or is it six individual drives?
    Answer:   One (1) original copy in a 3 ring binder along with six (6) electronic versions consisting of one PDF file on USB flash drives.
Question Number  7:   If we are bidding on both the Airside building contract and the Outlying building contract, are we required to have a separate proposal bond for each contract?
    Answer:   Yes, a separate bond will be required for each contract.
Question Number  8:   With the addition of the Maintenance Center to the Airside contract, will there be any additional staffing added to the minimum requirements?
    Answer:   No additional staffing requirements have been added.