Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  2017 On-Call Civil Design
NUMBER:  201735591-00

Current as of:  9/22/2017
Question Number  1:   We would like to request a copy of the RFP Package for the On-Call Civil Design project.
    Answer:   The package for the On-Call Civil Design project, Contract No 201735591 can be obtained by downloaded the documents from
Question Number  2:   Please confirm the address for the Pre-Proposal Meeting on September 12th. The address listed is 7128 Trussville Street, Denver, CO 80249. Is that correct? Can you provide a map?
    Answer:   The Pre-proposal meeting will be held on September 12th at 7128 Trussville Street, Denver, CO 80249. A map has been uploaded for reference at
Question Number  3:   Instructions to Proposers (ITP) 1-6.B states “Proposals shall be printable on 8 ½” x 11” paper/1-6.C.5 states the organizational chart can be on 11” x 17” paper. Can 11” x 17” sheets be used elsewhere?
    Answer:   Yes, 11x17 pages may be used only for charts or graphics. A single sided 11x 17 counts as 1 page, and a double sided 11 x 17 counts as two pages. The 11 x 17 pages count towards the page limit.
Question Number  4:   ITP 1-6.C (Evaluation Criteria) item #5 states “Personnel (Maximum 5 key personnel & 5 non-key personnel) – Why limit how many? The description for the Personnel section does not indicate a limit – we’ll have more than 10 people on our team.
    Answer:   The number of personnel is limited because the narrative is limited to 40 pages. DEN is looking for the Consultant to present in depth qualifications and experience related to this type of RFP. Limiting the number to 10 will allow us to learn more about the personnel that DEN will likely be working and teaming with on each task order, given the limited pages allowed.
Question Number  5:   Please verify that insurance certificates are not required with the proposal submittal.
    Answer:   Insurance Certificates will be required for the selected firms at the time of award. Proposer must ensure that they meet the minimum certificate of insurance requirements at the time of Proposal due date.
Question Number  6:   Article 5.A (Insurance) in the Agreement for Professional Services refers to “Exhibit C’ for Insurance requirements – cannot locate this Exhibit C in the RFP documents/is this Exhibit the same as Attachment 4 in the RFP?
    Answer:   Yes, the Attachment 4 as referenced in the RFP documents is the same as Exhibt C as referenced in the Sample Agreement. In the final agreement, the Certificate of Insurance will be labeled as Exhibit C once it is received from the awarded firm(s).
Question Number  7:   ITP 1-20 states that the fees for the CPM System are to be paid by the Contractor prior to billings for any work performed. Is this a lump sum, onetime payment?
    Answer:   The fee is a lump sum, for each task issued.
Question Number  8:   The Textura CPM Fee schedule is based on a construction bid amount. What is used to determine payment on a professional services contract?
    Answer:   The textura fee is based upon the task order amount.
Question Number  9:   ITP 1-6.B (Format) requests that the resumes be attached to the end of the proposal, after the additional information; and 1-6.C.5 (Key Personnel) requests detailed resumes as part of that section. Where should the resumes be placed?
    Answer:   Place all resumes at the end of the Key Personnel Section. The one page resume for key personnel will not count towards the page limit.
Question Number  10:   ITP 1-18 requires $10 Million automobile insurance. Is this only for company vehicles driven in secure areas? Will this project require that we drive in secure areas?
    Answer:   No, this work is on Landside only and does not require the $10 million automobile insurance.
Question Number  11:   ITP 1-6.C.4 (Project Schedule) duplicates a statement in ITP 1-6.C.3 (Proposed Work Plan and Approach); do we need to show this information in both sections?
    Answer:   "Prepare a description of the Proposer’s management and organizational approach and methods for performing task based support." This should be addressed in Section 1-6.C.4 (Project Schedule) only.
Question Number  12:   The Letter of Intent form for the M/WBE firms to fill out does not appear to be included in the RFP documents – is there another location to get this form?
    Answer:   The DSBO Letter of Intent will be provided through an addendum.
Question Number  13:   It was mentioned during the Pre-Proposal conference on Tuesday, September 12th that geotechnical work would be provided by DEN’s geotechnical engineer, Terracon. Under Attachment 7, Scope of Work Exhibit A, it mentions that Task Orders may include Pavement Evaluation. Would the pavement evaluation be done through DEN’s geotechnical engineer, Terracon, or does the consultant need to have their own geotechnical engineer on their team for this effort?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.