Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Concourse A Sewer Repairs
NUMBER:  201736148-00

Current as of:  12/13/2018
Question Number  1:   Are you accepting late registration for the Mandatory Pre-Bid and Site Visit?
    Answer:   No, we will not accept late or on-site registrations for the mandatory pre-bid and site visit on November 2nd.
Question Number  2:   Could you please provide a start/finish/duration for this project?
    Answer:   The start date of the contract will be determine based on the contract execution date. We are unable to provide an exact date. As reference in Special Conditions SC- 7, the work shall be completed within 330 days from Notice to Proceed.
Question Number  3:   The submersible pump spec (221329) calls for the Motor Housing Fluid to be Air (section 2.1-A-9-a) Oil acceptable as well? Or Air only?
    Answer:   Air filled motors are required. Oil filled motors will not be considered.
Question Number  4:   While reviewing documentation for the above referenced project, I wasn’t able to locate drawing G0002A (referenced on the index as project information). Please advise.
    Answer:   The drawing index referenced is on sheet G002A.
Question Number  5:   I am writing to ask for the engineer’s estimate, the design team, the site location, a copy of the Mandatory Meeting Attendance List and any Addendum released for the above-stated project.  I also want to ask if you require union to all your projects.
    Answer:   All public information regarding this project can be found out
Question Number  6:   What prevailing wage category does grouting and lining of the sump pump pits fall under?
    Answer:   Cement Mason/Concrete Finisher
Question Number  7:   The work outlined in the General Statement of work and the plans for this project, and as evidenced by the job walk, does not fall into either of those two listed categories - this is a plumbing project. As discussed at the job walk, this project is going to require a City of Denver Plumbing and Electrical permit. We also assume that the prevailing wage determination will be for Plumbers and Electricians? Is there a Plumbing category for Prequalification? If not, how should we proceed with prequalifying for this project? As the prequalification document needs to be submitted at least 10 days prior to the Bid opening, it would need to be submitted by this Friday if the job is still bidding on 11/28. "
    Answer:   There is no specific plumbing category for pre-qualification. Follow directions in bid package in order to submit application at least 10 days prior to Bid Opening of 11/28.