Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Pest Control Services
NUMBER:  201736850-00

Current as of:  1/22/2019
Question Number  1:   Notice to Bidders who pre-registered for pre-bid conference tour.
    Answer:   Please report to Reception in the Airport Office Building (just to the left of the TSA checkpoint at the Bridge to A Gates) to check in and get your Pink Visitor Badge that you will need for the tour. You will be required to produce a valid government-issued photo identification to get your badge. Feel free to arrive a half-hour before the 1:00 PM mandatory pre-bid conference on Wed. the 10th to do this.
Question Number  2:   On page 38 of the bid, section II. Additional Coverage, number 3. Can you explain if this RFB will require the $9 million Umbrella Limit please. I have passed this information to our insurance company and the $1,000,000 umbrella is an added $700 to $1,000 in protection for our company, whereas the $9,000,000 umbrella is well over $8,000 and I haven't even gotten a firm price on that one yet. Either way, there is a huge discrepancy between the two and I wanted to clarity so I can provide a true proposal.
    Answer:   Everyone who drives unescorted airside must carry $10 million of insurance coverage. The insurance must total $10 million. It can be a combination of the primary auto coverage of $1 million plus a $9 million umbrella/excess policy, just so it totals $10 million.
Question Number  3:   In the Project Overview section it has a statement saying Minority Owned Business. Is Terminix International qualified to bid on this project not being a Minority Owned Business?
    Answer:   Yes. There are no small business or minority requirements on this procurement. The City and County of Denver simply encourage the use of WBE, MBE and SBEs on all City projects. Bidders choosing to use a WBE, MBE and/or SBE on this project will complete Attachment 2, Part 3 Letter of Intent found in the RFB document and incude the completed LOI with the bid submission.
Question Number  4:   I have been unsuccessful in locating the previous posted bids and awards for the current and past contract holders of Pest Control Services RFB. Can you point me in the right direction of where to find these archived documents?
    Answer:   Please refer to the Contract Procurement web site at for Pest Control Services. Under the "Additional Documents" column are downloads titled "Miscellaneous 1, 2 and 3" which include the Master Purchase Order (MPO) awarded in 2009; the previous RFP from Jan. 2013; and the current MPO that commenced Feb. 2013.