Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Taxiways F & G Complex Pavement, Lighting & Safety Areas Rehabilitation
NUMBER:  201738463-00

Current as of:  1/22/2019
Question Number  1:   Sign basecans: Sign Detail (planset page E-506) shows both Hubs and Gromments. Which is it, or does it not matter?
    Answer:   L-867 base cans should be equipped with rubber grommet type conduit entries.
Question Number  2:   Sign basecasn: Sign Detail (planset page E-506) states Class 1B. Is that correct?
    Answer:   L-867 base cans should class IA.
Question Number  3:   Plan Sheet G-008 details steps necessary to establish and reclaim a slurry pit at the batch plant site. Are there any other requirements that need to be met regarding this slurry pit?
    Answer:   See additional requirements in the General Notes on Sheet G-004. Pit should be managed pursuant to the SWMP.
Question Number  4:   Plan Sheet G-040 shows a 30 day admin period and a 90 day construction period. Is this the intended schedule for the project?
    Answer:   Plan sheet G-040 does not show project durations.  See Sheet G-041 for project milestone durations.
Question Number  5:   SC-7 Prosecution and Completion of the Work, Page 61, indicates that the contractor shall complete the work within 182 consecutive calendar days from notice to proceed, while the schedule represented on Sheet G-041 shows 183 consecutive calendar days. Which is correct?
    Answer:   SC-7 Prosecution and Completion of the Work, Page 61, will be updated with Addendum #3 to reflect the contractor completing the work in 183 consecutive calendar days.
Question Number  6:   Plan sheet CP-506 has details for performing spall repairs at light cans. Since there is no pay item for this work, what is the anticipated quantity of spall repairs that will be needed at light cans?
    Answer:   The location of spall repair will be determined by the DEN Project Manager. Spall repair around light cans will be paid for as part of P-501C - Pavement Spall Repair.
Question Number  7:   There are several utility structures to be adjusted as well as drainage piping to be installed under this contract. Will seeding of the grading disturbed by this work be measured and paid?
    Answer:   Seeding for disturbed areas will be measured and paid under item T-901a – Seeding (Seed Mix Design 2).
Question Number  8:   Please confirm that Items 013223a in Schedule 1 (Electrical) and 2 (Civil), includes all construction survey to include the As-Built survey (BIM) for the or is only the As-built survey to be carried under this item with all remaining construction survey allocated throughout the other pay items?
    Answer:   Section 013223 includes requirements for construction survey and As-built survey with BIM features. The pay item 013223a includes the As-built survey and BIM submittal and all construction survey is incidental to the corresponding pay items of all other work.
Question Number  9:   Sheet E-050, Electrical Notes Under which items should the cost for pumping water, cleaning bottom, repair of chips in cracks in manhole walls, replacement of broken cable racks be carried, photographs of walls and floor, cable butterfly details and cable identification markings be carried?
    Answer:   Water, cleaning, photos, cable id’s shall be incidental to cable installation. Line item will be added for procure and install of broken/missing racks. The project does not include crack repairs to manhole structures.
Question Number  10:   Item P-159a, Concrete Crushing Can the owner provide by percentage the quantity of the three materials identified in the specifications that the contractor should anticipate will be crushed as a part of this project.
    Answer:   It is anticipated that all Concrete and Asphalt Crushing will be to Class 6 Aggregate Base Course.
Question Number  11:   Sheet CU203, Electrical Drain Plan and Profile. Can details for the installation of the electrical drain be provided to include the material to be used as backfill for the drain, details of the cleanout, etc.
    Answer:   Refer to specification D-705 for backfill requirements. A cleanout detail will be provided on sheet CU203 in Addendum #3
Question Number  12:   Addendum 1 Will career service authority wages apply in addition to the published wage decision provided in Addendum 1?
    Answer:   No.  The wages issued in the addendum replace the wages bound in the contract/bid.
Question Number  13:   Plan sheet G-044 and several others reference in Note 7 blast fence to be placed and relocated at various areas when needed. As there is no pay item for this work, can a quantity and number of locations be provided for bidding purposes?
    Answer:   Contractor is to haul onsite, place, maintain, remove and store owner provided portable blast fencing per the finalized blast fence plan. Bid item and detail will be added via Addendum #3 to account for this effort.
Question Number  14:   Is the asphalt removed from this project required to be crushed?
    Answer:   It is anticipated that all Concrete and Asphalt Crushing will be to Class 6 Aggregate Base Course.
Question Number  15:   Will flaggers needed to provide relief breaks for this project be compensated under the pay item for flagger?
    Answer:   Flaggers will only be paid for while they are in their positions and doing flagging work. All other items associated with flagging will be incidental.
Question Number  16:   Is there a designated borrow source for this project?
    Answer:   The borrow source will be located North of the airport on airport property. The designated borrow source will be depicted graphically in Addendum #3.
Question Number  17:   Plan sheets for underdrain profiles CU201 and others reference a depth from grate elevation. Do these depths correspond to the existing depths so that no subgrade adjustments will be necessary?
    Answer:   Sheet CU201 contains trench drain profiles.  There is no underdrain work included with this project.  No subgrade adjustments will be necessary for the trench drain replacement work.
Question Number  18:   Please provide dimensions of the concrete panels being removed?
    Answer:   Typically the panel dimensions are 20.00 feet by 18.75 feet along Taxiway F & G. Typically the panel dimensions are 18.00 feet by 16.25 feet for Taxiways AS, AN, BS, BN, CS, and the panels east of Taxiway G.
Question Number  19:   Drawing E-050, Note 25 requires a manufactures applied white stripe cable to be installed from the last fixture in the circuit back to the CCR. Is there an estimated quantity and location where a manufactures applied white stripe cable is to be installed?
    Answer:   The total quantity of wire with a white stripe will be approximately 40,000 LF. However, this quantity may change do to circuit routing and site conditions encountered during construction. Payment for wire will be made under item L-108a, regardless of whether the wire has a white stripe or black insulation.
Question Number  20:   Is Bid Item L-140a Photometric Testing to be completed during each of the Milestoes and Phases of the project or after all of the Milestones and Phases have been completed?
    Answer:   The contractor will not be required to complete photometric testing during each phase of the project. However, all lights shall be cleaned no more than 24 hours prior to photometric testing, per specification L-140, section 1.1. If beneficial for the contractor’s operations, additional photometric testing may be performed. No additional payment will be made for additional photometric testing.
Question Number  21:   Drawing CP506, Detail 7 Epoxy Repair shows New Epoxy Coated Flange with Concrete and New Epoxy Coated Spacer Rings. Is Epoxy Coared Flange and Spacer Rings correct?
    Answer:   This Detail was Removed with Addendum #2
Question Number  22:   Drawing E-501 detail 9 Retrofit existing base can what pay item will this work be covered under?
    Answer:   This work shall be incidental to the installation of new light fixtures.
Question Number  23:   E-504 detail 1 Repair of epoxy sealant around light cans - what pay item will this work be covered under?
    Answer:   Addendum #3 will change the name of this detail to “Removal and Replacement of Spacer Rings and P-606 Sealant”. This work will be paid for under item L-125m, refer to Electrical Legend Note 2 on sheet E050.
Question Number  24:   E-050 description of L852T is quartz, the spec L-125-4 calls for LED; which is required?
    Answer:   L-852T fixtures shall be quartz.  Specification L-125 will be modified in Addendum #3 to address this.
Question Number  25:   Spec page L-140-3 refers to spare parts. What spare parts are required and what pay item will they be covered under?
    Answer:   Spare fixtures will not be required to be turned over to DEN.  This specification section will be modified in Addendum #3.
Question Number  26:   Is an Excel file of a lighting fixture schedule showing the fixture color available for the new lights on this project?
    Answer:   An Excel file is not available.  All bidirectional L-852C and L-852K fixtures shall have green lenses.  All unidirectional L-852D fixtures shall have yellow lenses.  All L-861T and L-852T fixtures shall have blue lenses.