Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Professional Airport Consulting Services On-Call (McKinsey)
NUMBER:  201738814-00

Current as of:  2/22/2019
Question Number  1:   In common with similar professional consultancy contracts, are the City and Denver Airport willing to provide a limit of liability to the team selected to provide consultancy services?
    Answer:   Specific contract terms may be negotiated with the successful proposer.
Question Number  2:   Will DEN please confirm that only electronic copies of the proposal  documents are needed to be delivered in accordance with the instructions specified on page 4? One electronic copy (on (3) three flash drives) of the proposal which shall be prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Proposers attached hereto. Proposals must be addressed and forwarded to the following location: April Hannon, Business Management Services (Procurement), Administration Office Building (AOB), Room 8810, Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Boulevard, Denver, Colorado  80249-6340. Other correspondence regarding this RFP shall also be sent to this address.
    Answer:   Yes, the mandatory electronic copies of the proposal documents are needed to be delivered in accordance with the instructions specified on page 4. However, on page 12-13 Section D. PROPRIETARY OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, No. 3 is requesting proposers to provide a flash drive with a redacted copy of the entire Request for Proposal. In Section 3a. Failure to provide a flash drive with a redacted copy may result in disclosure of an un-redacted copy.
Question Number  3:   Attachment 1 – Section 1-6; page 10-11 of the RFP instructs proposers to “please provide resumes after Section 4 Personnel” however the instructions on page 11 of the RFP document have Personnel listed as the 5th element. Can DEN please specify if proposers should respond to all questions in the order outlined in the table on page 10 or should proposers follow the outline specified in the narrative provided on pages 10-11?
    Answer:   Proposers should respond to all questions in the order outlined in the table on page 10, Section C. Proposal Narrative Contents, as the cover page does not count towards the 42-page count and will not be evaluated.
Question Number  4:   Attachment 4; page 39 - May bidders propose changes to the sample agreement as provided in Attachment 4 of the RFP document?
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  5:   Attachment 5; Exhibit A, page 40 - The RFP scope of work identifies 9 areas of expertise that may be periodically required by the airport for consulting services; can DEN please clarify if proposers are required to respond to all 9 areas of expertise specified in the scope of work or may prospers choose to respond to select areas of expertise in which they would like to be considered?
    Answer:   The nine named areas of potential scope is only an illustrative example of the potential scope. Expertise in a majority of the nine areas are preferred.
Question Number  6:   Although the proposals are to be printable at 8.5x11”, if we have larger graphics or tables, may we format them on 11x17?  If we do so, will those pages count as one page, or two?
    Answer:   Yes, proposers may print on 11x17 if they have larger graphics or tables. However, this will count for 2 pages.
Question Number  7:   In reference to RFP page 11.  Is there a specific organizational format in which DEN would like to receive audited rate information?
    Answer:   No specific format is required.
Question Number  8:   In reference to Page 22, 1-13.  Can DEN provide ‘Submittal 2’ for use in responding to the RFP so that firms that do not have audited rates can prepare their rates in accordance with this format?
    Answer:   This information is not required as part of your proposal submittal. The City may ask for this information during contract negotiations.
Question Number  9:   In reference to COMMITMENT TO MWBE PARTICIPATION form.  Given DEN hasn’t yet identified specific Task Orders for this RFP, would it be more appropriate to submit an executed copy of the COMMITMENT TO MWBE PARTICIPATION form when the Task Orders are issued? 
    Answer:   The commitment form is to be submitted with the Proposal.If the goal is unable to be met when a TO is issued, DSBO will certainly help the Consulting Firms to optimize their participation if necessary.
Question Number  10:   In reference to ARTICLE VII STANDARD CITY PROVISIONS, Section F. Examination of Records.  Will Federal Funds will be used for the tasks under this Agreement?
    Answer:   Federal funds will not be used.
Question Number  11:   Can DEN provide guidance on the factors/criteria it will use to evaluate the proposals?
    Answer:   The City’s Evaluation and Selection Committee will review and evaluate the written proposals in accordance with the Evaluation Criteria referenced in section "1-10 Evaluation of Proposals".