Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On Call Sustainability and Utilities Services
NUMBER:  201839725-00

Current as of:  1/22/2019
Question Number  1:   The RFP indicates that the pre-proposal meeting is mandatory. May our subcontractor attend the meeting to fulfill the requirement?
    Answer:   A subcontractor to the prime would fulfill the attendance requirement for the mandatory pre-proposal meeting, so long as: A) the subcontractor’s attendance at the meeting is verified via the sign-in process, and B) the subcontractor is clearly identified in the subsequent proposal for this opportunity.
Question Number  2:   Is a site-specific safety plan required with the RFP response or is this due at the time of task order?
    Answer:   A safety plan is not required with the proposal response, but the selected proposer(s) will need to have a safety plan in place prior to commencing work for this project.
Question Number  3:   On page 5, bullet 8 it states that the cover letter is not part of the page count however on page 6 under "Personal Narrative Contents" the page number is counted in the total 27 pages within the chart, please advise if the 2-page max cover letter is indeed counted in the page total maximum.
    Answer:   The cover letter IS considered part of the page count. The table on Page 6 (IP-6, Section C) supersedes the bullet point on the previous page (IP-6, Section B).
Question Number  4:   Are Exhibit E and Submittal 2 required of subconsultants listed as part of the prime team for the RFP response, or only prior to award of work and task orders?
    Answer:   At a minimum, subcontractors who are identified as key personnel in the proposal should be listed in Submittal 2 and Exhibit E. Others can be discussed during negotiations with the selected firms.
Question Number  5:   Should the prime need to add subconsultants after award based on specialty scope of work items, can these consultants be added after the award or do all subconsultants need to be listed in response to this RFP?
    Answer:   Since the task scopes haven’t been defined yet, the selected proposer will be allowed to add subcontractors after award, pending full approval by the DEN project manager.
Question Number  6:   Please confirm if only the Prime needs to submit audited OH rates, paystubs, and/or financial reports. Also related, if a subcontractor is a 501c3 or a single person firm, do they need to provide financial data?
    Answer:   At a minimum, subcontractors who are identified as key personnel in the proposal should be listed in Submittal 2 and Exhibit E. Others can be discussed during negotiations with the selected firms.
Question Number  7:   There is a future RFP out for Energy Savings Performance Contract which will include energy and water audits. How will this work be divided between the two contracts?
    Answer:   The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) RFQ will focus on long-term, large-scale energy and water conservation opportunities which would otherwise likely be outside the realm of feasibility due to constraints on the capital budget and planning process. The tasks of work under this RFP will focus on shorter-term and smaller-scale sustainability projects and opportunities which have a higher likelihood of implementation based on available O&M or capital budget requests. This RFP also includes tasks outside the scope of and EPC related to greenhouse gas and emissions, stakeholder engagement and communication, etc.
Question Number  8:   To what extent will Wayfinding and Graphic Design be needed?
    Answer:   It is not anticipated that wayfinding and graphic design will be substantial parts of task orders under this contract.
Question Number  9:   To what level of detail will Cost Estimating need to be provided?
    Answer:   The level of cost-estimated required by task order will vary by task, but could potentially range from conceptual or rough-order-of-magnitude to obtaining and evaluating specific quotes or bids.
Question Number  10:   Does the scope for the project include DEN Real Estate?
    Answer:   There are no specific DEN Real Estate tasks anticipated to be awarded under this contract, however DEN Sustainability and DEN Real Estate work closely and there is potential for overlap, synergy, or support for specific sustainability-related tasks to benefit DEN Real Estate.
Question Number  11:   Does the scope of this project include DEN Owned but not Operated Buildings and Spaces?
    Answer:   The scope of this contract may include all DEN facilities, both operated by DEN and by others. As the airport looks to evaluate the impact of our tenants and business partners, there is potential to interact and perform tasks which are associated with any facility on DEN property.
Question Number  12:   Are there any other additional action items that will be included in this scope of work other than Microgrid Evaluation that should be derived from the DEN Energy Master Plan?
    Answer:   Multiple opportunities were identified in the Energy Master Plan for further study, analysis, and evaluation. These opportunities may inform and define specific tasks under this contract, and may include targeted energy studies, targeted water studies, tasks related to financing options for sustainability measures, tasks related to energy storage, and others.
Question Number  13:   What level of detail will the energy audits require – ASHRAE Level 1, 2 or 3?
    Answer:   This contract may require targeted studies on both energy and water systems, however a formal ASHRAE audit is not anticipated as a framework for task deliverables. However, the level of effort expected from potential studies will be analogous to Level 1 and Level 2 audits.
Question Number  14:   Our staff typically have different titles than those listed in the RFP for the five positions. Should we match our titles to the titles requested? Can we add more than five positions? Are these five positions all for the Prime to provide?
    Answer:   We ask for the personnel as close as possible to the listed positions. If the titles don’t match exactly, please indicate the title we requested and the title you’re using for clarity.
Question Number  15:   There is a lot of information requested for projects. Do projects count towards the page count in the Team Experience and Qualifications section?
    Answer:   Please summarize the information as best as you can within the allotted page count.
Question Number  16:   Should Denver award contracts to multiple teams with similar skill sets and qualifications, how will teams be chosen for each task order?
    Answer:   If multiple teams are awarded contracts, teams may be chosen for task orders based on specialization and expertise, availability of resources, lowest-price, or by most-qualified team from competitive RFPs by task.
Question Number  17:   There are several references to how the proposal must be submitted; in electronic or hard copy format. Can the City confirm that the submittal package is: a) A submittal package containing a hard copy of the proposal and required forms; one flash drive containing the electronic copy of the proposal and required forms; c) within a sealed envelope: one flash drive containing the submittal 2 and Exhibit E excel files for each sub consultant included in the proposal.
    Answer:   The submittal should be two (2) flash drives containing a digital copy of the proposal, and one (1) separate flash drive containing the Submittal 2 and Exhibit E information. A hard copy of the proposal is not required; however, if the digital files are corrupted or cannot be opened, the submittal would then be considered non-responsive.
Question Number  18:   Can proposals be submitted in person to the address listed in the RFP?
    Answer:   Hand delivery to the Airport Office Building as listed in the RFP is the preferred method to receive proposals.
Question Number  19:   Does this contract prohibit any successful bidder from working on the future solicitation for Energy Audits and Performance Contracting?
    Answer:   The Energy Audits and Performance Contracting (EPC) RFQ is anticipated to primarily focus on separate opportunities, programs, and implementation mechanisms. Although there are components of this contract that may inform activities of that contract, participation in one does not preclude participation in another.
Question Number  20:   Would DEN consider modifying the MWBE requirement to allow prime consultants to partner with MBWE firms NOT currently certified by the City if the partner can show they have submitted a formal application to the City and expect to be certified within 90 days?
    Answer:   All companies must be certified at the time of the submission and bidder review. Part of our process is to assure that contractors and subcontracts are certified in order to be found responsive. DSBO does not allow the participation of non-certified companies to be counted towards the goal before or after the submittal.
Question Number  21:   On page 5 of the RFP (9 on the PDF) under “Format” it states that the proposals shall use the font type and size of Times New Roman 12 point. Will there be any exception to the use of Times New Roman in order to allow use of company proposal templates which use other fonts?
    Answer:   Proposals shall be completed based on the format instructions listed in the RFP document.
Question Number  22:   On page 5 of the RFP (9 on the PDF) under “Format” it states that the proposals shall be printed on 8 ˝” x 11” sheets of paper. Will DEN allow firms to present their organization chart in an 11” x 17”format?
    Answer:   Proposals shall be completed based on the format instructions listed in the RFP document.
Question Number  23:   What sustainability evaluation and reporting tools is DEN currently using?
    Answer:   DEN utilizes a variety of analytical, tracking, and reporting tools, including ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, Airports Council International Airport Carbon Accreditation Reporting Tool, EnergyCAP, Power TakeOff, Microsoft PowerBI, customized Microsoft Excel tools, and others.
Question Number  24:   Please confirm that only the prime consultant is required to submit the Diversity and Inclusiveness in City Solicitation Form (page 53)
    Answer:   Executive Order 101 only refers to consultants/contractors, not subs, so the answer is yes, only the prime must submit the form.