Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  AGTS On-Call Support
NUMBER:  201947779-00

Current as of:  5/30/2020
Question Number  1:   In Attachment 7, Scope of Work, Items 2.a and 2.b, reference is made to “hourly rates set out in Exhibit A attached hereto.” We cannot find this attachment or the referenced Exhibit. Please clarify.
    Answer:   Please complete the Rates Chart located in IP-6 Preparation of Proposal – Proposal Narrative, Section Seven: Cost Effectiveness. This chart will become Exhibit A once a contract has been executed.
Question Number  2:   Would you please confirm if the Department of Aviation intends for the selected consultant to produce signed and sealed engineering plans to be released for construction, or if the scope will be limited to preliminary concept designs only?
    Answer:   Please reference the Scope of Work, number 1 section B. Please note the phrase “including but not limited to”. The Consultant may provide on-call technical services related to the AGTS including but not limited to analysis, planning, conceptual design and technical support of O&M activities as well as system updates, upgrades, revisions, and system and/or AGTS facility expansion. Depending on the specific task order, stamped/signed architectural and engineering documentation may be required.
Question Number  3:   Should  the cover letter (described on page 7 of the AGTS RFP) be addressed to Kim Day? Or Jessica Encinas?
    Answer:   You may address the cover the letter to Jessica Encinias.
Question Number  4:   "Where would you like the resumes located: at the end of the proposal, or under “Section 6 – Personnel”? Pg 6., Under “B. Format” States: Resumes should be limited to one (1) page per individual. Please attach resumes to the end of your proposal after additional information. Pg 8., Section 6: Personnel States: submit detailed resumes for the proposed key staff personnel including key personnel subcontractors."
    Answer:   Please attach the resumes under Section 6 of your proposal response.
Question Number  5:    If the MWBE participation goal stated in the RFP is 0%, and we match 0%, do we have to submit our "Letter of Intent", our "Commitment to MWBE", or our "List of Proposed MWBE Bidders, Subcontractors, Suppliers or Brokers" Forms?
    Answer:   If there will be no M/WBE participation, the forms do not need to be filled out.