Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Peña Boulevard Welcome Sign Advertising Services Concession
NUMBER:  201738469

Current as of:  4/24/2019
Question Number  1:   One initial point of clarification. This opportunity is titled as a Request of Qualifications (RFQ), but you are asking the Respondents to submit a Proposed Financial Offer, which will be evaluated by the City’s Evaluation and Selections Committee who will make a recommendation to enter into negotiations for an agreement. The RFQ seems to be really a Request for Proposals (RFP). Please confirm this is our understanding and the Department of Aviation will not be issuing a forthcoming RFP for the same services.
    Answer:   Yes, the department of aviation will not be issuing a RFP for these services.
Question Number  2:   Where do the signs stand in regard to FHWA/E-470/Map 21? Specifically, what content (on-premise or off-premise) is allowed now on the 2 in-bound screens and the 1 outbound screen? Do you anticipate this to change and when?
    Answer:   The City’s intention is to enable both on- and off-premise advertising on the three digital displays (along with DEN’s non-revenue generating spots), to maximize revenue and provide Airport passengers, tenants and users with relevant and targeted advertising. In December 2017, the Federal Highway Administration approved the City’s request to delete the portion of Peña Boulevard between E-470 and the terminal complex from the National Highway System. However, the application of the Highway Beautification Act (HBA) remains an open question in light of the proximity and/or visibility of the DEN Welcome Sign to/from E-470, which remains part of the National Highway System. The City is coordinating closely with the Colorado Department of Transportation and the E-470 Public Highway Authority to resolve this open issue. We do not have a timeline on when this issue will be resolved. In the interim, the City’s position is that the digital display visible to outbound Peña Boulevard is available for on- and off-premise advertising (because, among other reasons, the outbound display is not visible from the main traveled way of E-470), and the two digital displays visible to inbound Peña Boulevard are available for on-premise advertising (because on-premise advertising is permitted by the HBA).
Question Number  3:   It is our understanding through CDOT's regs, that on-premise signs can only advertise "primary activity or use" of the business (the airport). Our concern is that this would eliminate any vendors, concessionaire's, airlines, or products sold until these screens were legally permitted for off-premise use. Has DEN been given any detail from the FHWA or CDOT as to what content can be displayed on the signs while they are only permitted for on-premise?
    Answer:   Under Colorado law and CDOT regulation, on-premise advertising is limited to the principal or primary activities, goods, or services available on and at the Airport.  The City has coordinated with the Federal Highway Administration and Colorado Department of Transportation on what types of ads would satisfy this requirement.  Both agencies have provided specific guidance that businesses, products and services conducted at DEN would be considered on-premise advertising.  This would include, for example, airlines, concessions, rental cars, on-Airport hotels, ground transportation providers and similar and related businesses, products and services.  Further, while ads depicting product brand or trade names likely would not qualify as on-premise advertising, ads depicting where those products can be purchased at the Airport are permissible.
Question Number  4:   Has the current vendor selling advertising on the 3 screens secured any campaigns? Can the detail of those campaigns be shared?
    Answer:   The City respectfully declines to answer this question.
Question Number  5:   Regarding the ACDBE requirement of 2% - can you clarify 2% of what exactly? 2% of estimated gross advertising revenue? Our investment into the project? Something else?
    Answer:   Based on the limited/narrow scope of work and the limited availability of certified firms for the NAICS codes required DSBO placed a 2% goal that can be met through goods and services.
Question Number  6:   Would DEN consider a contract longer than 5 years?
    Answer:   No, the contract term is 5 years for this opportunity
Question Number  7:   Are the exit and entrance ramps of E-470 that run parallel to Pena Blvd considered part of the "reclaimed" portion from Map 21?
    Answer:   The City’s position is that the interchange is part of E-470, and not Peña Boulevard.  As a result, these sections of roadway are not affected by the FHWA’s decision to delete a portion of Peña Boulevard from the National Highway System.
Question Number  8:   Who pays for regular maintenance, repairs, and if needed, replacements of the 3 screens? Panasonic? The City? Or the winning Bidder? Same question for the "Ribbon".
    Answer:   The City and Panasonic are responsible for maintenance, repairs and replacements of the entire asset, including the "ribbon."
Question Number  9:   Page 14: If the two or more Respondents are evaluated the same,would DEN negotiate with more than one company? We assume the financial offer submitted would not be subject to further negotiations,please confirm.
    Answer:   The City reserves the right to negotiate with any respondent(s) whose qualifications represent the best interest of the city. The city reserves the right to negotiate any and all aspects of submittals during the negotiation phase of this procurement.
Question Number  10:   Attachment 5: If we have specific issues with some of the terms and conditions of the provided, Sample Agreement, should we submit those with our proposal or wait to negotiate them if selected?
    Answer:   Please submit all questions or comments concerning this RFQ and opportunity must be submitted in writing, through email to (with this specific opportunity identified in the subject line).
Question Number  11:   Please confirm that maintenance (as well as electrical costs) related to the advertising displays is not required of the successful respondent .
    Answer:   Yes, the City and Panasonic are responsible for maintenance, repairs and replacements of the entire asset, including the "ribbon."
Question Number  12:   Section 3.03 of the Standard Advertising Agreement: Is it the intent of the City to award a contract to multiple parties? We strongly recommend making this agreement exclusive as multiple parties marketing the space will lead to competition that could erode value for the City.
    Answer:   It is the City's intention to award this opportunity to the respondent with the qualifications and financial offer that represents the best interest of the city. However, the city reserves the right to proceed in any manner deemed in the best interest of the city.
Question Number  13:   Section 7.03 Advertising Guidelines,please provide the Advertising Content Regulations of the Guidelines for Signage and Advertising on DEN property.
    Answer:   Please see the incidental document titled " Advertising Guidelines" uploaded to the following link: under Resource Documents / Airport Guidelines and Policies.
Question Number  14:   Re: Section 1-6, C, 3, f : How much detail do you want to see in the personnel resumes? Are you looking for traditional resumes for each person or bios and relevant experience/work history?
    Answer:   On the resumes referenced on Section 1-6, C, 3,f, resumes are to identify the experience that the personnel has that is relevant to perform the Scope of Work.
Question Number  15:   Proposing firms are permitted to submit questions up until April 12, 2018. As answers to proposing firms’ questions dramatically impact the composition of a detailed, comprehensive proposal, will the Department of Aviation please confirm by what date they will answer proposing firms’ questions?
    Answer:   All questions have been answered and posted.
Question Number  16:   On page 10 of the RFQ, 1. Cover Letter, instructions are given regarding identifying material that is proprietary or confidential and the basis for that identification. Should this information be included as part of the cover letter or the cover page? If it should be included in the cover letter, would the Department of Aviation please waive the two-page limit? 
    Answer:   Respondents should identify which pages within the SOQ contain proprietary or confidential information in the cover page. It is not necessary to identify the proprietary or confidential material and/or the basis of for that identification within the cover page. Please also review the Instructions to Respondents section, labeled "PROPRIETARY OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION" in the RFQ for more information.
Question Number  17:   On page 10 of the RFQ, C. Submittal Narrative Contents, 1. Cover Letter, instructions for the signature of the letter include: “The letter must be signed by a person who is authorized to sign an Agreement with the City. This person shall be the same person identified in Section 3. of the Instructions to Respondents as the authorized representative.” Section 3. Proposed Work Plan and Approach does not define the authorized representative. Please explain.
    Answer:   For purposes of this RFQ, an authorized representative is any representative of Respondent with the authority to bind the legal entity to the offer continued in the SOQ. Documents submitted in response to this RFQ must be signed by an authorized representative where applicable.
Question Number  18:   Would the Department of Aviation provide all SOQ forms in Microsoft Word format?
    Answer:   Please see the SOQ PDF fillable forms titled "SOQ Fillable Forms (RFQ No.201738469 Pena Blvd. Welcome Sign" uploaded to the following link: under Resource Documents / Required Forms.
Question Number  19:   Does/will the sign have the capability to display digital imagery on the vertical rods or just a color theming related to the content on the screens?
    Answer:   Currently, the sign's capabilities include LED screens with still images and LED sticks with accent colors that align with corresponding/neighboring LED screen. In the future, the sign's capabilities may include the ability to display digital imagery on the vertical rods.
Question Number  20:   Can you confirm that motion isn’t allowed on the digital signs. If it is not allowed on the digital signs, how is it allowed on the digital LED sticks?
    Answer:   Motion isn't currently being utilized on the sign or sticks. However, in the future, the sign's capabilities may include motion on both the sign and sticks.