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PROJECT:  Switchgear Preventive Maintenance and Testing Services
NUMBER:  201842074-00

Current as of:  7/16/2019
Question Number  1:   What is the number of switchgear boards that will need to be tested?
    Answer:   There are approximately 75 switchgears here at DEN. Typically, under this contract, 10 to 12 switchgears are tester per year.
Question Number  2:   What is the count of the draw out, tie & main circuit breakers?
    Answer:   There are approximately 750 main, tie, and feeder circuit breakers in the Airport's 75 switchgears.
Question Number  3:   What are the sizes & ratings of the breakers?
    Answer:   The circuit breakers in the 75 switchgears are rated between 400 amps and 3200 amps. Most are rated 277/480 volts while three switchgears are rated 2400/4160 volts.
Question Number  4:   Will the shutdowns be by the owner or the contractors?
    Answer:   DEN will write the shutdowns.
Question Number  5:   Will the scheduled monthly maintenance to be priced for 2 nights or 1 night including work hours for testing?
    Answer:   The monthly maintenance is always scheduled for 2 nights with the second night being cancled if not needed.
Question Number  6:   Is the contractor to provide the Temp power & generators for all test equipment?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  7:   Will the contractor be responsible for the XCEL show up costs for shutdowns of XCEL transformers?
    Answer:   Yes, if needed.
Question Number  8:   What is the approximate schedule start of testing to commence 2018 or 2019?
    Answer:   The schedule start of testing is to commence from 11pm to 4am.
Question Number  9:   Will a sample switchgear one-line be provided.
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  10:   Will testing of relays be part of the project.
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  11:   Will opening up gear, vacuuming and torqueing be part of the project?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  12:   Will verifying transfer be part of the project?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  13:   Is Hotel gear included in the project?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  14:   Will Mod IV Parking Garage gear be included in the project?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  15:   Is the AGTS (Train) gear included in the project?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  16:   Are spare breakers to be tested?
    Answer:   Any breakers in the switchgear, spare or otherwise, are to be tested.