Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Graphic Design Consulting (Air Service Support)
NUMBER:  201842618-00

Current as of:  2/22/2019
Question Number  1:   Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this? (like,from India or Canada)
    Answer:   Yes, you may apply. Your company must be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State to do business.
Question Number  2:   Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
    Answer:   Meetings at our office in Denver will be scheduled as projects require.
Question Number  3:   Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)
    Answer:   Yes, tasks can be performed outside the USA.
Question Number  4:   Can we submit the proposals via email?
    Answer:   No, please refer to the Request for Proposal documents for instructions on how to submit your proposal.
Question Number  5:   On page 59 – there is a requirement to have a Certificate of Good Standing for the State of Colorado. Can I submit one from The State of Illinois?
    Answer:   No, you must be registered with the State of Colorado as a foreign entity to conduct business with the City and County of Denver. You may reach out to the Colorado Secretary of State for additional information.
Question Number  6:   How many face to face meetings do you anticipate?
    Answer:   We cannot provide a specific number of meetings; we will schedule face-to-face meetings as projects require.
Question Number  7:   Do the electronic copies need to be on two separate flash drives?
    Answer:   Yes, two separate flash drives are required per the RFP instructions.
Question Number  8:   Can the proposal be hand delivered to the submittal location?
    Answer:   Yes, proposal may be submitted in person at the location stated in the RFP documents in the RFP letter.
Question Number  9:   Will 50% of development and design be for use in PowerPoint presentations only or will the “development of maps, graphic portrayal of demographic and economic trends and graphics” be used in any other form(s)?
    Answer:   In the past the “development of maps, graphic portrayal of demographic and economic trends and graphics” have almost exclusively been used in PowerPoint presentations, but there is always the possibility of use of these graphics in other formats.
Question Number  10:   Will the vendor be providing the final printed deliverables, such as printed versions of banners, signs, brochures, flyers? Or will the vendor only need to provide the print-ready files to the City?
    Answer:   In the case of printed deliverables, the vendor will only need to provide the print-ready files.  In almost all cases with printed deliverables we ask the vendor liaise directly with the printer to generate estimates, review proofs and see the job through to completion.  DEN will pay the vendor for the time that it takes for this process, and DEN will pay the printer separately.
Question Number  11:   Does the City have an anticipated frequency of work to be completed?
    Answer:   For simple tasks such as graphic and map updates there is typically 24 hours to turn the request.  However, there are cases when work may have an immediate/very short turnaround in order to meet deadlines.  For larger, printed projects, the turnaround is longer.
Question Number  12:   Is there a designer/creative lead the vendor will be working with to complete each project?
    Answer:   For the Air Service Development work most  of the work will not require the vendor to work with a designer/creative lead.  For other work it is likely that the vendor will work with a designer/creative lead, at least at the beginning of the process.
Question Number  13:   Will the vendor need to provide any proofreading and/or copywriting services for the design deliverables?
    Answer:   Although the vendor will not be required to provide proofreading/copywriting services, much of the work updating maps and economic graphics includes information that is used consistently.  As a result, it would be  appreciated if the designer has a level of attention to detail to ensure that versions are correct (e.g., most recent map is used in a printed piece) in order to eliminate unnecessary edits.
Question Number  14:   Will the development or design of any of the deliverables require specific software outside of Adobe CC and Microsoft Office?
    Answer:   In most cases Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office will be sufficient.