Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Industrial Design Services
NUMBER:  201844279-00

Current as of:  2/23/2020
Question Number  1:   How many awards are expected for this RFP?
    Answer:   Up to two contracts may be awarded.
Question Number  2:   Please clarify if the 15% required participation for M/WBE firms will be measured per task order, or during the whole life of the contract.
    Answer:   We would like the Primes to strive for the goal to be met per task order as well as on the overall contract. It shall be an ongoing, affirmative obligation of the consultant on such contract to maintain, at a minimum, compliance with the originally achieved level of 15% M/WBE participation upon which the contract was awarded, for the duration of the contract, unless the city initiates a material alteration to the scope of work affecting MBEs or WBEs performing on the contract through change order, contract amendment, force account or as project change orders, amendments and modifications.
Question Number  3:   Please confirm the figures of 10,000 tons and larger for chilled water plants, and of 150,000 MMBH and larger for heating water plants, in relation to required qualifications.
    Answer:   The original experience criteria had an error. The criteria is now 10,000 tons for chilled water and 150,000 MBH (thousand not million) for heating water plants. Additionally note, proposals will be graded on a scale for experience, not pass/fail.
Question Number  4:   Can you provide an overview of the expected largest task orders to be subject of this contract?
    Answer:   Historically, the range in task order values was from $20,000 -700,000. With the nature of an on-call contract, the task values are unpredictable; however, it is likely that many tasks will be in the range of $100,000 - $300,000.
Question Number  5:   Can you please clarify what is meant by commissioning coordination, in relation to the scope of works?
    Answer:   DEN requires independent, third-party commissioning (Cx) on almost all projects. The designers will be required to engage and work collaboratively with the Cx team selected for the project during all phases of the project and to ensure the project meets DEN requirements and operational criteria.
Question Number  6:   Do the M/WBE LOI percentages need to be met on every task order issued or met as a cumulative effort at the end of the OnCall Contract? For instance, one of the issued task orders may not include a discipline that we have designated as one of our M/WBE firms.
    Answer:   All contracts subject to this division 3 shall be reviewed by the DSBO for compliance with the provisions hereof. This review shall examine, but not be limited to, whether the MBE and WBE participation percentages and achieved project goal levels upon which the contract was awarded are maintained over the term or duration of the contract. Any increase in the scope of services of a contract for professional design or construction services, whether by amendment or any other addition of special, additional or other services to the contract, which increases the dollar value of the contract, whether or not such change is within the scope of work designated for performance by a MBE or WBE at the time of contract award, shall be contemporaneously submitted to the DSBO. Those amendments or other contract modifications that involve a changed scope of work that cannot be performed by existing project subconsultants, joint venturers, suppliers, manufacturer, manufacturer's representatives or brokers, or by the contractor or consultant, shall be subject to a goal for MBHs and WBEs equal to the original project goal on the contract that was included in the proposal requirements. The consultant shall satisfy such goal as respects such changed scope of work by soliciting new MBEs or WBEs in accordance with section 28-60 or 28-65 as applicable, or the consultant must show each element of modified good faith set out in section 28-75(c) hereof. The consultant shall supply to the director the documentation described in section 28-75(c) with respect to the increased dollar value of the contract.
Question Number  7:   Please have DSBO confirm the LOIís need only a percentage listed, not a dollar amount for ease on OnCall contracts.
    Answer:   Correct, a dollar amount is not to be listed on the Letter(s) of Intent, just the percentage. Note: Put a specific percentage. DO NOT PUT “TBD” OR A PERCENTAGE RANGE – it will NOT count.