Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Financial Assurance and Risk Management
NUMBER:  201842108-00

Current as of:  5/21/2019
Question Number  1:   In terms of importance for service delivery from greatest to least, how would the City rank a firm's expertise/proficiency in: 1) Engineering, 2) Finance, 3) Technology
    Answer:   DEN does not elect to provide information about proposal criteria scoring weighting.
Question Number  2:   Will the City consider responses that include new technology platforms/systems implementation as part of the overall approach to the CIP risk consulting services as long those systems full integrate with and complement existing technologies?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  3:   What is the current status of the CIP in terms of years, percentage of completion, milestones/phases, or other units of measure?
    Answer:   The airport updates its CIP on an annual basis and has published its 2018-2022 Capital Program.
Question Number  4:   Will the selected firm be expected to have a continuous onsite presence during the engagement period?
    Answer:   No requirement, personnel will be expected to be on-site when necessary to completed duties as assigned.
Question Number  5:   Will vendors be disqualified, penalized or otherwise discouraged from proposing changes to standard terms and conditions?
    Answer:   A vendor would not be disqualified nor penalized from proposing such changes; however, this should be done after a vendor has been selected and is in the negotiations process with DEN. The selected firm(s) may propose changes, but the draft contract provided in the RFP is the most current boilerplate for this type of contract.
Question Number  6:   May we obtain a copy of the CIP Plan?
    Answer:   Please reference the Series 2018 A-B Official Statement:
Question Number  7:   What is the dollar value of the CIP activity to be monitored by the Consultant selected for this engagement over the first three years and then over the optional two years?
    Answer:   At this point in the time the current CIP is $3.5B over the next five years.
Question Number  8:   What are the sources of and approximate amount of the CIP funding for: bonds; PFC funds; the State of Colorado; Federal grants; other sources significant sources?
    Answer:   N/A but please reference the Series 2018 A-B Official Statement:
Question Number  9:   What is the approximate amount to be constructed by the number and type of projects that are included in the CIP to be monitored under this contract: parking; terminal construction or rehabilitation; hangers; runways; air traffic control towers; Water and wastewater/stormwater; Rail transit; Roads? Are there significant projects outside of the types mentioned above?
    Answer:   Please reference previous response.
Question Number  10:   Are there major contracts already under agreement with specific professional/construction firms for the related CIP projects, and if so who? Architectural/Design/Engineering firms, General Contractor and/or Construction Manager. Are there any other active contracts related to the implementation of the CIP?
    Answer:   A significant amount of contracts related to the CIP are under agreement. This will be discussed with the selected vendor(s).
Question Number  11:   What ERP is currently, or do you plan, on using to track and manage the projects and does it have the following capabilities: Project Accounting Functions/capabilities; Budget vs. actual analysis capabilities; Requisition/PO capabilities?
    Answer:   The airport is currently using WorkDay and Unifer.
Question Number  12:   Will project managers be actively involved in the budget monitoring and analysis?
    Answer:   At this point in time, yes.
Question Number  13:   Does existing finance and accounting staff have CIP accounting experience?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  14:   Is there a target start date for the scope of services described in the RFP?
    Answer:   As soon as possible.
Question Number  15:   The RFP does not specify a place of performance. Will all personnel be required to work on-site at the airport? Will full-time off-site personnel be allowed? If off-site, is there a mile limitation (eg: 50 miles from the airport)?
    Answer:   No requirement, personnel will be expected to be on-site when necessary to completed duties as assigned.
Question Number  16:   Are companies registered outside of Colorado allowed to submit bids? Will a certificate of good standing from another state suffice if the bidder is registered outside of Colorado?
    Answer:   No. A proposer must include a Certificate of Good Standing for the State of Colorado.
Question Number  17:   How many hard copies of the proposal are required? No number of copies (original and hard copy) is specified.
    Answer:   No hard copies are required. Two flash drives, each with a copy of the proposal, and a third flash drive with the Submittal 2 and Exhibit E requirements are required at submittal.
Question Number  18:   The RFP gives that two electronic copies are required on flash drives. Are two flash drives with one e-copy each required?
    Answer:   Correct.
Question Number  19:   Does the City require full-time support to meet the scope of work? Will part-time allowed to be submitted?
    Answer:   Not a requirement.
Question Number  20:   Are the employees proposed by the vendor required to be US citizens? Are green card holders allowed to work on the contract?
    Answer:   Employees of a proposed vendor may be required to pass certain requirements to obtain badging.
Question Number  21:   Will the vendor invoice on a time and materials basis? A firm-fixed price basis?
    Answer:   The airport is opened to different pricing models.
Question Number  22:   What insurance coverages and liability limits are required? Some coverages, such as business automobile, do not appear to make sense given the nature of the scope of work.
    Answer:   Specific coverages such as automobile can be discussed at the contract negotiation stage with the selected proposer(s).