Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Sand & Grease Trap General Services
NUMBER:  201842997-00

Current as of:  5/21/2019
Question Number  1:   Please verify that there are no pre-qualifications or certifications due prior to bid submission.
    Answer:   There are no pre-qualfication or certification requirements for this project.
Question Number  2:   How many sand traps require an 8ft. Truck?
    Answer:   All sand traps require an 8 ft. truck except traps that are joined with main terminal.
Question Number  3:   What is the distance required from grease trap throughout grease line that needs to be jetted/cleaned?
    Answer:   The distance varies from trap to building. An approximate distance is minimimum of 10" to max 100'.
Question Number  4:   Since the bid due date/opening date were postponed, did that mean there would be any extra questions allowed as well?
    Answer:   The question due date will not be amended.
Question Number  5:   There are two Sand Traps noted on the Sand Trap Areas ‘As Needed’ that do not reference any quantity of gallons. They are Item Numbers 19 and 28, for B36 and CARPENTER BUILDING, respectively.
    Answer:   B36 = 2000 gallons, Carpenter Building = 2000 gallons
Question Number  6:   The missing gallons on the Grease Trap side of the list were for the Westin entries, Item Numbers 4-7, Westin Hotel East, West-1, West-2, and -Jet Drain Lines. Please advise.
    Answer:   4000 gallons