Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call MEP Design Services
NUMBER:  201846033-00

Current as of:  10/22/2019
Question Number  1:   Please clarify what is to be delivered for the response? Specifically how many flash drives for the proposal “narrative” should be provided? Specifically how many flash drives for the financial statements must be provided? Should the proposal flash drive be separate from the financial statements flash drive?
    Answer:   We want to receive a total of three flash drives. Two flash drives should each contain a proposal and required documents, and another flash drive is for the financial documents (Submittal 2 and Exhibit E, etc).
Question Number  2:   Do you anticipate this on-call to have and LEED / energy modeling activities?
    Answer:   LEED / energy modeling activities are not anticipated in this on-call.
Question Number  3:   When is this contract anticipated to be awarded?
    Answer:   The process typically takes approximately four months from the proposal response date.
Question Number  4:   There are multiple attachments including within this RFP. Are there any other attachments that is NOT listed on page 7/98 of the RFP under III. PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS that must be submitted? If so, please inform us what should be submitted to be deemed responsive.
    Answer:   To be considered responsive, all of the items listed under Section III. Proposal Submittal Requirements on Page 7 of 98 in the RFP should be submitted. Other information (sample contract, insurance requirements, AIM Exhibit B, Exhibit R, etc.) are for reference.
Question Number  5:   Is the proposer limited by the 4 page max in the Company Experience & Qualifications for project descriptions? Please advise on the number of projects that DEN is seeking from the proposer.
    Answer:   Yes, the maximum number of pages for each section is firm. Please do not exceed the page maximum for any section of the proposal response.
Question Number  6:   Other than the project types listed in the RFP, are there any other known project types that will likely be included in this contract?
    Answer:   The project types listed in the RFP cover many of the common types of work that may be included in this contract. Actual scopes of work will be defined on a per-task basis.