Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Millwright Services
NUMBER:  202053810-00

Current as of:  7/4/2020
Question Number  1:   "After reviewing the RFP for On-Call Millwright Services (Contract #: 201947884), we had a question regarding Attachment 1, Part 5 on page 30. This attachment is asking for a list of non-M.WBE subcontractors, the description of work, and the subcontract dollar value. Because this proposal is for an on-call services agreement, we don’t currently know which projects will be identified by DEN for completion under this agreement, so we cannot predict which subcontractors will be required for the various task orders. Please advise on how this attachment should be completed for this proposal. "
    Answer:   This form should be completed based on your knowledge of firms that you anticipate utilizing on this project at this time. Awarded vendor will work with Project Manager and DSBO with regard to actual firms utilized and any changes that may result based on tasks issued.
Question Number  2:   I wanted to notify you that the link to the “Diversity and inclusiveness in City Solicitations on-line survey” provided on page 18 of the RFP does not work and sends an error response when clicked on. Can you please provide guidance as to how I can complete the survey as required?
    Answer:   The link to access the Diversity and Inclusivity Survey is avaialble on page 49 of the RFP PDF document. The survey may be completed by accessing the following link