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PROJECT:  2019 Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Landside
NUMBER:  201947008

Current as of:  5/21/2019
Question Number  1:   I noticed in the technical specifications (under Division 02-Special Provisions, Section 518) for "Revision of Section 518, Polyurethane Deep Injection", under 518.05 Equipment, (b) Pumping Units, it says the pumping units will have "certified flow meters" for precise measurement of a 1:1 ratio of each component injected and for volume of material injected for proper payment. Use of flow meters is also mentioned under 518.07 Procedures, (b) Mixing, and under Method of Measurement 518.09. Please note that our investigation and observation of certified flow meters shows they are very expensive, have maintenance issues, and aren't always reliable for accuracy, so we do not use them. These are not standard equipment when purchasing pumping units, but must be purchased separately. For many years we have instead successfully used the manufacturer's included measuring equipment to provide precise measurement of component ratios and pounds injected. With this in mind, will the certified flow meter be required or can other equipment that equals or exceeds the performance of a certified flow meter be used?
    Answer:   The proposed request is accepted and must meet or exceed the requirements in the specifications for verification of the two components for quality assurance purposes.