Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Parking Revenue Control System Construction Upgrades
NUMBER:  201950220-00

Current as of:  7/16/2019
Question Number  1:   Traffic Control - No plans are provided. Please define requirements for Entry and Exit lane Traffic Control (i.e.. Flagmen & Signage required). Would DEN consider establishing an Owner's Allowance for this scope of work should the requirements not be definable at this point in time?
    Answer:   It is the responsibility of the Contractor to develop and provide an MHT. The MHT must be in accordance with Technical Specification 15525 which is part of addendum 2. DEN will provide a revised phasing plan and equipment installer schedule which should be used as a guideline for developing your traffic control plan. All plans are to meet the requirement of CDOT and MUTCH. Contractor is required to provide enough information to allow roadway users reasonable and prudent information necessary to allow efficient and lawful usage of the roadways. Costs for this activity is to be included in your proposal.
Question Number  2:   It appears that the majority of the traffic equipment is owner furnished and installed. Please identify what equipment is not provided by DEN and the contractor is responsible for furnishing and installing. No specifications have been provided for equipment.
    Answer:   The parking equipment provided by the Owner is identified on the equipment matrix and the drawings developed by NextGen which are part of the IFB package. The construction documents identify the equipment being provide by the Owner as “By Others “or provided by “NextGen”. The contractor is not required to provide any type of Parking equipment. They are required to provide the structural supports for the equipment as specified on the drawings. The major items the contractor is required to provide, and install are the toll booths.
Question Number  3:   Please clarify how many locations the parking equipment installer can work at simultaneously and duration for each lane.
    Answer:   The parking equipment installer will work 3 lanes at one location at a time.
Question Number  4:   Phasing Plan - Site WW (Lanes 152, 153, 154 & 155) and Site UU (Lanes 156, 157, 158 &159) are not shown on the Phasing Plan. Please provide the Phase and Milestone these lanes are to be included.
    Answer:   As discussed in Tuesday’s pre-bid meeting, the phasing attached to the IFB is outdated and should not be used for bidding purposes. DEN will issue a new phasing plan as part of an addendum.
Question Number  5:   The milestones in certain cases may be difficult to achieve based on the phasing and sequencing constraints. Would DEN consider modifying the Bid Sheet to reflect contractor proposed milestone durations.
    Answer:   Yes, DEN would consider modifying the BID Sheet to reflect the contactor’s proposed milestone durations.
Question Number  6:   How will you – Denver Airport - verify that all DMS, Roadside Controllers, and other Electronic Devices Bid on this project have been tested and verified to be in compliance- including the appropriate labeling; and NOT in violation of the Law as specified in the FCC’s “ Title 47, CFR Part 15” regulations ?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.
Question Number  7:   Will Bidders be required to submit evidence of FCC Compliance with their Bid or prior to Award ?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.
Question Number  8:   What actual documentation evidencing FCC Compliance for all DMS and other Electronic devices will you require to be provided, and when ?
    Answer:   Answer being researched.