Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Staffing Augmentation
NUMBER:  201950547-00

Current as of:  7/6/2020
Question Number  1:   Are the positions listed in the rfp for only (1) person per position, totaling (5)   people to fill these 5 positions?  Or are there multiple people required to fill these positions, such as (10) graphic artist ?
    Answer:   There is the potential for this to be multiple people in the same position. The staffing mix and number of people needed will depend on the size and scope of the projects.
Question Number  2:   How many manhours are allocated to each position category?
    Answer:   It will vary based on the size and scope of various projects
Question Number  3:   Will there be multiple awards under this RFP, or just one award?
    Answer:   Currently both the RFP document and the Sample contract indicate that DEN is looking for one vendor/consultant, but allow for the proposal to have subcontractors and different business structures (partnerships, joint ventures, etc.).
Question Number  4:   I represent Infojini, Inc. We wish to attend the pre-proposal conference for RFP 201950547 Staffing Augmentation which will be held at 11:00 AM LOCAL TIME on September 9, 2019. Can we attend the conference via telephone or webex? If yes, please provide dial-in details.
    Answer:   This Pre-Proposal Conference will not be avilable via a telephone or webex.
Question Number  5:   I am reaching out regarding RFP #201950547 regarding Staffing Augmentation services for the Denver International Airport. As stated in the request, I saw the Pre-Proposal Conference will take place in the City Conference Room on 9/9 at 11am MT, however can you confirm the address/building for that location?
    Answer:   The City Conference Room is located inside of Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249. The City Conference Room is located in the Main Terminal, Northwest end on Level 6.
Question Number  6:   Who is the current incumbent on this contract?
    Answer:   The Maris Group, LLC
Question Number  7:   What is the budget allocated to this contract?
    Answer:   The budget will be determined upon successful completion of the RFP and subsequent negotiation with the selected Proposer.  
Question Number  8:   Why is it for a Rebid?
    Answer:   It is the City’s policy to award opportunities by utilizing a competitive procurement, such as a Request For Proposals (RFP), upon expiration of the incumbent contract.
Question Number  9:   DIA is happy with the current vendor performance?
    Answer:   We are not able to provide this information.
Question Number  10:   Is current vendor is eligible to rebid?
    Answer:   This opportunity is a competitive procurement opportunity that is open to anyone.
Question Number  11:   Was there a contract previously?
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  12:   Will any of the positions be more than 40 hours/week?
    Answer:   No
Question Number  13:   Would the positions be a full year long?
    Answer:   The positions can range from a matter of days, weeks or months. It depends on the project and the scope of the work to be completed.
Question Number  14:   Are contractors required to be onsite?
    Answer:   It is preferable to have the contractor come on site for a few days at the beginning of a project for orientation with the team. Depending on the type of project and the role, it may be an onsite position.
Question Number  15:   What is the parking situation?
    Answer:   Parking in offsite employee shuttle lots may be available or other accommodations may be arranged.
Question Number  16:   Does DEN currently utilize a vendor for website work? Should respondents provide DEN with rates for website development?
    Answer:   Rates for web development are not necessary for answering this RFP.
Question Number  17:   Does DEN require its documents and websites to be accessible for audiences with disabilities and/or be Section 508 compliant?
    Answer:   This question is not relevant in answering this RFP.
Question Number  18:   Would DEN prefer that these personnel work on-site or remotely?
    Answer:   Project requirements will dictate whether personnel are on-site or remote. It will be indicated to the firm as a part of the request for staffing for a particular project whether the personnel should be on-site or remote.
Question Number  19:   Are these staff members expected to be full-time or part-time?
    Answer:   The roles will be project based and work schedules will vary.
Question Number  20:   The Scope of Work for Graphic Design states that “workload is such that a full-time contractor to keep up with demand” is required. Does DEN require another full-time graphic designer in addition to its current designer for the entire length of the contract? Or, should the contractor provide a graphic designer (or multiple) who is capable of working up to full-time, as needed, on a project-by-project basis?
    Answer:   The requirements for number of designers and their work schedule depends on project needs and requirements which will vary.
Question Number  21:   Is DEN envisioning one firm or multiple firms to complete the necessary work?
    Answer:   Currently both the RFP document and the Sample contract indicate that DEN is looking for one vendor/consultant, but allow for the proposal to have subcontractors and different business structures (partnerships, joint ventures, etc.).
Question Number  22:   Is a Wage Withholding License from the Colorado Department of Revenue sufficient to verify we’re currently doing business in CO or do we need the specific certificate of good standing from the Office of the Secretary of the State of Colorado?
    Answer:   You will need to register your business with the Colorado Secretary of State and provide a Certificate of Good Standing.
Question Number  23:   Do you need the COI with the proposal or is that only required at the agreement stage?
    Answer:   The Insurance Requirements in the RFP are provided for reference. The selected firm(s) will be required to provide a current, valid Certificate of Insurance during the contracting process.
Question Number  24:   On Page 26 – “Attachment 2, Proposal Forms” Addenda Numbers – I don’t believe there have been any Addenda yet, correct?
    Answer:   Please review the project information on for current information.
Question Number  25:   On Page 31 – “Attachment 2, Part 4 M/WBE Forms DSBO Forms” – If we do not qualify do we need to complete these forms and attach them with our proposal just putting 0%?
    Answer:   5 % Minority and Woman Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Participation Project goals must be met with certified participants as set forth in Section 28-127, D.R.M.C. or through the demonstration of a sufficient good faith effort under Section 28-128 D.R.M.C. For compliance with good faith requirements under Section 28-128(b), the M/WBE percentage solicitation level required for this project is 100%. The Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity urges all participants in City covered goods and covered services projects to assist in achieving these goals. To be deemed responsive, the bidder/Proposer must complete the Commitment to M/WBE Participation form and select the appropriate M/WBE requirement as it pertains to their bid submission. Letter of Intents (LOI’s) are due at the time of the proposal submission with certified M/WBE firms listed on your “List of Proposed MWBE’s document. If the bidder/proposer cannot meet the 5% M/WBE participation requirement, a Good Faith Effort requirement must be submitted. Please review Section IP-8_Section 6 of the Request For Proposal for detailed information.
Question Number  26:   Since we are not a Joint Venture, should we just omit Pages 41-44 from our proposal?
    Answer:   If the Joint Venture forms do not apply to your proposal, please leave them blank.
Question Number  27:   How will requests for staff augmentation be administered under the contract? Will requests be task order based?
    Answer:   Requests will be task order based as is outlined in the RFP document.
Question Number  28:   Is there current incumbent staff working under contract? And if so, will incumbents finish assignments with the current contractor or will incumbents transfer over to the new awardee?
    Answer:   DEN will stop or transition work according to what was outlined in the contract with the incumbent.
Question Number  29:   For benefit purposes, what is the average length of assignment? 
    Answer:   There is no average or standard length of contract.