Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Airline Liaison Officer (ALO) Services
NUMBER:  201951049-00

Current as of:  5/30/2020
Question Number  1:   "The above referenced RFP appears to have 3 required Parts in Attachment 2 (see table of contents and Attachment 2, Proposal Forms on pages 22-26). However, on Page 22 the Attachment 2 Part 1 Proposal Acknowledgment Letter states, “Attached hereto are the completed responses to Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the Proposal Forms.” Would you please confirm there is no Part 4 to the Proposal Forms. "
    Answer:   There is no part 4 included in the attachments.  Part 4 is only required when there is an assigned goal.
Question Number  2:   Also, in Article VII.B. on page 10 of the Sample Contract, it says there is a 5% M/WBE goal assigned to this project. Please confirm there is no M/WBE goal for this project as per the other statements in the RFP.
    Answer:   There is no DSBO Goal assigned for this opportunity. The reference to M/WBE goals will be changed in the finalized version of the agreement.
Question Number  3:   Will DEN accept alternatives to the currently required Submittal 2 and Exhibit E? We do not track our finances in a manner that enables us to be able to fill out Submittal 2. In addition, we would have issues with a third party auditing our financial statements or payroll. Alternatively, will DEN accept a Rate Table, that has hourly rates either by employee or by title, in lieu of Submittal 2 and Exhibit E? A rate table, submitted as part of an RFP, has been acceptable in the past.
    Answer:   See Addendum One.