Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Total Queue Management
NUMBER:  201950675-00

Current as of:  7/4/2020
Question Number  1:   Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this? (like,from India or Canada)
    Answer:   As a Governmental entity operating under U.S. Federal regulations, there can be issues getting approval of foreign companies. If a foreign company submits a proposal, DEN legal may be required to seek such approval from the FAA before moving forward on contract negotiations. Further, this is an in person, customer service, passenger facing role with in the DEN Airport.  All employees must be able to meet all DEN Airport Security Badging requirements in order to staff the requested positions.
Question Number  2:   Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
    Answer:   Some form of management would need to be present for weekly meetings and should be present on a daily basis to manage personnel for requested positions.
Question Number  3:   Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)
    Answer:   NO. Required personnel must be physically present at the DEN Airport
Question Number  4:   Can we submit the proposals via email?
    Answer:   NO. Proposals must be submitted as identified on page 1 of the RFP. One (1) hard copy and one (1) electronic copy must be submitted to: Jessica Encinias, Contract Services, Administrative Office Building (AOB), Room 8810 Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249-6340.
Question Number  5:   What revenue is the SP making from security bins in section 1.10.1 of the SOW as listed below? How can the SP make money off of security bins that they must pay for and purchase? Is there suppose to be advertising on the bins that allow the SP to charge advertisers to advertise on the bins, and this revenue from the advertisement goes to the city of Denver? Are you asking the SP to pay you from the money you pay them to perform the contract? please explain. 1.10.1. SECURITY BIN REVENUE GUIDELINES The SP shall provide revenue to DEN for each annual period, either in the amount of the Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) or the Percentage Fee, whichever is greater and is further described as the following:
    Answer:   The SP has the opportunity to provide directly or work with a third party vendor to acquire bins, as approved by DEN. As part of this relationship the SP and the Bin provider can place advertisements in each bin(that must be pre-approved by DEN) in the security bins that earn revenue through advertising contracts. Becaure the SP and possible 3rd party are earning revenue by advertising to DEN's screening passenger population, (approx. 68,000 people daily), DEN expects a portion of that revenue to be passed on to us via this contract (similar to a standard concession/advertising agreement at a Cat X airport). The SP and the 3rd party have the option to discuss and negotiate whether the minimum revenue required by DEN is a straight pass through or if the SP will also ask for a portion or percentage of the advertising revenue. Regardless, of that relationship, the SP is required to pay DEN a minimum of $80,000 per year to perform for the contract. Advertising dollars collected by the SP or 3rd party will be audited and if it is determined that 20% of the total revenues (or gross receipts) amount exceeds $80,000 for advertising in the bins by the SP/3rd party, DEN will expect the greater of the two amounts.
Question Number  6:   Will the Service Provider be tasked with sourcing and procuring advertisers for the bin program or simply managing the contracts established by the Airport Authority?
    Answer:   The SP is responsible for sourcing and procuring advertisers. All advertising must be submitted to the DEN Program Manager for review and approval prior to implementation.
Question Number  7:   How is the 8% calculated for the M/WBE requirement? Is it the % of total contract value (i.e. Contract Cost) or is it based on Headcount provided by M/WBE?
    Answer:   The 8% of total contract value (i.e. Contract Cost)
Question Number  8:   Will we be provided historical Airport Passenger Arrival Curve Data by the Airport Authority?
    Answer:   The SP will meet with the DEN Program Manager on a regular basis. Passenger screening forecast data and historical information will be included in the topics shared and discussed.
Question Number  9:   What is the expectation for seasonal labor to be requested to assist with TSA Queue and Bin management (i.e.- bin runners, TSA queue assist with announcements, etc.)
    Answer:   The SP has the option of employing full-time and part-time staff to perform the duties outlined in the scope of work. DEN may request additional staff and duties to assist with seasonal higher passenger volume.
Question Number  10:   What is the expected future landscape of the checkpoint with regards to installing additional ASL’s (Automated Screening Lanes) where Bin Revenue Capabilities may be impacted?
    Answer:   If additional Automated Screening Lanes are installed at the existing checkpoints, it would be expected that the bin program be maintained for the balance of the standard lanes. The impact on bin revenue capabilities would be a topic of discussion for the regular meetings between the SP and DEN Program Management. Long-term plans for Great Hall Redevelopment and possible screening checkpoint re-location are under discussion.
Question Number  11:   What is the requirements or stipulations for seeking permission for current and future unrelated “Other Business Lines” at DEN Airport?
    Answer:   All employees, including management employees, on the TQM contract may not also be employees on other DEN Airport contracts. This is done so DEN does not pay twice for employees working other projects.
Question Number  12:   Can the 3rd year “option” period be priced differently from years one and two?
    Answer:   It is up to the Proposer to decide what their pricing model is.
Question Number  13:   Do the companies listed in the "Planholders List" know that the current TQM contract is a union one?
    Answer:   The City and County of Denver contracts with contractors for services not individual unions. Whether or not a workforce is unionized is not an issue that DEN addresses in this RFP.
Question Number  14:   Will Denver International Airport honor the City of Denver's Executive Order No. 136 "Non-displacement of Qualified Workers under City Service Contracts" that applies to "Security guards" as per Article 2.0 (B)?
    Answer:   TQM employees are not considered Security Guards so XO 136 does not apply.