Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Environmental Consulting Services
NUMBER:  201951033-00

Current as of:  5/30/2020
Question Number  1:   Do you plan on releasing the attendance list and/or pertinent questions/summary regarding the meeting?
    Answer:   The Pre-Proposal attendance list and meeting agenda is available at If you have questions, they must be submitted in writing per the instructions in the RFP document.
Question Number  2:   Is it possible for DEN to release who the incumbent consultant(s) under this on-call contract?
    Answer:   The incumbent consultant is Brown and Caldwell.
Question Number  3:   How much will previous airport experience weight on the evaluation of the response?
    Answer:   Information regarding the scoring criteria is not available.
Question Number  4:   Under IP-10 “Evaluation of Proposals” the relative weighting of the five evaluation criteria is not identified.   Please clarify the weighting for each of these five criteria.
    Answer:   Weighting is not provided for this RFP.
Question Number  5:   What is the length of the initial contract?  Although it could be implied to be an initial one-year contract, it is not explicit.
    Answer:   The contract term is anticipated to be 3 years.
Question Number  6:   What is the maximum dollar amount of the contract?
    Answer:   The maximum contract dollar value is $450,000.00
Question Number  7:   Will the TOC count toward the 20 pages?
    Answer:   No, the table of contents is not included in the 20 page count limit.
Question Number  8:   Would the RFP number substitute for the “DEN assigned Contract Number” for the ACCORD submittals since there is not contract with DEN at this time?
    Answer:   Yes, the RFP number will become the DEN Contract Number during contract negotiation.
Question Number  9:   On Page 8 of the RFP document, under Part C: Proposal Narrative Contents – Cover Letter, it states “This letter must be signed by a person who is authorized to sign a contract with the City.” Does this statement mean that any submitting companies need to be pre-approved with the City of Denver first? If so, please inform us of the process.
    Answer:   The person who will be authorized to sign the contract agreement (project manager) should be the person that signs the Cover Letter.
Question Number  10:   Can an audited financial statement be submitted in lieu of Submittal 2? 
    Answer:   No, all proposers must complete and submit the submittal 2 form as requested in the RFP.
Question Number  11:   Is the multiplier factor calculated per person or per company?
    Answer:   The multiplier should be calculated per company.
Question Number  12:   Since this RFP is for on-call services, and does not include any project details, it is difficult to predict which staff members and/or subconsultants we will require.  Additionally, if we do not have a specific scope of work, we cannot predict a dollar and/or percentage breakdown of labor between ourselves and pertinent subconsultants.  Can you please advise how to complete the forms for the DSBO requirement without knowing this information?
    Answer:   "MWBE firms should be selected based on the anticipated scope of work stated in the RFP document. The proposer need only list the anticipated percentage participation of M/WBEs. Be sure to note an exact percentage and not a range or “TBD” on the Letter of Intent. See IP-8 of the RFP for additional information. "
Question Number  13:   Can the 11x17 org chart be excluded from page count?  If not, does it count as 1 or two pages towards to the 20-page limit?
    Answer:   The organizational chart can be place on an 11x17 paper and will count as one page towards the page limit.
Question Number  14:   What is the anticipated total contract value, and what is the approximate annual contract value of Task/Work Orders to be issued? 
    Answer:   Annual estimated expenditures = $150,000
Question Number  15:   Can the required Table of Contents be excluded from page count?
    Answer:   The table of contents are not included in the page count.
Question Number  16:   Can the 12 Times New Roman Font size be smaller (but legible) on exhibits, graphics and tables?
    Answer:   No, font size that is indicated in the RFP is the font size that should be used.
Question Number  17:   May we please have an increase of page count, 5 additional pages, to allow for the proposal to adequately address the required content of Section 5 of the RFP?
    Answer:   See addendum on for the response.