Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Conveyance Equipment Maintenance Services
NUMBER:  201951611-00

Current as of:  5/30/2020
Question Number  1:   I would like to attend the Pre-Proposal Conference for the Conveyance Maintenance and Service RFP. Can you please confirm the address of the “City Conference Room” in which the meeting will occur?
    Answer:   The Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at DEN in the City Conference Room. The address is 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249. The City Conference Room is located in the Main Terminal, Northwest end on Level 6.
Question Number  2:   The RFP has a requirement for a contractor site manager in section 8.2. However, in section 8.3, there is a reference for a Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager but did not them referenced in any other part of the RFP. Can you clarify the requirement of the Site Manager, Project Manager, and Assistant Project Manager?
    Answer:    The Contract Site Manager (Project Manager) and the Assistant Site Manager (Assistant Project Manager) are the same for the purpose of this RFP. Please reference Section A of Scope of Work, paragraph 2.
Question Number  3:   Obsolescence is referenced in the performance Objective C. Can you clarify that the agreement shall exclude obsolescence?
    Answer:    Yes the method of evaluating the performance standard, as outlined in Performance Objective C, excludes obsolescence. However, as outline in the Performance Standard of Performance Objective C, the Contract should provide in writing of the outage and why it should not be considered waiting for parts.
Question Number  4:   Since this is a prevailing wage job, can you confirm the attached link is the current document that would be enforced:
    Answer:   No, the City/County of Denver mirrors Davis Bacon wages but has its own internal wage determinations. The wages included in the RFP document are the wages that you should reference for this opportunity.
Question Number  5:   Can you please share with us the history of calls & shutdowns over the past 6months?
    Answer:   Please see attachment
Question Number  6:   Can you please share repairs per equipment over the past 6months?
    Answer:   Please see attachment
Question Number  7:   Please confirm the current provider has performed all required pallet and step inspections for moving walks and escalators per OEM requirements. If pallets and steps have been replaced please indicate how many and on what units.
    Answer:   Current provider examines pallets/steps as part of normal maintenance activities. In the event worn or defective parts are identified the pallet/step is replaced. Please see attachment for quantities and locations.
Question Number  8:   Please confirm the current provider has performed all required bull gear inspections per OEM requirements. If bull gears have been refurbished or replaced please indicate how many and on what units.
    Answer:   Current provider examines bull gear components as part of normal maintenance activities. Two bull gears have been replaced, TES-36 and TES-25.
Question Number  9:   Do you have of all open TCOs and due dates as of today? Can you also share the test due dates for all the equipment?
    Answer:   We currently have over 28 open TCO items. We also have 316+ unique test dates, we will share this information with the Proposer upon Award. We are in the process of aligning annual tests with the 5-year test per the Agency having jurisdiction request.
Question Number  10:   Will the City & County of Denver consider a scenario where they would partial award to more than one company? For instance one company gets all the escalators and another all the elevators? OR a scenario where one customer has one terminal and another the other terminal?
    Answer:    No, awarded proposer will be responsible for all conveyance types. No, please provide your response based upon an all or none award scenario. However, DEN will consider proposals that include sub-contracting to a small business enterprise (SBE).
Question Number  11:   Will there be an opportunity between award & start for a successful bidder to identify deficiencies which may or may not fall on the incumbent to address?
    Answer:   No. If the selected contractor would like to do an independent assessment, they will do this at their cost and the independent third-party inspector will be selected by DEN.
Question Number  12:   Does the timing and turnover of upcoming conveyance equipment installs affect the staffing requirements?
    Answer:   New equipment turnover is not anticipated to affect staffing requirements. Please see item #5 in the Scope of Work for pricing for additional conveyance units.
Question Number  13:   Are there warranties/free service associated with the upcoming installs?
    Answer:   Conveyances that are being modernized, the modernization contractor warrants all materials for 12 months. Any part that is defective or fails, the contractor is responsible for replacing it. New Conveyances that are being installed will not have a warranty. The contactor will be responsible for providing spare parts comparable to the cost associated with a 1 year warranty. All repair work will be performed by the OEM.
Question Number  14:   What percentage or weight does each of the evaluation criteria on Page 8 & 21 of the RFP carry?
    Answer:   This information is not available to the proposers.
Question Number  15:   Will the successful bidder be included to the Modernization on call contract?
    Answer:   The Modernization on call Contract is a standalone project. This RFP opportunity is only for the Operation and Maintenance of current Elevator, Escalator and Power Walk equipment. The awarded Proposer will be responsible for new equipment as it is turned over to the City.
Question Number  16:   Does DIA own any spare parts currently on site? If so, will the successful bidder to allowed to utilize those parts? Is there an inventory list of the parts?
    Answer:   No, DEN does not own any spare parts. The selected contractor can negotiate with outgoing contractor for spare parts and costs of those spare parts.
Question Number  17:   Insurance Requirements (Page 57), Item C(6): it says the contractor would be solely responsible for any loss or damage to its business personal property until installed at Project Site BUT what if Owner causes the loss or damage? 
    Answer:   This clause within the Insurance Requirements Exhibit is intended to clarify that the Vendor is responsible for purchasing insurance or self-insuring the value of their property.  We are open to amending this clause during the contract negotiation period to ensure clarity on its intent.
Question Number  18:   Insurance Requirements (Page 57), Item C(8): could you please clarify why the contractor would have to provide professional liability insurance?
    Answer:   Professional liability insurance helps to address possible claims that do not result in bodily injury or property damage including negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice. This contract may include professional types of services such as assessments and inspections within the full scope of work.
Question Number  19:   Insurance Requirements (Page 58), Item C(9): Can you please clarify how the technology errors and omissions apply to this contract?
    Answer:   It is anticipated that the new conveyances coming online will include system technology that may connect to DEN systems for reporting of outages or other service-related issues. If it is confirmed with the new conveyances that there will be no connectivity with DEN computers or networks, we will remove this requirement.
Question Number  20:   Can you please provide a copy of Exhibit E?
    Answer:   Exhibit is not required for this opportunity.
Question Number  21:   What are the prevailing wage requirements for this project
    Answer:   Prevailing Wages are included in the RFP document.
Question Number  22:   Warranties and free service periods: Are there warranties/free service periods associated with the recent installs? If yes, what are the expiration dates for each equipment warranty and free service contract?
    Answer:   There are no free service periods with the recent installs.
Question Number  23:   Equipment surveys: The Successful Bidder understands security regulations and limitations to equipment surveys. The amount of time provided for equipment surveys is not adequate to provide sufficient equipment knowledge to a non-incumbent bidder. To ensure a non-biased RFP process, please advise if the following language is acceptable to DEN, “The Successful Bidder is not obligated to perform tests, correct outstanding violations or deficiencies that were not addressed by the prior service provider and/or the owner, or make related necessary repairs or component replacements on the equipment. If additional work is necessary, the Successful Bidder will provide a separate proposal or recommendation for such work. The Successful Bidder’s price and obligations under this Agreement are subject to a technical survey to be performed within 90-days of the effective date. If a safety hazard or code violation is identified during Successful Bidder’s technical survey, Purchaser will immediately remove the unit from service until repairs are performed. Purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the Successful Bidder harmless for any claims arising out of Purchaser's failure to comply with the Successful Bidder’s recommendations and proposal. If Purchaser does not approve the Successful Bidder’s proposal or recommendation within 60 days, the Successful Bidder reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without penalty.”
    Answer:   "No. The Contractor will perform full and complete preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance, service, repair, inspection and testing of every type and description on the City’s equipment to assure that they shall operate in a safe and reliable condition at all times, regardless of any pre-existing conditions. If the selected contractor would like to do an independent assessment, they will do this at their cost and the independent third-party inspector will be selected by DEN. "
Question Number  24:   Is parking provided to the contractor free of charge or will passes needed to be purchased?
    Answer:   There will be two parking spaces for the Site Manager and Assistant Site Manager at no charge. All other spaces will be the at the cost of the Contractor. Please see section 9 costs and expenses to be borne by the Contractor, subsection 9.1. The monthly fee for employee parking at the Landside Employee Parking Facility is $36.00 per space per month and is based on availability.
Question Number  25:   What are the badging requirements and costs associated with obtaining a badge?
    Answer:   Please see website, or contact the Badging Office at 303-342-4300. Fingerprinting $40/ each employee, Airport ID Badge $10 / each employee, Badges not returned upon cancelation $250 / each badge
Question Number  26:   5.04(B) – Surety Bonds: Contract term is for 3 years with three (3) one-year options. Surety bond section notes up to two additional one-year periods. Clarify three (3) one-year periods are required.
    Answer:   This opportunity is for a three-year term with three additional one-year extension options. Section 5.04 (b) will reference the three-year extension options in the contract that will be tendered to the apparent best proposer.
Question Number  27:   6.01 – Status of Contractor: Agreement states Contractor is that of an Independent Contractor and not an employee of the City. Clarify why the Contractor could be required to enter into a co-branding relationship with the City as it relates to uniforms.
    Answer:   In general, all badge holders in a DEN approved uniform with cobranding will clearly demonstrate to customers that ANY badge holder is available to help customers with their questions. Once you are contracted by DEN and have a badge, you are part of the DEN family and our customer service ideals now extend to that individual as well.
Question Number  28:   6.11(B) – Cooperation with other Contractors: Agreement states Contractor will have no claim against the City for the acts of other contractors. Clarify why Contractor is not allowed seek compensation from the City for Acts of Others due to misuse, abuse or vandalism.
    Answer:   We are indemnified and held harmless by all Contractors working at DEN.
Question Number  29:   7.18 – Information Furnished by City: Agreement states Contractor is responsible to verify all information provided by the City, unintended inaccuracies. Clarify why this clause is needed.
    Answer:   Please reference SECTION 7.18 for clarification.
Question Number  30:   Item #4 – Accident Report: Is Contractor allowed to use their own call center and customer reporting portals to receive and dispatch service calls?
    Answer:   No.  All reporting associated with Accident Reporting shall be through the Maintenance Control Center – reference section 4 Accident Reporting in the Scope of Work. Contact information will be provided to the Awarded Proposer.
Question Number  31:   Item #15 – Performance of Work: Agreement states Contractor is responsible for all costs associated meeting any schedule if DEN deems necessary. Is Contractor responsible for overtime costs if DEN has signed off on the scope of work but has changed the schedule?
    Answer:   Yes, the Contractor is responsible for all costs. Revisions to the work schedule will be driven by the Contractor’s ability to complete the work per the allotted schedule.
Question Number  32:   Item #17 – Uniforms: As an independent contractor why would it be required to enter into a co-branding relationship with DEN?
    Answer:   In general, all badge holders in a DEN approved uniform with cobranding will clearly demonstrate to customers that ANY badge holder is available to help customers with their questions. Once you are contracted by DEN and have a badge, you are part of the DEN family and our customer service ideals now extend to that individual as well.
Question Number  33:   1.1    – Signage, last paragraph: Placement re-placement of signage: Is it acceptable to subcontract these services to others.
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  34:   1.2    – Vandalism: Clarify who and how DEN will determine if vandalism is considered “Intentional”.
    Answer:   Incidents shall be documented by the Contractor with photographs and statements. Documentation (photos, statements, etc.) will be reviewed by Contract Administration or the Contract Administrator prior to authorizing any repairs. Each incident will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Question Number  35:   1.3    – Pricing: If Contractor does not participate in US Communities are they obligated to honor the US Communities pricing agreement, will agreed upon wage rates apply?
    Answer:   This will be decided on a case by case basis – using the method that would be deemed to be in the best interest of the City.
Question Number  36:   2.1 – What is DEN’s definition of Inadequate maintenance or service.
    Answer:   Not meeting contract terms, conditions, provisions and requirements. This includes all performance object requirements.
Question Number  37:   2.2 – Inspections and Testing: How many inspectors will DEN be able to provide each year to complete necessary testing?
    Answer:   Currently it varies between 1 and 2.
Question Number  38:   6.0 – Spare Parts: Would DEN Consider purchasing and keeping their own parts inventory?
    Answer:   DEN is not considering that at this time.
Question Number  39:   6.7 – Equipment under Warranty: Will the OEM be providing parts instead of a traditional installation labor/product warranty? How does DEN track this now?
    Answer:   All recent equipment that has been installed is not under warranty. The installation contactor has provided spare parts for these units. The OEM will be responsible for replacing spare parts that were provided and used for the repair of any unit.
Question Number  40:   Performance G - MTR in Machine Room: Is an electronic record of this information acceptable.
    Answer:   Please provide this in both formats, an MTR in the Machine Room and an electronic copy.
Question Number  41:   Performance H – Completed PM: Clarify what is considered a task? Does this mean one monthly PM or does it relate to the individual specification tasks? Code required MTR tasks may vary from specification.
    Answer:   Please refer to Section 11 required frequency of tasks for routine maintenance.
Question Number  42:   Performance I – Emergency: Will penalties be assessed if there are simultaneous slips/falls or if contractor is misdirected by the Maintenance Control Center (MCC)?
    Answer:   In General, yes for simultaneous slip/falls. The Contractor will be responsible to present, to the Conveyance Administrator, the evidence that they were misdirected – this will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.