Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  1-15 B Center SE Specialty Retail
NUMBER:  201952063-00

Current as of:  2/23/2020
Question Number  1:   Is the Tenant Development Guidelines 1 & 2 (2010 Revisions) found on the airport's website, the most current?  If not, where can we secure a copy of the most current guidelines?
    Answer:   Yes, this is the most current version available.
Question Number  2:   Thank you for providing the Segmentation Summary of the Denver Passenger; however, can you provide this information by Concourse, as it would help to refine which products/brands would best fulfill the needs of the consumers on each concourse.
    Answer:   We only have the segmentation information overall, not by concourse.
Question Number  3:   Can the airport provide the average consumer spend by segment (F&B, Travel Convenience and Specialty Retail) by Concourse?
    Answer:   DEN provides revenue reports online at
Question Number  4:   Where can I pick up my temporary badge for the optional site tour visit if I pre-registered?
    Answer:   In Part A Introduction Request for Proposals (RFP) page 6, it references “Badges can be picked up at the Airport Office Building starting at 8:30 a.m., in order to gain access to locations beyond security. Event staff will be located at each in-line location to assist proposers in gaining access to the back of the house operations. Kiosk locations will be clearly marked. Event staff is not there to answer questions, please take this time to formulate and write down your questions to be presented at the Pre-Proposal Conference. Please note any answers to questions not in writing and posted to the website are considered unofficial and have no merit".
Question Number  5:   Can the city confirm that the page limits that were changed in the Phase 1 Q&A with regard to the 2 pages allotted for menus (not counted against the page limit) and the subgle 11x17 floor plan allowed in the Phase 1 submission are also changes that apply to the current proposal documents?
    Answer:   Please see the page limits and page sizes detailed in Part D, Section III-2 of the RFP document for details.
Question Number  6:   We are interested in submitting our qualifications for the 12 RFPs for DEN Concessions Program. Do we need to send you a proposal for each of the 12 projects?
    Answer:   Yes, if a proposer intends to submit on all 12 RFPS they will be required to submit individual proposals for each of the 12 RFPs.
Question Number  7:   How can I confirm if I am pre-registered for the Mandatory Pre-Proposal and the optional Self-Guided tour?
    Answer:   DEN will post the registration for the Mandatory Pre-Proposal list, if the attendee was not able to pre-register by November 14th a blank sign-in sheet form will be available at the door for on-site registration. DEN will also post a list of individuals that registered for the Self-Guided Site Tour, excluding the attendees that did not provide their Drivers License or Passport information at the time of registering. Attendees that did not pre-register for the self-guided tour and do not have a DEN badge will not be allowed on the self-guided tour unless the attendees are flying in the day of and are already on the Concourses. The following documents can be found at the below link under Incidentals.
Question Number  8:   What is the anticipated turnover date for this space?
    Answer:   Per the Process and Timeline on page 12 of the Request for Proposal document, DEN expects construction to begin 200 days after the date of contract execution (expected in June-July of 2020). The turnover date for the premises would be on or about the construction beginning date.
Question Number  9:   What is the historical average construction time for retail spaces at DEN?
    Answer:   Per the Process and Timeline on page 12 of the Request for Proposal document, DEN is allocating 90 days for construction based on the historical average construction time.
Question Number  10:   Is there a preferred open date for the new store?
    Answer:   Per the Process and Timeline on page 12 of the Request for Proposal document, DEN anticipates the required opening date for this location to be 300 days after the date of contract execution (expected in June-July of 2020).
Question Number  11:   Would the airport consider expanding the size of the renderings to 11X17, in addition to the floor plan.
    Answer:   No, all pages other than the floorplan must be sized for 8.5" x 11".
Question Number  12:   10 pages is a tight fit to introduce a brand, demonstrate its appeal to the DEN traveler and answer the specific questions in the RFP. Would you consider opening it up to a max of 12 pages?
    Answer:   DEN will not be adjusting the page limits.
Question Number  13:   If the proposer meets the ACDBE requirement through a JV, do they need to submit the form on page 15 of the proposal forms? (the form does not have a title, but asks for the name of the concession/vendor firms and the goods they will provide). If the answer is yes, how would the airport describe how they would like the respondent to describe the goods and services and calculate the value of the ACDBE’s contribution?
    Answer:   Yes, the proposer must complete and submit page 15. Please note that the ACDBE forms have been revised and addressed in Addendum 1. In the section asking for the “Description of Goods and Services or work to be performed by ACDBE firm,” the ACDBE's roles and responsibilities in the JV should be outlined. Responses to the section requesting the "estimated dollar value" of the "goods and services or work described above" should reflect the ACDBE's partnership equity in the JV.
Question Number  14:   "Questions based off of Addendum No.1: Is the Bank Reference Letter separate from the Funding Source Letter? From the response in Addendum, it seems each partner needs to provide a bank reference letter. Ideally, each partner would provide a Funding Source letter. However, if the Prime submitted a funding letter supporting all of Capital Investment, that would meet the threshold for compliance?"
    Answer:   The Bank Reference Letter is the same as the Funding Source Letter. Although submission of a single Funding Source Letter by the Prime or another individual partner would suffice for the proposal process, federal regulations and contract requirements governing ACDBE participation would require each partner in the JV to contribute capital and provide proof thereof. Please see the Federal Aviation Administration's ACDBE Joint Venture Guidance at:
Question Number  15:   When completing the required forms, are the forms completed by each company in the JV or does the JV complete the forms?
    Answer:   Please reference Part D RFP Details, IV. Attachment 1, Proposal Forms and Addendum No.1 for clarification on Part 8 Funding Source Letters.
Question Number  16:   If a multi-branded concept is proposed, is it possible to have 2 signs on one storefront?
    Answer:   Multiple brands are allowed, but all signs are subject to review and approval by the DEN Design Review Committee.
Question Number  17:   Will you please provide interior store heights (max ceiling height allowable within) for each location?
    Answer:   Maximum heights will be dependent on the concession design and the existing conditions of the space. Most locations are able to get a maximum ceiling height of approximately 9 feet.