Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  On-Call Research Survey Firm
NUMBER:  201951906-00

Current as of:  8/6/2020
Question Number  1:   The proposal can be electronically submitted, correct?
    Answer:   No, there should be two electronic copies (one each on separate flash drives) of the proposal prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Proposers as described in Section IV of this RFP. Proposals must be sealed, addressed, and forwarded to the following location: Randy Mata, Contract Services, Airport Office Building (AOB), Room 8810, Denver International Airport, 8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80249-6340.
Question Number  2:   Will any of the questions asked during the pre-proposal meeting are going to be posted on the site?
    Answer:   None of the questions and answers asked during the pre-proposal meeting on 12/5/19 will be posted on the site. Only the questions that are submitted to the [email protected] email will be posted and we will post answers to each question as soon as possible.
Question Number  3:   Is there anything you can tell me about the pre-proposal meeting?
    Answer:   The meeting was a way to review the details of the RFP. We stressed that any and all questions are due to the email address by Friday Dec. 13 at 2:00, sealed proposals are due by 2:00 pm Friday Jan. 10 at the Airport Office Building and to frequently visit our page to see if there are any updates to the RFP.
Question Number  4:   Quick question about the Certificate of Good Standings that is requested in the RFP. Is that something required from everyone, or just companies doing business in Colorado.
    Answer:   The Certificate of Good Standings is required from everyone, if you are not registered with the Colorado Secretary of State, you will need to do so to contract with the City and County of Denver.
Question Number  5:   If we are already doing business with Denver International Airport, does that automatically make us registered with the secretary of state?
    Answer:   No. Whatever your business name is that will be on the contract (if you are awarded), that company name has to registered with the CO Secretary of State. If you are not sure please see the link to see if your company is registered. If it is not, then you will have to register your company.
Question Number  6:   We see the whole proposal will be delivered electronically on flash drives. Should all forms that require signature also be delivered electronically (signed electronically or signed then scanned) or should those be provided in hard copy?
    Answer:   All forms that require a signature can be signed electronically or signed and then scanned and can be uploaded as a pdf into your flash drives. You do not need to provide a hard physical copy.
Question Number  7:   Exhibits/Solicitation: There is no Exhibit C, D or E provided with the solicitation although the solicitation refers to Exhibit E. Please clarify.
    Answer:   There is no Exhibit C or D associated with this RFP. Exhibit E is form that asks for you to provide Core Staff Labor Rates – hourly rates charged to the City. In section III-15 G of the RFP, it states that during contract negotiations, the proposer may be asked to submit certain items, one of them being an Exhibit E, which we would provide to you.
Question Number  8:   In Section III-15, Paragraph G., Item 1 (Disclosure of Legal and Administrative Proceedings and Financial Condition): Please clarify this requirement. If the proposer/offeror does not have audited overhead rates, payroll taxes and profit margin, do you expect the offeror to obtain a “statement” to cover the Proposer’s most recently completed fiscal year and be signed by a CPA as a Certified Audited Statement” expressing an opinion? The statement signed by a CPA is an audit – they cant sign a statement like that unless they do an audit. Therefore, if we don’t have an audit we can’t obtain the statement. Or are you saying to only submit Exhibit E, Submittal 2? Exhibit E is not included in the solicitation. Please provide Exhibit E, Submittal 2.
    Answer:   In section III-15 G of the RFP, it states that during contract negotiations, the proposer may be asked to submit certain items, one of them being an Exhibit E and Submittal 2. These exhibits relate to Core Staff Labor rates – hourly rates charged to the City. We would provide these to you if we feel it is necessary to review.
Question Number  9:   In Section III-15, Paragraph G., Item 3: We are a small business. Does this requirement replace item #1 or is it in addition to item #1?
    Answer:   As a small business, this requirement in Item 3 would replace the document requested in Item 1. (If this is asked for during contract negotiations).
Question Number  10:   In Section III-15, Paragraph G., Item 3: We are a small business organized as an S Corporation. Please clarify the submitted tax return requested is for the S Corporation and not the individuals.
    Answer:   If this is asked for during contract negotiations, the tax return would be for the S Corporation.
Question Number  11:   In Section IV-3, Paragraph 2 (Cost Effectiveness): Please clarify the instruction that subcontractor rates cannot be “marked up”. Is the prime not allowed to include a subcontract pass through rate to cover administrative functions and/or reasonable profit?
    Answer:   The prime contract holder may apply an administrative management fee if they employ a sub-contractor. That fee/rate must be disclosed up front in their proposal.
Question Number  12:   In Section IV-3, Paragraph 5 (Case History): Can the case history be provided from the subcontractor’s past performance?
    Answer:   A subcontractor’s case history may be provided as supporting documentation. It must be in addition to prime contractor’s own case history.
Question Number  13:   In addition to the Voice of the Customer Survey, can DEN provide an estimate of how much as-needed research it has required in the past related to similar contracts?
    Answer:   On average we will look to conduct 1-3 additional, as-needed, research projects annually.
Question Number  14:   Is it acceptable for proposers to list DEN employees as references if we also provide three references unrelated to airport work?
    Answer:   Yes, but you must also provide references from non-DEN clients.
Question Number  15:   Are there any Division of Small Business Opportunity goals associated with the project?
    Answer:   This project has been deemed by DSBO an Independent Partnership Pursuant to Chapter 28 Article V, purchases of covered goods or services that are not included in the goal, bid preference, or defined procurement pool programs, will include a clause in the solicitation encouraging, but not requiring, qualified firms submitting a proposal to solicit and partner with certified MBEs, WBEs, SBEs, and other business enterprises. The City has a legitimate governmental interest in promoting fair opportunities; as well as, encouraging greater participation of certified MBEs, WBEs, SBEs, and other business enterprises for all City procurement contracts.
Question Number  16:   How is DIA currently assessing customer satisfaction? Which key metrics/KPIs have you adopted and should we expect to continue using them for the sake of preserving longitudinal tracking? And what, if any, weaknesses in current program would it be important for us to address in our proposal?
    Answer:   DEN is assessing customer satisfaction based on our current Voice of the Customer surveys. We are looking for the selected contractor to provide recommendations on metrics for measuring customer satisfaction in the future. In the future, DEN would ideally like to receive real-time information and reporting to be able to address negative customer feedback on the spot.
Question Number  17:   Beyond a survey-based intercept methodology, to what extent would you have an interest in supplemental research? Options include: Passenger follow-alongs. This approach would involve following select passengers from various points of ingress to their gate/destination as well as the reverse. These ethnographic-style cases would conclude with a short de-brief interview/survey. Is this possible given the need for the researcher to go in and out of security checkpoints? In-depth interviews (IDIs) and/or focus groups (FGs). For particular issues of interest, we might engage in individual (or passenger cohort) interviews, or alternately, in focus groups. Online intercepts. Would it be possible and desirable to survey passengers who log into the airport’s public Wi-Fi system via a captive portal intercept methodology?
    Answer:   DEN is open to various research methodologies based on recommendations from the selected contractor.
Question Number  18:   We would expect the main thrust of this program to involve a tablet-based intercept survey that remained fairly consistent month-to-month. We know from experience, however, that there will likely be a need to make occasional changes to capture feedback on critical topical/near-term issues. About how often should we expect to make changes to the main survey? And about how much of it is likely to be subject to change? We understand that these estimates may be difficult to make at this stage. We just want to make sure our quote is as realistic as possible given these sorts of contingencies.
    Answer:   DEN is looking to gather consistent feedback and does not anticipate frequent changes to the survey questions. However, based on varying activities at the airport, we may choose to add 1-2 additional questions based on the needs at any given time. The bulk of the survey will remain consistent.
Question Number  19:   What are your expectations regarding regular reporting? For instance, would you prefer traditional research deliverables like data cross-tabulations and PPT reports? Or would you prefer a secure online dashboard using Tableau or an equivalent solution? Or perhaps, a combination of both.
    Answer:   We would like a combination of both, as we are looking for insightful reports, analysis and recommendations to share with DEN leadership. We would like reporting on a monthly basis.
Question Number  20:   On what cadence would you expect regular in-person briefings on our findings?
    Answer:   We would look for the selected contractor to make a recommendation on this.
Question Number  21:   What are your expectations regarding identification of key areas of strength and weakness and development of an action plan.
    Answer:   We would like each potential firm to propose a recommendation as to their capabilities and the value it will add to DEN.
Question Number  22:   What’s the single most-important thing we could do as your research partner to make sure the results were valued and put to use by your organization?
    Answer:   Provide clear and strong reporting analysis and recommendations to help us use the information obtained in the best way possible.
Question Number  23:   Please confirm you do not need an estimate for the other ad hoc projects mention on page 5 (under Description) and page 7 (As Needed Research).
    Answer:   We do not need a formal estimate. However, we would like an estimate on rates or provide an example of what an ad hoc estimate would like, knowing that will be negotiated once the scope has been determined.
Question Number  24:   Do you already have predetermined target segments?  If yes, what are they?  If no, is your expectation that the scope of work includes identifying the segments? (Related to statement on page 6, DEN Voice of the Customer Survey, third bullet.)
    Answer:   We will want to work with the research firm to get the right mix of respondents and data.