Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  2-01 A West 2 Expansion Food & Beverage Marketplace
NUMBER:  201952038-00

Current as of:  2/23/2020
Question Number  1:   Could you please confirm that the rental rate for storage space is $12.00 per square-foot?
    Answer:   Yes, storage space currently costs $12.00 per square foot per year and is subject to change.
Question Number  2:   Maximum number of concepts in the Leased Premises: Concept Description states that “this location is intended for the development of multiple concepts within one space, including concepts featuring specialty coffee, quick-service restaurant with a full-service bar along with a common seating area”. And that “The space must be sub-divided into three (3) concepts”. We ask that you confirm the following 3 items: 1) Please confirm that inclusion of a Specialty Coffee is REQUIRED. 2) Since not all quick-service concepts feature a full-service bar, please confirm that a proposal that incorporates a QSR and separate full-service bar is compliant with the requirements of the RFP; 3) Please confirm that proposer can include concepts in addition to Coffee, QSR and Bar. Specifically, if a fourth or fifth brand can be supported in the design of the space, will the inclusion of an additional brand(s) be compliant with the requirements of the RFP?
    Answer:   "Proposers must submit only the three concepts included in the Concept Description starting on page 8. These include specialty coffee, quick service restaurant, and casual dining restaurant with a full-service bar, as described in detail in the Concept Description section. (The wording quoted in your question does not match the wording used to describe the concepts included in this Request for Proposals. Please ensure you are referring to the correct Request for Proposals.) 1. It is required that proposers include all three of these concepts in their proposal. 2. As noted in the Concept Description, the quick service restaurant is permitted to offer limited alcohol sales, depending on the concept. The casual dining restaurant is required to have a full-service bar. 3. Proposers must submit only the three concepts included in the Concept Description. Including additional concepts shall result in the proposal being found non-responsive."
Question Number  3:   Page count: Please include in section III-3 that Menus and Product Lists of up to two (2) pages per concept will not be included in the page count. We are seeking clarity because the current table does not state this, while the dot point above the table does.
    Answer:   As referenced in Part D Section III-2 Preparation of Proposal - Proposal Narrative / B. Format: "Menus or product lists of up to two pages per concept may be attached to the end of your proposal and do not count toward the page limit. Menus and product lists may deviate from font and size requirements but must be printable on 8 ½” x 11” paper. No information other than menu items, products, and prices may be included on these pages". DEN will issue an Addendum to reference it in Part D Section III-3 Proposal Narrative Contents in the table, as well.
Question Number  4:   Attachment 2 Certificate of Good Standing: Attachment 2 states that the proposing entity must submit a Certificate of Good standing in the name of the JV or bidding entity. As the Colorado Secretary of State does not issue Certificate of Good standings for Joint Ventures, we request that this attachment be revised to delete that requirement or alternatively, that the entities comprising the Joint Venture (proposing entity) can provide Certificates of Good Standing and thereby be in compliance.
    Answer:   The bidding entity is required to obtain and submit a Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State. The bidding entity must be established in a manner accepted by the Colorado Secretary of State, and questions regarding obtaining the Certificate of Good Standing should be directed to the Colorado Secretary of State.