Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Solid Municipal Waste Hauling
NUMBER:  201952231-00

Current as of:  2/23/2020
Question Number  1:   Are recycling containers expected to be provided by recycling valet? It specifies compost containers to concessions, but not necessarily recycling containers.
    Answer:   Yes the valet will supply the containers for reycling and composting
Question Number  2:   Is a vehicle required by Valet to transport Food Donation employees on site the day of pick-up?
    Answer:   This will be handled by DEN's Environmental Team
Question Number  3:   Is Valet required to clean concession compost, glass and recycling containers and replace as necessary? 3a. If so, is there a spot on site at DEN to clean these that dedicated Valet can use, or is Valet responsible to clean these off DEN property? 3b. How frequently should bins expect to be cleaned? 3c. If biodegradable bags are used, does this constitute cleaning of kitchen containers less frequently?
    Answer:   Yes the valet is responsible. 3a. There are various places on the concourses and AOB loading dock where the containers can be washed. 3b. as need basis. 3c. Yes
Question Number  4:   Will Valet have on-site storage for walking carts and additional containers
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  5:   Will Valet have on-site storage for uniforms?
    Answer:   Yes, probably
Question Number  6:   Can Valet move employees around concourses using the train or is there a separate method of transportation for employees?
    Answer:   Valet employees can use the train but they can't move equipment via the train.
Question Number  7:   What is the protocol for employees moving through security inside? 7a. Is there an employee entrance for this, or do they go through security with passengers?
    Answer:   There are two employee entrances near the north and south security checkpoints in the terminal. Also it would greatly benefit the Valet to invest in a golf cart to be used in the tunnels for transportation of equipment.
Question Number  8:   Is dedicated Valet responsible for collection of materials from vendors down on ramp level? (i.e. lower level kitchens, shipment areas, etc.)
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  9:   Where are the access points located for dedicated valet to go from main level down to lower ramp level to transport materials? (elevators, center concourse, gate #)
    Answer:   Each of the center cores has two freight elevators (north and south) that go down to the ramp level. Each of the subcores has a freight elevator on the south side.
Question Number  10:   Does Valet need to formalize pick up schedules with concessions in writing?
    Answer:   A pick up schedule can be established between the Valet and Concession. It does not need to be formalized in writing. Bear in mind, the concessions have very little storage room. So it needs to be picked up when ready.
Question Number  11:   Are there translated language requirements for the contents of signage for vendors, or is this done on a case by case basis?
    Answer:   The primary languages are English, Spanish, and Ethiopian. We do have some signage for the valets use but the valet is primarily responsible for the development of the signage.
Question Number  12:   Is there formal approval by DEN of signage for vendors?
    Answer:   If the signs are behind the house (kitchen) there is no approval necessay.
Question Number  13:   In Section 7.01 “SUBCONTRACTING ALLOWED”, it states “no subcontractor shall in turn subcontract any portion of its work; there shall only be one tier of subcontracting.” – Is the subcontractor allowed to utilize approved temp staffing to add laborer workers in instances the subcontractor sees fit?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  14:   Are on-site valet workers considered Laborer (Common) in the Prevailing Wage Schedule as they are only transferring various waste streams on foot from concessions to larger containers on site? If not, what category would they fall into based on the description of the work in the previous sentence? 
    Answer:   The Valet will be classified as Laborer (Common).  The classification can be found on page 7 (last page) of the Heavy Wage Determination in the contract.
Question Number  15:   Is a contractor able to submit for a portion of the contract, for example just the valet service and one type of pick up service?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  16:   For the subcontracted portion (ex: the valet portion) how should this sub-contracted proposal be submitted? Individually to DEN or per the contractor?
    Answer:   Per the contractor.
Question Number  17:   Can multiple contractors submit the same sub-contractor with their proposals?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  18:   Where are the actual prevailing wage rates for: 1. Building wages rates 2. Heavy wage rates
    Answer:   According to the Prevailing Wages Division with the City and County of Denver, Building wages does not apply to this project. Heavy wages can be found with Adenda No. 3 which was posted on 2/6/2020
Question Number  19:   Can a contractor bid on a portion of this RFP?
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  20:   According to 5.5 of the RFP it states a “The winning valet will be subcontracted to the successful waste hauling contractor” does this mean that haulers are not required to submit a price for valet services? 
    Answer:   In the response to the RFP, the waste hauler will subimit pricing for all the subcontractors.
Question Number  21:   How is the airport currently being charged for processing of recyclables? Is it a combined rate or is there a value share for the commodities?
    Answer:   Outside of source sparated wood and compost, recyclabes are in single stream so it is a combined rate. Plastic film is baled at DEN by DEN and is hauled at no cost by the contractor. Cost of hauling wood and compost are separate from the single stream
Question Number  22:   Does DEN pay trash disposal fees directly to DADS or is it included in the rate?  Would DEN consider paying tipping fees directly?
    Answer:   DEN pays tipping fees directly to DADS. It is not included in the RFP
Question Number  23:   How is the airport monitoring if recyclables are reaching there end market and are not being stock piled?
    Answer:   There is a level of trust between DEN and the hauling contractor. Having said that DEN reserves the right to visit the MRFs and to have discussions on the down stream marketing attempts.
Question Number  24:   What is the list of acceptable recyclables must be bid on in your stream?
    Answer:   See Exhibit 1, page 21
Question Number  25:   Because of the capital intensive nature of the project  would DEN consider a longer term contract?  An 8 year with a two year option or Perhaps a 5 year with 5 year mutual renewal?
    Answer:   Yes
Question Number  26:   On page 42 you list their Evaluation Criteria – can you please provide each of the 6 items will be weighted in terms of value to the awarded?
    Answer:   We can disclose that Cost Effectiveness is weighted at 25% of the total score and all Narrative Contents combined add up to the other 75% of the total score.
Question Number  27:   There is no mention of annual price increase (API) in RFP or sample contract, will DEN allow for proposed API’s from contractors
    Answer:   Yes you can add an API inot your bid if you want.
Question Number  28:   In Section IV-3 on page 36 of the RFP, the Narrative Contents chart lists “Company Experience and Qualifications” twice. However, in the requirement descriptions, requirement 6. on page 38 lists “Key Personnel.” Should proposers title that section “Key Personnel” in our proposals?
    Answer:   Our apologies for this edit. On page 36, Section IV-3 E. should read Key Personnel. Therefore, proposers should title Narrative Content #6 "Key Personnel."
Question Number  29:   "In the Prebid meeting, it was mentioned that contractors didn't need to list exceptions and that all contract negotiations would take place after the award of the contract but the RFP has the below language: ""Introduction and Acceptance of RFP Terms The Proposer, by submitting its proposal, acknowledges that it understands and will agree to the Sample Contract and corresponding Exhibits and the Scope of Work, and that the Proposer shall be able to perform as required. Acknowledgement of this condition shall be indicated by the signature of the Proposer on the Proposal Acknowledgement Letter, which is attached hereto and incorporated here in as Attachment 2, or an officer of the Proposer legally authorized to execute contractual obligations. A submission in response to this RFP acknowledges acceptance by the Proposer of all terms and conditions as set forth herein. The Proposer shall identify clearly and thoroughly any variations between its proposal and this RFP. Failure to do so shall be deemed a waiver of any rights to subsequently modify the terms of performance, except as outlined or specified in this RFP."
    Answer:   Any desired changes to the Sample Contract should be submitted with the proposal.
Question Number  30:   How would you like the contractors to proceed with variations/exceptions between sample contract and proposed bid? How would you like us to address these within the page limitations and where in our proposal would like to see these?
    Answer:   A redline would be ok, or simply a list of comments.  These redlines or list will not count toward any page limitations
Question Number  31:   What is the pricing with your current contractor?  Can you provide an invoice from your current provider?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  32:   For the Recycling and Composting, the RFP says they will have some split out containers (cardboard/glass etc.) and some single stream. The equipment list doesn’t specify.   Is it possible to find out which containers will be split out and which will be single stream? 
    Answer:   Execpt for wood, glass, plastic film, and compost all recycling is single stream.