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The DIA Art and Culture Program has transformed the public spaces of Denver International Airport into one of most unique cultural environments anywhere. It is the vision of this program to:

  • Offer acclaimed public art and cultural programming, always fresh and exciting, always of the highest caliber, always specific to the airport
  • Make the creative energy and cultural legacy of the Rocky Mountain Front Range region palpable to anyone who visits the airport, and
  • Create a cultural experience that engages airport users, attracts audiences from the surrounding area, and wins recognition in the world beyond

Notifications for public art opportunities are communicated on this website, in local and national media, and by e-mail through periodic updates. Occasional opportunities that are not funded by the Percent-for-Art program are also communicated through these methods.

The best way to stay apprised of all our program notifications is to join our e-mail list. Program Notifications

Art & Culture Program Staff
Chris Stevens
DIA Art & Culture Program Manager
(303) 342-2526

Mandy Renaud
DIA Art & Culture Public Art Coordinator
(303) 342-2521

Tim Vacca
DIA Art & Culture Exhibitions Coordinator
(303) 342-2523

Kendall Peterson
Hotel and Transit Center Art Program Manager
(303) 214-5689



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