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  Construction and Construction-Related Services

For many years, the City and County of Denver along with the Denver International Airport (DEN) have experienced substantial growth. To accommodate this growth and to continue to provide the best possible passenger experience, DEN is investing in a $3.5 billion capital improvement program to update and expand aging facilities. The airport’s intention: give the certified business community every chance to participate in construction opportunities and thrive with DEN and the City of Denver.

With the primary vision of the Mayor Hancock’s Small Business Utilization Plan to provide equity and access for all people, the role of construction here has never been more vital. Small, minority-owned, and women-owned participating businesses are empowered to successfully enter, sustain, and develop their business at the airport to establish ongoing prosperity.

  Construction Opportunities

Airside—the tightly controlled area around the airfield. A wide variety of projects exist covering runways, service roads, lighting, navigation signs, snow removal, inspection, and materials testing. Please note that higher insurance, bonding requirements, and badging will all be required due to the higher risks they pose.

Landside—the pre-security area. These are opportunities for land surveys, water quality and permitting, parking lots and garages, new building construction, and repairs required for existing structures. Airside and landside both employ engineering, architecture, control and quality assurance, design standards, project management, and concrete, just to name a few.


Denver City Ordinances requires small, minority, and/or women owned business project goals be assigned for construction, reconstruction, and remodeling contracts. This also includes professional design and construction services contracts. When small businesses achieve certification, they are considered for these opportunities in their designated certification type.

These are the primary types of certifications:

SBE: Small Business Enterprise. Open to businesses meeting company size standards; this certification is race and gender neutral.

M/WBE: Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise. The majority ownership of a business must be operated by a disadvantaged minority or woman.

DBE: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. For this race and gender-conscious certification, majority ownership must be comprised of economically- and socially disadvantaged groups. Please note that this is a federal certification.