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  About Participating on an RFP/RFQ Panel

As the airport considers RFPs and RFQs for various opportunities, a variety of opinions is important. Thatís why the airport convenes diverse panels to evaluate RFPs and RFQs. One member is often a community panelist.

The Commerce Hub often recommends a panelist for the decision-making board.

Read below for more information about this opportunity. If you would like to be added to the Commerce Hubís pool of candidates for these panel positions, complete the information on this form.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opportunity to serve on a community panel?

The City and County of Denver and Denver International Airport (DEN) value small business utilization.

At DEN, the Commerce Hub is the link for certified businesses to do work at the airport. With that shared value in mind, the Commerce Hub is looking for community representatives to join selection panels for upcoming Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs).

Having served as a panel member for a DEN RFP and as experts in their fields, the panelists will gain insight on the DEN procurement process and have the ability to help educate small businesses attempting to enter the airport marketplace on DEN procurement procedures.

Why is this important to DEN?

Small, minority and women-owned businesses bring depth and bright ideas for new ways to do business. In line with Mayor Michael Handcockís value for small business utilization in procurement, diversifying our business base will help the City and County of Denver and DEN thrive into the future.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment will vary based on the RFP/RFQ. Generally, panelists will first meet for a one-hour training session. Then, there is a review of proposals submitted, which is estimated at one hour per proposal, over the course of five to ten days. Then, a scoring meeting is scheduled with all panel members to review their respective scores, which is estimated to take one hour. Final interviews are estimated at one hour per firm interviewed. Many of these meetings will be in person at the airport or at a nearby City recreation center.

What are the qualifications to be on a panel member?

The first priority is to match panel membersí expertise with the RFP/RFQ being considered. Panel members must also be committed to an objective, fair, and competitive evaluation process, absent any biases. They must be committed to the time required to complete the evaluation process.

What is the process for being chosen for a community panel member?

If you are interested in being a panel member, complete the information on this form. While it may take several months to be contacted about an opportunity that is a good match for your expertise, your interest is valued!

Will being on the panel preclude my organization from responding to a particular RFP?

Panel members may not review any RFP/RFQ with which they are directly involved or bidding on.

How does being a panelist benefit me and my business?

Participating as a panel member will allow you and your business to view the RFP process from a new angle and potentially contribute to your submitting more comprehensive proposals. You will be using your expertise to help other certified firms reach their potential at the airport by applying your own lessons learned to their procurement needs.

Once I have been on the panel once, can I be on it again in the future?

Yes, you can.

On average, how many people will be involved on each panel?

Most panels consist of five to six members, including one community member, one airline member and three to four DEN staff members.

How many people will be reviewing one RFP?

Each proposal response is reviewed by each panel member, so most proposals are reviewed and scored by five to six people.