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CONTRACT NO. 201845859

The Department of Aviation, City and County of Denver, has issued an Invitation for Bids for the construction project named above. Complete contract documents, including specifications, are available on the DEN Contract Procurement website at:


SEALED BIDS will be due, and must be time stamped, no later than 2:00 PM Local Time, October 29, 2019, delivered in the triple wide trailer, located within the DEN South Campus at 7128 North Trussville Street, Unit A, Denver, CO 80249 (F.K.A. 27301 E. 71st Ave, Unit #2). Immediately after receipt of the bids a public bid opening will commence. Any bids to be submitted more than two hours prior to Bid Opening must be submitted at the office of Business Management Services, attention Tony Deconinck, Room 8810, Airport Office Building (AOB), Denver International Airport, 8500 Peña Blvd., Denver, CO 80249-6340.


The Scope of Work consists of improvements to five (5) Xcel transformer vaults in the basement of Concourse B. The improvements consist of replacing the existing slab on grade with a foundation (deep foundations and structural slab) capable of meeting the needs of the space, including addressing existing issues with heaving.

Additional improvements will provide drains for the water to drain out, replacing and relocating ventilation fans, installing new lighting and repairing walls and doors. This would make the rooms safe again for Xcel personnel and give them the ability to better deal with an emergency or maintenance needs.

The project will be phased to coordinate with other work being performed by Xcel Energy, GARDI NW, United Airlines, the Concourse B East Expansion and other DEN project teams with work in the area.

The bid will be provided for five (5) of the Xcel transformer vaults to be completed during an initial construction duration of 18 months. These vaults are located at MOD 8W, 6W, 3W, 1C, and 3C.


Each bidder must be pre-qualified in the category of 2A – General Building at the $6,000,000 monetary level, in accordance with the City's Rules and Regulations Governing Prequalification of Contractors. Each bidder must have submitted a prequalification application a minimum of ten (10) calendar days prior to the bid opening date. Prequalification applications must be submitted to the Department of Public Works, Prequalification Section, Dept. 614, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80202.

To view the Rules and Regulations and to obtain a prequalification application, please visit our website at www.denvergov.org/prequalification or call 720-865-2539 for prequalification.


A Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 10:00 AM, September 24, 2019, in the triple-wide trailer, located within the DEN South Campus at 7128 North Trussville Street, Unit A, Denver, CO 80249 (mapping apps may show 27301 E. 71st Ave, Unit #2). A site visit will be conducted immediately following the Pre-Bid Conference.

Immediately following the pre-bid conference, a mandatory site tour will be conducted. This is to allow all proposed bidders to view the facility before submitting bids. Due to the nature of the areas to be visited and the security requirements of the airport, DEN will limit participation of the site-tour to no greater than two (2) members from each company. Each member will need to be listed in a pre-proposal site-tour list to participate.

Because areas of the airport require pre-authorized clearance, all tour participants must pre-register. It is anticipated that this tour will last approximately 2 hours. The cut-off time/date to pre-register for this tour is 4:00 PM on September 13, 2019. Everyone attending this site tour is required to pre-register for the tour by completing the following survey at:


Anyone who has not pre-registered for the site tour will not be allowed to attend.


Any questions must be submitted in writing by email to [email protected], must have the words “Request for Clarification” and “Concourse B Transformer Vaults Re-Life, 201845859” in the email subject line, and must be received no later than October 11, 2019, at 2:00 p.m.


Pursuant to Article III, Division 1 and 3 of Chapter 28 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code, the Project goal of 15% M/WBE must be met with certified participants, or through the demonstration of a sufficient good faith effort. For compliance with good faith requirements, the M/WBE percentage solicitation level required for this project is 100%.


As its best interests may appear, the City and County of Denver reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities in bids.

The work under the Contract is subject to minimum wage rates established by the City and County of Denver Career Service Board.