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CONTRACT NO. 201952443

Description: The Department of Aviation for the City and County of Denver is requesting proposals for the purposes of selecting a company or companies to provide on-call electrical construction services on an as-needed basis for Denver International Airport (DEN). The selected consultant(s) will provide facility and infrastructure projects throughout the main terminal, concourses, airfield, and surrounding areas. The types of projects could include, but are not limited to: medium voltage electrical work in the central utility plant, electric charging stations, emergency fuel shut-off system changes, gate expansion electrical system integration, electrical and data for office remodels, holdroom renovations to add power hubs, energy efficient lighting changes, tenant sub-metering projects, camera installations, small access control integration and power projects.

Documents Available: Request for Proposal (RFP) documents will be available on the DEN Contract Procurement website at http://business.flydenver.com/bizops/rfp.asp by February 12, 2020.

Proposals Due: Proposals in response to the RFP will be due no later than 2:00 PM LOCAL TIME, MARCH 13, 2020, and must be submitted to Tony Deconinck, Business Management Services Office, Room 8810, Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Blvd., Denver, CO 80249.

Pre-Proposal Conference: A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at 10:00 AM Denver Time on February 26, 2020, in the City Conference Room, located on the 6th floor of the Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Boulevard, Denver, CO 80249. At this conference, DEN representatives will explain the opportunity and answer questions regarding this RFP.

Prequalification: Each Bidder must be pre-qualified in the category of 2E Electrical at the $3,000,000.00 level in accordance with the City's Rules and Regulations Governing Prequalification of Contractors.

Each bidder must have submitted a prequalification application a minimum of ten (10) calendar days prior to the bid opening date. Prequalification applications must be submitted to the Department of Public Works, Prequalification Section, Dept. 614, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80202. To view the Rules and Regulations and to obtain a prequalification application, please visit our website at www.denvergov.org/prequalification, or call (720) 865-2539 for prequalification information.

Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise Participation: Professional design and construction services contracts made and entered into by the City and County of Denver are subject to Article III, Divisions 1 and 3 of Chapter 28 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code, (D.R.M.C.) and all Minority Women Business Enterprise Utilization and Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Regulations adopted by the Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO).

Article III, Divisions 1 and 3 of Chapter 28 of the D.R.M.C. directs the Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity to establish a project goal for expenditures on professional design

and construction services work contracted by the City and County of Denver. The specific goal

for this project is 25% Minority Business Enterprise Women Business Enterprise (MWBE).

Project goals must be met with certified participants as set forth in Section 28-60, D.R.M.C. or

through the demonstration of a sufficient good faith effort under Section 28-62, D.R.M.C. For

compliance with good faith effort requirements under Section 28-62 (b). The proposer must

solicit the interest of 100% of the firms certified as MBEs and WBEs in the scopes of work of the contract.

The Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity urges all participants in City

professional design and construction services projects to assist in achieving these goals.