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DEN is committed to a strong partnership with our business community and to ensuring local businesses have viable opportunities in building DEN's future. The City and County of Denver and DEN procurement procedures are designed to be fair, transparent, and allow competition to thrive.

Below is a preview of upcoming business opportunities by type of procurement at DEN in advance of their formal advertisement. The required Future Opportunity posting duration may range from a 30 day or 90 day posting. The City and County of Denver Small Business Office will assign appropriate M/WBE/DBE/SBE and/or ACDBE goals and other requirements to each contract when advertised per the Construction and Purchasing ordinances adopted in 2014. Any applicable goals will be in the project description.

Visit the DEN Commerce Hub: to learn how to initiate a partnership with DEN and the City & County of Denver on future projects. This information will be updated regularly.

DEN reserves the right to cancel or alter project information at any time.

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Compressed Natural Gas Station Lease & Supply Agreement The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station Lease and Supply Request for Proposal (RFP) is both a Revenue and Expenditure contract. The proposed contract provides a ground lease for six current CNG fuel fueling stations at Denver International Airport (DEN). The Agreement provides CNG fuel for DEN, DENs Airline Related Users and Third Party Users. The Contract provides for the purchase of CNG fuel for DEN and its contractors (Shuttle Buses). The contract will provide revenue through the ground lease of the station locations, DEN will be seeking Royalty payments based upon fuel sold to Third Party Users. The proposed term is 10 years due to the amortization of the cost of the equipment supplied by the contractor. The Maximum Contract Amount is $12,000,000.00 for the purchase of CNG Fuel. There are no Division of Small Business Opportunity Goals associated with this project. July 2018 $11,500,000.00 to $12,500,000.00 February 12, 2018
Energy Audits and Performance Contracting Denver International Airport (DEN) seeks to engage an Energy Service Company (ESCO) through a competitive Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process. The selected ESCO will perform all necessary steps, including an investment-grade audit, to develop and propose energy and water reduction projects with guaranteed and measurable savings, to be described in an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) project proposal. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has established at 0% MWBE Goal for this opportunity. July 2018 $65,000.00 to $100,000.00 May 8, 2018
On Call Airfield Construction This procurement is for the performance of construction related tasks, primarily on the airfield (not including structures). These tasks will include, but are not limited to: demolition; earthwork and turf; concrete paving, asphalt paving; special structures (i.e. manholes and retaining walls); fencing; drainage, erosion controls and utilities; lighting and signage; pavement marking; spall and joint repair; joint and crack sawing, routing and sealing; traffic control and haul route monitoring; and mobilization. There is a 12% M/WBE Goal established for this project. August 2018 $11,000,000.00 to $13,000,000.00 June 11, 2018
On-Call Landside Roadway and Parking Lots This contract will cover the construction and maintenance of roadways and parking lots at Denver International Airport (DEN). The work includes, but is not limited to joint sealing, parking lot and roadway maintenance repairs and improvements on inbound and outbound Peña Boulevard, DEN Service Roads and collector roads. DEN utilizes these on-call contracts to issue task orders for emergency work or smaller projects that have limited scope, fee, and schedule. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has established at 15% MWBE Goal for this opportunity. August 2018 $7,000,000.00 to $9,000,000.00 July 2, 2018
Sand & Grease Trap General Services The Department of Aviation for the City and County of Denver is requesting to obtain services for the maintenance and jetting of grease and sand trap pre-treatment devices and associated drain lines that service common use waste lines at Denver International Airport (DEN). Service shall include removal and disposal of any resulting waste materials to appropriately permitted and designated off-property facilities. This project will include maintenance activities for grease and sand pretreatment devices, and associated line maintenance. The critical areas where such contracted services are to occur shall include but not be limited to the Main Terminal Building and associated parking structures, Concourses A, B and C, the Hotel and Transit Center (HTC), and the DEN Maintenance Facility. Additional critical areas, impacted include: trunk drain lines, sand traps, grease traps and associated drain lines. All locations flowing to active grease traps and/or active sand traps (collectively called pretreatment devices) will be detailed in the Scope of Work. The Division of Small Business Opportunity has determined that there will not be a participation goal for this project. September 2018 $1,000,000.00 to $1,300,000.00 June 25, 2018