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DEN is committed to a strong partnership with our business community and to ensuring local businesses have viable opportunities in building DEN's future. The City and County of Denver and DEN procurement procedures are designed to be fair, transparent, and allow competition to thrive.

Below is a preview of upcoming business opportunities by type of procurement at DEN in advance of their formal advertisement. The required Future Opportunity posting duration may range from a 30 day or 90 day posting. The City and County of Denver Small Business Office will assign appropriate M/WBE/DBE/SBE and/or ACDBE goals and other requirements to each contract when advertised per the Construction and Purchasing ordinances adopted in 2014. Any applicable goals will be in the project description.

Visit the DEN Commerce Hub: to learn how to initiate a partnership with DEN and the City & County of Denver on future projects. This information will be updated regularly.

DEN reserves the right to cancel or alter project information at any time.

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Boiler 1, 3, 4, and Hydronic Pump Replacement Removal of three (3) boilers to be replaced with five (5) new 20,000 MBH boilers as well as new pumps, variable frequency drives (VFDs), supporting electrical, structural, life safety, instrumentation and controls equipment. This project also includes the removal of the 30 hydronic pumps that serve the concourses, the airport office building and terminal. The pump rooms will require piping modifications as well as 15 chilled water and 15 heating water pumps, new variable frequency drives (VFDs), supporting electrical, structural, life safety, instrumentation, and controls equipment. The Division of Small Business Opportunity has established a 20% M/WBE goal for this project. May 2019 $12,000,000.00 to $17,000,000.00 August 29, 2018
Concourse B Xcel Transformer Vaults Re-Life This project consists of improvements for five Xcel transformer vaults located in the basement of Concourse B. The improvements include but are not limited to new structural concrete slab, new masonry walls, new doors, new supply air fans & accessories, new lighting, and sump pumps & piping. This project will have possible alternates for up to three additional transformer vaults. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has established at 15% MWBE goal for this opportunity. April 2019 $6,000,000.00 to $9,000,000.00 October 22, 2018
Level Four Hotel and Transit Center (HTC) Buildout This project is for tenant finish of level 4 of the HTC. General tasks will include work area and pedestrian protection, installation of dry wall/framing, soffits, and ceilings that would include wall, floor, and ceiling finishes. Structural tasks include the installation of general structural steel and back-up framing for the new escalators and elevators in addition to installing the escalators and elevators. Concrete slabs and escalator pits will also be reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP). The scope for the electrical work will be to provide temporary and final electrical power to all areas, install fire alarm system, lighting, audio and video, and an electrical submeter. Project scope also includes the installation of necessary plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system(s) and fire protection/suppression systems. The contract will also cover the procurement of the escalators, elevators, prep kitchen equipment and furniture. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has established at 25% MWBE Goal for this opportunity. April 2019 $9,000,000.00 to $14,000,000.00 February 4, 2019
Parking Revenue Control System Upgrades The City and County of Denver is requesting bids for the purpose of selecting a firm (s) to modify the entry and exit parking facilities for both revenue and non-revenue lots throughout Denver International Airport (DEN). This project includes the removal of the existing parking equipment, removal of existing cashier booths, procurement and installation of new cashier booths, modification to existing concrete islands, as required, removal and installation of new bollards, conduit and power cable installation, removal and replacement of concrete road panels as, required, and installation of signage and structural equipment supports for overhead equipment. The Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) established a 25 % level of M/WBE goal for this opportunity. April 2019 $5,200,000.00-$5,400,000.00 March 18, 2019
Runway Weather Information System (RWIS) Maintenance Contract This opportunity will provide preventive maintenance, scheduled service, repairs, on-call and on-site emergency technical support for all runway pavement sensor system equipment located at Denver International Airport (DEN). The Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) has determined that this contract’s Scope of Services does not fall under provisions of Denver’s Construction or Purchasing Ordinance. May 2019 $100,000.00 - $130,000.00 April 1, 2019
Wildlife Mitigation RW 17L-35R This project will construct drainage improvements along Taxiway P in the drainage ditch area. This project includes construction of a concrete drainage pan at the bottom of the channel, maintenance access roads, associated grading and rip rap/erosion protection of channel culverts. There is a 25% MWBE participation goal assigned for this opportunity. April 2019 $2,500,000.00 to $3,200,000.00 March 26, 2019