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Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (BidNet)

As of April 29, 2020, Denver International Airport (DEN) has begun posting all new solicitation documents on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System site (BidNet). Solicitations published prior to this date remain on our website (see links above). BidNet provides a way for local government agencies across Colorado and Wyoming to more effectively notify vendors of solicitation opportunities.

Vendors must register with BidNet to access and download DEN's solicitation documents. There is no fee to register or use BidNet. Vendors may elect to pay a fee to receive automatic e-mail notifications for solicitation opportunities applicable to each vendor's identified product/service offerings. Vendors who do not choose to register for notifications are responsible for monitoring the status of the posted bids and related documentation on their own.

BidNet Vendor Registration

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It is the responsibility of each potential vendor to monitor the BidNet website regularly for opportunities and to review changes or addenda to bids, quotes or proposals.

BidNet Vendor Support Phone Number: (800) 835-4603.

DEN will not be held responsible for misinformation received from private plan holders. Please use the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing (BidNet) site to obtain solicitation information for the airport.

DEN is committed to a strong partnership with our business community and to ensuring local businesses have viable opportunities in building DEN's future. The City and County of Denver and DEN procurement procedures are designed to be fair, transparent, and allow competition to thrive.

Below is a preview of upcoming business opportunities by type of procurement at DEN in advance of their formal advertisement. The required Future Opportunity posting duration may range from a 30 day or 90 day posting. The City and County of Denver Small Business Office will assign appropriate M/WBE/DBE/SBE and/or ACDBE goals and other requirements to each contract when advertised per the Construction and Purchasing ordinances adopted in 2014. Any applicable goals will be in the project description.

Visit the DEN Commerce Hub: to learn how to initiate a partnership with DEN and the City & County of Denver on future projects. This information will be updated regularly.

DEN reserves the right to cancel or alter project information at any time.

If you have a question about whether your proposal for a DEN solicitation would create a conflict of interest with other proposals or awarded contracts, please complete the DEN AIM Development Conflict Question Submission Form and submit it to [email protected].

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2021 Roadway Erosion Control This request is to select a vendor through a competitive procurement process to complete the 2021 Roadway Erosion Control project at Denver International Airport (DEN). This project seeks to make infrastructure improvements at three landside locations across DEN property for the purposes of mitigating erosion and improving stormwater quality. • Site #1 includes curb and gutter installation along a 2,450-ft length of westbound Harry B. Combs Parkway between Robertsdale Street (FedEx Cargo entrance) and the entrance to Airport Resort Parking. • Site #2 includes curb and gutter and tensioned cable barrier installation along a 1,300-ft length of inbound Pena Boulevard that is immediately west of Gun Club Road. • Site #3 includes the replacement of a 120-inch concrete pipe with an 8'x10' box culvert at the Third Creek crossing under Gun Club Road, immediately south of 100th Avenue. The construction budget as presented is the internal cost estimate created by the DEN PM, which in turn is based off the 60% Engineer's Estimate that was reviewed by the Project Controls. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has assigned a 20% MWBE Goal for this project. December 2021 $2,200,000 to $2,542,000 11/2/2021
2022 Annual Landside Pavement Rehabilitation This request is for the selection of a qualified contractor through an Invitation for Bid (IFB) process to preserve and/or repair the landside roadways and parking lots at Denver International Airport (DEN). Work to be performed under the awarded contract will include typical pavement rehabilitation and will be divided into three separate scopes of work consisting of concrete pavement panel replacements, partial depth spall repairs, and concrete pavement diamond grinding. All work is outside of the secured airfield operations area. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has assigned a 17% MWBE Goal for this project. January 2022 $3,250,000 to $3,750,000 11/15/2021
Runway 16R-34L Pavement and Lighting Rehabilitation This request is for the selection of a qualified contractor through an Invitation for Bid (IFB) process to rehabilitate the pavement and lighting on Runway 16R-34L. This project will include removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete pavement, removal and replacement of all joint sealant, airfield lighting replacement of centerline, edge lights, and other lighting with LED fixtures, and replacing signage. Additionally, transformers, cables, constant current regulators, and accessories will all be replaced. Realignment of hold bars at high-speed taxiways to meet current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, and correcting any other items not meeting FAA standards. This project will refresh the surface painted pavement marking, address any surface drainage and slope issues, clean up or modify area drainage as needed to deter wildlife, and investigate filet geometry to ensure the runway complex is fully compliant with FAA standards. The Division of Small Business Opportunity Office has assigned a 14% DBE Goal for this project. December 2021 $25,000,000 to $25,500,000 11/15/2021