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DEN is committed to a strong partnership with our business community and to ensuring local businesses have viable opportunities in building DEN's future. The City and County of Denver and DEN procurement procedures are designed to be fair, transparent, and allow competition to thrive.

Below is a preview of upcoming business opportunities by type of procurement at DEN in advance of their formal advertisement. The required Future Opportunity posting duration may range from a 30 day or 90 day posting. The City and County of Denver Small Business Office will assign appropriate M/WBE/DBE/SBE and/or ACDBE goals and other requirements to each contract when advertised per the Construction and Purchasing ordinances adopted in 2014. Any applicable goals will be in the project description.

Visit the DEN Commerce Hub: to learn how to initiate a partnership with DEN and the City & County of Denver on future projects. This information will be updated regularly.

DEN reserves the right to cancel or alter project information at any time.

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Central Utility Plant (CUP) R-22 Replacement This project entails the removal of three 4,150-ton chillers to be replaced with six new 2,500-ton chillers, as well as new pumpts, variable frequency drives (VFDs), air handling units (AHUs) and supporting electrical, structural, life safety, instrumentation and controls equipment. The DSBO has established an 18% level of M/WBE participation. June 2017 $17,185,000.00 May 8, 2017
Conveyance Replacement & Modernization On-Call construction contract for conveyance modernization.This contract will start a multi year program to address all of the end of life conveyance units at DEN, (elevators, escalators, and walkalators). Modernization of the replacment of most of the componenets in the system except strutural elements, e.g.escaltor tursses, elevator shaft and cars. There is 8% M/WBE goal assigned to this project. May 2017 $10,000,000.00 April 26, 2017
DEN Taxi Service Provide taxi service at DEN. The successful taxi companies will operate the taxicab service on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year basis, and must incorporate the industry’s best practices to enhance professionalism, customer satisfaction, passenger safety and security is paramount. There will be not be an ACDBE goal or MWBE goal assigned for this opportunity. This opportunity has been postponed. TBD August 29, 2016
On-Call Commissioning Services 2017 On-call commissioning services to complete start-up and final commissioning on designated CIP construction contracts. These services may include Lighting Controls, Power Monitoring Controls, Generators, UPS, Switchgear, HVAC Equipment, HVAC Controls and Operation, Conveyance Controls and other systems as needed. There is a M/WBE goal of 17% for this project. June 2017 $2,000,000.00 February 13, 2017
On-Call Environmental Testing Services The successful proposer is to provide on-call consulting services for asbestos detections and abatement recommendations, lead-based paint inspections and reporting, and industrial hygiene consulting. Scope includes sampling and testing for asbestos in buildings and soils; sampling for lead-based paint; and conducting personal exposure air monitoring, ventilation surveys, investigating mold issues, and indoor air quality assessments. Scope of project also includes design of abatement or containment methods. This will be a 3 year On-Call contract for $500,000.00. This Request for Proposal will be released as and Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Opportunity.Per Construction Ordinance 85, an EBE Prime must be certified with the City and County of Denver and per industry standards must Self-Perform a minimum 30% of the contract dollar amount. Per the agreement between DSBO and DEN this Requests for proposal will be released as an Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Opportunity. Per Construction Ordinance 85, an EBE Prime must be certified with the City and County of Denver and per industry standards must Self-Perform a minimum of 30% of the contract dollar amount. June 2017 $500,000.00 April 24, 2017
On-Call General Contracting DEN needs more contracting capacity on call to complete currently planned capital improvements to support changes to improve the operation of the terminal, customer growth, and infrastructure that requires upgrading. This will be task order based work to complete projects that follow the capital improvement plan. The agreement may also be drafted to include design-build tasks as an option. So, the RFP will request examples of successful design-build project deliveries. The proposals will have designers as part of the construction team. Work may vary from carpet to CUP, from apron paving to jetbridges, giving DEN maximum flexibility. There is a 25% M/WBE goal for this project. July 17, 2017 $25,000,000.00 April 17, 2017
On-Call Roofing and Weatherproofing Contractor A licensed roofing and waterproofing contractor will be contracted for a three year period from 2017 to 2020, to provide those services at DEN. The roofs are all commercial quality and will be of varying types. The waterproofing will also use multiple systems as warranted. Work may include design, demolition, replacement, repair or new application. Work will be both airside and landside at the airport, both inside and outside of restricted areas at the airport. This is a 23% M/WBE Goal established for this project. August 2017 $8,000,000.00 May 24, 2017
Parking Revenue Control System Replacement New software, hardware and canopies at entries to provide public and employee parking services at Denver International Airport (DEN). This will include revenue tracking, and transaction processing. The parking revenue control system is responsible for calculating correct fees and accurately reporting the revenue collected for deposit into the City of Denver bank accounts. The system must remain compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations and avoid costly penalties for non compliance. Additionally, the Contractor shall install canopies over all parking plazas not currently covered. This project has been reviewed by DSBO and it has been determined that there will be not be an M/WBE goal assigned to this project. June 2017 $16,900,000.00 June 6, 2017
Pena Design Build Project Denver International Airport is soliciting proposals for a design build-buld team for the upcoming project on Pena Blvd. This contract will select a team for design and construction on the Pena reconstruction effort. The design work will include; but is not limited to, roadway design, pavement design, erosion control, structural design of a new structure and the widening of several existing structures, preparation of plan documents and specifications. The construction work will build the new sections of Pena and will follow through to closeout. This project has a MWBE goal of 25% Design and 15% Build. June 2017 TBD June 2, 2016
SONET Replacement Replace existing 22-year old Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) campus wide. The network currently serves as the primary transport mechanism used by DEN to provide data communication services to city workers, airport operations, airline paertners and tenant users across the DEN Campus. This upgrade replaces the legacy network with one that supports today's newer IP-based technologies. The DSBO has determined that this opportunity does not have an M/WBE goal. June 2017 $15,800,000.00 May 15, 2017