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The airport's Parking and Transportation Section manages all ground transportation companies providing services to travelers using DIA. Our fleet of providers include taxis, hotel shuttles, luxury limousines, commuter shuttles, mountain carriers, off-airport parking and charter buses.

If you are interested in joining our fleet, the first step is to contact the Ground Transportation Office and request a registration packet. Once you have reviewed the packet, call or e-mail the Ground Transportation Office for assistance in completing the registration process. 

  Steps to Register and Operate Commercial Vehicles at DIA

  1. Contact the Ground Transportation Office and request a registration packet.  Call (303) 342-4060 or e-mail
  2. After you have received your registration packet, contact the Ground Transportation Office to begin the registration process. 
  3. Ground Transportation receives and reviews the required operating permit paperwork. The following paperwork is required:
    1. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and/or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registration(s) and/or letters of authority, if applicable.
    2. A completed City and County of Denver Insurance Requirements document (Microsoft Word)
    3. Operating Permit generated by Denver International Airport Ground Transportation staff for approval and signature by the Assistant Deputy Manager of Aviation, Parking and Transportation. New company representatives must participate in a scheduled registration and operational orientation.
    4. A completed AVI Application (Adobe PDF)
    5. Hotels, off-airport parking shuttles and other companies providing courtesy ground transportation must provide a copy of a business license indicating their legal business name. All paperwork submitted must use the same company name(s).
    6. A Performance Bond of $500 per vehicle and an AVI tag deposit of $50 are required and are payable by credit or debit card ONLY. Cash, cashier's check, company checks and money orders are not accepted.
  4. An operating permit is signed and a ground transportation orientation session is conducted with the company manager(s).
  5. Ground Transportation will submit the required sponsorship form to Airport Security to identify authorizing agents for the company's employees. Note: Airport identification badges are required BEFORE an operator can start a ground transportation service at Denver International Airport.
  6. Airport Security contacts the company to schedule a participant meeting and authorizing agent class.
  7. Authorizing agents for the company must clear a five-year Colorado Bureau of Investigations or any state background check to include a total of five continuous years before they can sign security applications for their company representatives.
  8. Airport Security notifies the company when company representatives have cleared the criminal background check.
  9. The Assistant Deputy Manager of Aviation, Parking and Transportation, signs the Ground Transportation Operating Permit.
  10. Airport Security schedules badging appointments and will issue the company representatives airport identification badges.
  11. The company representative schedules an appointment with the AVI Sales Office (303) 342-4053 to have AVI tags installed in its vehicles. When installation is complete, the company may begin operating at Denver International Airport.
New Insurance Requirements!

On July 28, 2014, the insurance limit for Business Automobile Liability Coverage changed.

See the new requirements


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