Security & Badging, Business Services Setting Up a New Company — Security & Badging

All individuals employed at the Airport needing access to Controlled, Secured, and/or Sterile areas through the Access Control System, or anywhere else on airport property as determined by the Director of Security or designee, must obtain a DEN Airport ID badge.

  Establishing a Company

1)  Standard Participant Sponsorship Agreement:  Any vendor or contractor requiring access to the Secured Area, Sterile Area, and/or any other Controlled Area must be sponsored by the City and County of Denver Department of Aviation, an air carrier, or a tenant. The sponsorship establishes that a vendor or contractor has legitimate business at the airport. All construction contractors must submit the Standard Participant Sponsorship Agreement with their sponsor's signature.

 Standard Participant Sponsorship Agreement (Adobe PDF)

2)  Participant Meeting:  Attend a Participant Meeting with an Airport Security representative.  All pertinent information will be covered in this meeting.The following information and documents are required at the Participant Meeting:

  1. A Standard Participant Sponsorship Agreement from each company you are servicing or working for
  2. Contact information for your company (e-mail address, phone number, etc.)
  3. List of areas, doors, and gates that you will require access through. Please contact your sponsor to determine necessary access.
  4. Fees for fingerprinting: Cash, check, or credit card. Checks should be made payable to "Airport Revenue Fund."
  5. Authorized Signatory Class:  the person that attends the Participant Meeting will be the Authorized Signatory and the security contact for your company
  6. No participant of the Airport Security Program, and no Airport ID badge holder, shall divulge any security source documents or information to any individual, unless the individual has a specific and valid need to know such information, as identified and defined in the federal government's Title 49 CFR Parts 15 and 1520.

 Security Fees (Adobe PDF)

3)  Obtaining Unescorted Access: Any person requesting or requiring a badge that would permit unescorted access to the Secured Area, Sterile Area, and/or any other Controlled Area must be fingerprinted, pass a Criminal History Background Check, and a Security Threat Assessment. If your company requests unescorted driving privileges on the AOA, every badged individual requesting a driving endorsement will be required to receive the AOA driver training on an annual basis through Computer Based Training (CBT). Each company must comply with existing Rule and Regulation 130:

 Automobile Liability Coverage Requirements (Rule and Regulation Part 230: Assumption of Risk) (Adobe PDF)

 Airside Insurance Verification Process (Adobe PDF)

 Fingerprinting and Badge Application Form (Adobe PDF)

Authorized Signatories must ensure compliance with the "Four Rs:"

  1. Employees must understand DIA Rules and Regulations
  2. Employees must understand their approved Routes
  3. The company must assess a driver’s Readiness
  4. The company must maintain Records of the driver orientations

For further information, please contact the Airport Security Office at (303) 342-4300.  Review the Denver Municipal Airport System Rules and Regulations for further guidelines for conducting business at Denver International Airport: .