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  Badge Expiration Procedures

If an airport ID badge has expired, the badge holder must fill out the appropriate Fingerprinting and Badge Application. Please contact the Airport Security Office for questions, (303) 342-4300. If the airport ID badge has been expired 31 days or more, the applicant must start the airport ID badging process as a new applicant.

  Report a Lost or Stolen Badge

A lost or stolen badge must be reported immediately.  To file a report during regular business hours, call (303) 342-4300.  If after-hours, call (303) 342-4210.

To obtain a replacement airport ID badge, please contact Airport Security. A fee may be required for the replacement of an airport ID badge.

  Airport ID Badge Access

If access needs to be changed, the Authorized Signatory must complete an Access Change Form. The request for change must be approved by the Director of Security or designee.  Please allow a minimum of 48 business hours for access to be approved or denied. 

  Airport Security Classes

  • Authorized Signatory Classes:
  • Driver Training Information:  (303) 342-4310
  • Participant Meeting/New Company Set-up:  (303) 342-4329

  Violation Information

Violation Notices are issued to individuals who violate the guidelines defined in Part 20 of the Denver Municipal Airport System Rules and Regulations. If you have received a Violation Notice, please contact your supervisor or an Authorized Signatory for additional information.

Airport Security will notify applicable Authorized Signatories and/or supervisors within forty-eight (48) hours when an individual within their organization has been issued a Violation Notice. Organizations must provide a response to the Violation Notice within ten (10) business days to verify the employee has been counseled on the incident. Responses may be provided via e-mail to, by fax to (303) 342-4319, or via USPS at:

Denver International Airport
Airport Security Office – Violations
8500 Peña Boulevard, Room 451
Denver, CO 80249

If an individual receives a "Big 6 Violation," or two similar type Violation Notices within a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months, a Violation Hearing must be scheduled with the Assistant Director of Security or their designee. Contact, or, call (303) 342-2023 to schedule a hearing.

For more detailed information in regards to violations, please review Part 20:  Airport Security Rules & Regulations, Denver Municipal System Airport Rules and Regulations.

  Vehicle Permits

All companies driving inside the perimeter fence are required to carry a minimum of a $10 Million Combined-Single Limit insurance policy.  If the company is driving in the tunnels only, then the insurance requirement is $1 Million. For questions about Secured Area vehicle permits, call (303) 342-4308. Please allow five (5) business days to process vehicle permits.

Vehicle insurance requirements are subject to change.

For information in regards to Operating Vehicles in the Secured Area, please review Part 130:  Operating Vehicles in the Secured Area, Denver Municipal System Airport Rules and Regulations.

  Terminate or Cancel an Airport ID Badge

To terminate or cancel an airport ID badge, contact Airport Security at (303) 342-4300 during regular business hours, or after office hours at (303) 342-4210.

The company or individual must return the airport ID badge or security keys to Airport Security immediately. The Airport ID Badge or Security Keys may be mailed to the Airport Security Office or dropped off at either of the Airport Security Offices.