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There’s something special about Denver International Airport.  It has a lot to do with the airport’s Hospitality Ambassadors.  From the moment travelers step off a plane or walk into Jeppesen Terminal, there’s an efficient and friendly team looking out for them.  If passengers need directions, Ambassadors will point the way.  If guests need assistance, these airport volunteers will lend a hand.  Whether directing passengers to a connecting flight, helping to reunite long-lost loves or families, or even taking snapshots for people, there is no task too challenging for DIA’s ambassadors. 

If you donate your time to wear the Ambassador’s white cowboy hat and western vest, you’ll receive more than the gratitude of the thousands of DIA visitors you help or the appreciation of the airport community. You’ll receive the personal satisfaction of providing a helping hand.  But more than that, as a DIA Ambassador, you‘ll be entitled to complimentary parking in one of the DIA employee parking lots. DIA will issue you a cowboy hat and western vest for a uniform. You’ll also get service pins, airport concession discounts, and invitations to volunteer events and functions.

You’ll be in great company!  The DIA Hospitality Ambassador Program is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its excellence.  Ambassador service to the airport community and the traveling public is based on volunteers caring about excellent help to airport visitors and providing well-informed assistance. The minimum commitment for Ambassador volunteer work is two, four-hour shifts, twice a month, but you may volunteer as often as you want. 

Contact DIA Ambassador Program Administrator Corinne Christensen by e-mail or telephone at (303) 342-2243. Prospective Ambassador volunteers should have good communication skills, believe in excellent customer service, and be able to stand and walk throughout the four-hour shifts. There are a limited number of office volunteer positions available.

The Ambassador Program is part of the Public Relations and Marketing Division of the Department of Aviation, City and County of Denver. contact DIA Business Offices search