August 2013
Office of Economic Development
Summer Youth 2013

The DIA Commerce Hub proudly sponsors a youth summer employment program that offers youths ages 16 to 24 the opportunity for paid work at DIA from June through August. This summer we gladly welcomed back some of last year's summer youth workers along with some bright new faces for a total of 13 summer employees. They expanded their knowledge of different DIA operations by working in Technologies, Finance, Customer Service, Commercial, Art, Marketing, and Airport Infrastructure Management.

Melody Crenshaw-Turner, who worked in Marketing, with the Ambassador program, and the Commerce Hub stated, "Through this program, I have been able to learn more about DIA's business operations and also learn new positions that I can apply my double majors to after graduation in 2014." Maya Lovelace, a second year summer youth who previously worked in the executive office, worked in the arts and culture area this year, stating, "This program has helped direct me to a business that I never thought I had an interest in."

In addition to their work experiences, the students attended training, networking luncheons, and various events in their respective divisions, all of which contributed to their personal and professional growth.

It has been a joy to have them here and contributing to the work at DIA. Although we are sad to see them go, we wish them the best in their school year and hope that they can return to us in the future.

Aviation Academy

From July 23 to 25, the DIA Commerce Hub hosted the first Aviation Academy for students ages 13 to 15. This pilot program was made possible through funding for summer programs authorized by the voters in 2012 in support of ballot measure 2A and administered by the Denver Office of Children's Affairs. Over the course of the three days, the students learned about aviation careers and explored the requirements to enter these fields.

On the first day, the students received an aviation careers presentation, heard from a 9/11 survivor, and received a tour of Airport Rescue and Firefighting Station 1, which included an opportunity to wear the firefighter uniform and climb three flights of stairs in it. Day two consisted of presentations from a current pilot and a former pilot, and a tour of the Maintenance Center and DIA's expansive airfield. On the last day, the students were greeted by speakers regarding DIA's impressive environmental program and the work of the DIA Commerce Hub. They also watched a video about the history of the Boeing 747 airplane and toured Jeppesen Terminal, the Emergency Operations Center, and the Communications Center.

As the first class of the Aviation Academy, they were given the chance to ask questions and give feedback on their three-day experience. The participants said it was eventful and an enjoyable learning experience.

The students received a daily lunch, for which we would like to give a special thank you to: Villa Pizza, Pour la France, and McDonald's. We would also like to thank all of our speakers:  Ken Greene, deputy manager of Operations; DIA Fire Chief Angela Cook and her ARFF 1 team; John Ackerman, deputy manager of Commercial; Mary Buckley, director of education partnerships; Marcus Robinson, VIP and customer service program coordinator; Southwest Airlines Chief Pilot J.C. Curran; Scott Morrissey, director of environmental planning; and Heather Barry, director of business affairs and external relations.

We look forward to improving the program and holding it again next summer.

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New Airport Waiting Area on Final Approach

The airport Conoco station garage is being repurposed. The friends and families who are waiting to pick up passengers will fill-up with treats, pizza, sandwiches and other food items at  the new airport off-site waiting area, which is opening soon.  The pedestrian stop and shop will have convenient parking and innovative restaurant concepts offering diverse dining options and snacks. The Baja Mexican Grill will feature south-of-the-border cuisine, while Subways Sandwich Shop will rollout its premiere edibles to order.  Dunkin' Donuts will add to the tasty treats available to those wishing to nibble away the wait time, and Z- Pizzeria will delight dough lovers with its fresh to-order pizza pies and slices.  Did anyone order take-out? 

Clearance for the "Final Approach" waiting area opening is scheduled for the third quarter of 2013.  Consumers can soon take off for the "Final Approach" prior to friends and family landing at Denver International Airport.  

Contractor Conversations Group Enhancing Its "Toolbox!"

Monthly meetings continue to provide valuable business guidance to DIA contractors. Construction and professional service contractors are adding to their toolbox of knowledge. According to entrepreneur Mike Trujillo, president of MBR Electrical, "We welcome the opportunity to be a meeting attendee of your contractor conversations forum. The general discussions that have taken place are of great benefit to all attending contractors and subcontractors alike. A new firm wishing to do work at DIA would be well advised to learn the mechanics of doing work there and I feel would benefit greatly by attending the monthly meetings."

Contractor Conversations provides firm owners or their representative staff with guidance and an opportunity for growth, seeded with positive sharing of experiences and the ability to converse with DIA subject-matter staff experts related to the topics of their choice. 

In July, DIA contractors were engaged in open discussions on topics of prompt payment timelines and prevailing wage, including LCP Tracker, to manage business relations more positively with their primes and DIA. 

The contractors heard from Steve Campbell, DIA procurement manager, who led the group through the payment timelines process and responded to all questions. Contractors also talked with the prevailing wage supervisor, Rob Merritt, and Valerie Ramirez, prevailing wage auditor.  Merritt emphasized that his department wishes to work with all firms to address their pay applications consistently with their primes.

The next Contractor Conversations meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 25, at the DIA WorldPort office complex.  The conversation will cover when and how prevailing wages are changed.

Please call Alicia Avila, DIA business liaison, at (303) 342-2346, if you have questions or to register to attend a Contractor Conversation group meeting.

Ombudsman Office

The DIA Commerce Hub helps community members find guidance, assistance, and solutions to their aviation-related questions or issues through its ombudsman, Charles Maldonado. Mr. Maldonado will work directly with individuals and businesses that have non-legal questions, concerns, or complaints regarding specific experiences at DIA that relate to topics such as contracts, payment, and procurement.

The Ombudsman Office offers an alternative means of addressing and resolving concerns by attempting to find solutions that do not involve legal opinions, legal issues, City code, or rule violations. The ombudsman’s services do not substitute, replace, or minimize the formal administrative process established by the Denver Revised Municipal Code for dispute resolution.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Charles Maldonado at (303) 342-2279 or by e-mail at

Upcoming Events

DIA Commerce Hub Contractor Conversations 
Sept. 25, 2013
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DIA Commerce Hub Kiosk/Cart Retail 101 Training 
September 10, 2013
8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 
Location: DIA City Conference Room, 6th Level, Terminal West

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