February 2015
Denver International Airport to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

Since the legendary "Push Night," from Stapleton to the new airport, when thousands of aviation-related vehicles and airport equipment were relocated to DIA, today the world's newest and most technologically advanced airport continues to wow the aviation industry. 

During the past 20 years, DEN (Denver International Airport's FAA airport identifier code) has grown to become an economic powerhouse for the state and region, generating an annual economic impact of more than $26.3 billion, and currently serving over 53.4 million passengers last year. 

The airport's remarkable 20 years will be celebrated by employees on Friday Feb. 27, 2015, followed by an event the next day that will mark the actual of opening date's anniversary (Feb. 28, 1995) for our elected officials and community members.

Many thanks go to our airline operators, business partners and to all that are making DEN "America's favorite connecting hub, where the Rocky Mountains meet the world."  We are poised to continue providing an outstanding service to our customers, like you. 
Please visit DEN's homepage at http://www.flydenver.com/ to learn more about the airport and its servcies.

Concessions Revenue at Denver International Airport Hits New Milestone

DIA generated more than $322.8 million in gross concessions revenue in 2014, marking the second consecutive year of record-setting sales.

The airport's concessions program ended 2014 with $322.8 million in gross revenue, which is 9.5 percent higher than the $294.8 million generated by the program in 2013. DIA currently offers about 140 shops, restaurants and services in more than 177,000 square feet of space.

The revenue translates to an average of $12.07 per enplaned passenger in 2014—an increase of 7.58 percent over the $11.22 per enplanement in 2013 and an all-time high for DIA. The airport served a record 53.4 million passengers in 2014.

The sales resulted in an estimated $11.7 million in sales tax to the City and County of Denver and about $50.4 million in concessions revenue to DIA. The airport relies on revenue from airline and non-airline sources, as no taxpayer money received by the city's general fund is used for airport expenditures.

DIA's innovative Retail Merchandising Unit and kiosk program, which gives small businesses an opportunity to do business at the airport without a large capital investment, generated about $16.4 million in gross revenue—the highest amount since the RMU program began in 2011.

"As the airport celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, we are listening to our customers and transforming our shopping and dining program to offer additional healthy choices, locally sourced foods, chef-driven concepts and an improved selection of retail options," said airport CEO Kim Day. "In 2015, we will continue to add even more variety that includes a brewery-themed restaurant at the upcoming Westin Denver International Airport hotel, as well as concepts for men's and women's fashion, additional restaurants, convenience and retail opportunities—all to provide an elevated travel experience."

Because of expiring leases, the airport expects to transform about 75 percent of its shops, restaurants and other amenities over the next few years. In 2014, DIA opened a total of 21 new or updated concession locations as part of this transformation—tying the record set in 2013 for the most new locations opened in one year since the airport's inaugural year in 1995.  A total of 42 new or updated concessions have opened in the last two years, and the airport expects to open up to 25 new or remodeled locations this year.

New additions to DIA in 2014 included local concepts such as Steve's Snappin' Dogs, a legendary local hot dog eatery; the Tattered Cover, a time-tested Colorado book store that passengers have requested for years; Paradise 4 Paws, the first on-airport luxury pet resort; and MAC cosmetics.

The airport will continue in 2015 to add fresh new concepts that will include local flavors and national brands. In addition to a brewery-themed restaurant for the upcoming Westin Denver International Airport hotel, the airport is also seeking to add a common-use passenger lounge and a chef-driven restaurant for the A Concourse, as well as additional shops and restaurants throughout the facility.

For information about concessions business opportunities please visit DIA's Business Center webpage: business.flydenver.com/ or call the DIA Commerce Hub at (303) 342. 2351.

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Denver International Airport Will Add Garage Parking Spaces

DIA continues to enhance the customer experience by offering additional garage parking. The number of public parking spaces in the covered parking structures will grow by 1,795 with the addition of a new parking garage on the southeast corner of Jeppesen Terminal.

Construction of the new four-story parking structure is scheduled to begin this month and is expected to take about two years to complete at an estimated cost of about $46 million. The project will be built by Swinerton Builders and will be paid for by the airport's Capital Improvement Program fund.

Separately, the airport is nearing completion on a project to add an additional 261 parking spaces adjacent to the north end of the east parking garage. An additional 430 spaces were recently added to the east and west economy lots through a redesign of the current layout.

After the garage is built, DIA will offer a total of 19,496 garage parking spaces, and will manage a total of 43,275 parking spaces. The airport continuously evaluates its parking needs, and is adding the additional spaces to meet growing demand among air travelers.

The projects are part of a package of upgrades aimed at improving the experience for DIA's parking customers. In 2014 the airport added reserved parking spaces in the east and west parking garages (available at www.DIAreservedparking.com), and electric vehicle charging stations were installed in late 2013. DIA also recently completed a project that retrofit more than 5,400 lights in the existing parking garages with energy-efficient LED fixtures to improve lighting and reduce energy consumption.

"We are working to improve the parking experience at DIA by adding additional capacity and making other investments in our products that provide the highest level of customer service and value," said Greg Hegarty, DIA's acting senior vice president of commercial.

To learn more about DIA's parking amenities, go to http://www.flydenver.com/parking_transit.

Primes Connections Program Offered to Small Businesses and Prime Contractors

The U.S. Department of Transportation West Central Small Business Transportation Resource Center will once again offer "Speed Dating for Prime Contractors and Small Businesses." Fifteen-minute sessions bring together prime contractors and small businesses over a four-hour period for networking and to establish industry relationships. The program will be held on Wednesday March 25, 2015, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the PPA Event Center on 2105 Decatur St. in Denver.  

Small commercial establishments can take advantage of one-on-one meetings with prime contractors, and the latter gets to learn about qualified DBE/WBE/MBE/SBEs to diversify their talent pool.
All past participants said that they would attend again because it's a great opportunity to meet a large number of primes in one location. So register early to reserve your place. 

Attendance is free but preregistration is required. To RVSP, please call (303) 800-3711 or email CurtO@westcentralsbtrc.com. The registration deadline is March 11, 2015. Click on the Prime Connections link below to obtain more information about this unique business capacity networking event. 

For more information about the U.S. Department of Transportation West Central Small Business Transportation Resource Center go to http://www.westcentralsbtrc.com.

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Denver International Airport Sets Domestic and International Passenger Traffic Record in 2014

DIA has reached a new milestone, having the busiest passenger traffic count in its remarkable 20-year history.  More than 53.4 million passengers used the Denver airport this past year. 

A total of 4,397,292 passengers traveled though DIA in December 2014, bringing the year's total passenger traffic to 53,472,514 – an increase of 1.7 percent over the 52,556,359 passengers who used the airport in 2013. The previous record for the airport was set in 2012, with 53,156,278 passengers.

Additionally, DIA set six monthly records for passenger traffic in 2014: January, February, April, May, September and October.

DIA also set new records for international passenger traffic in 2014, with a total of 2,208,209 international passengers. The previous all-time high for international traffic in Denver was set in 2008 with 2,200,036 passengers. Overall international passenger traffic at DIA increased 12 percent over 2013, and December 2014 marked the 32nd consecutive month of international passenger growth at DIA.

DIA served an all-time high of 191 destinations around the world during 2014, surpassing the 187 destinations served during 2013. New air service in 2014 included nonstop service to Panama City, Panama, as well as Guadalajara and Chihuahua, Mexico.

"Ending the year with record-breaking passenger traffic demonstrates the continued strength of the Denver market for air travel," said Denver International Airport CEO Kim Day. "DIA has the third-largest domestic network for flights, and has seen sustained growth in international passenger traffic that has been bolstered by new service to destinations around the globe such as Tokyo and Panama City. We will continue to build on this momentum as we work to add new destinations, better customer amenities and services that ensures Denver International Airport's place on the world map."

Mail, freight and express cargo operations saw 51.1 million pounds of cargo in December 2014, an 11.2-percent increase compared to the same month last year. In 2014, 519.4 million pounds of cargo were handled at DIA, up 4.1 percent from 499 million pounds of cargo handled during 2013.

The awaited opening of the airport's 519 room Westin Hotel in the fall of 2015 and anticipated Regional Transportation District East Rail Line that will transport commuters and passengers to and from the airport in the spring of 2016 is distinguishing DIA among its global aviation counterparts.   

The complete December 2014 traffic report is available at: http://flydenver.com/about/financials/passenger_traffic.  

Small Business Tax Tips

By Calvin W. Goings, U. S. Small Business Administration Regional Administrator

Get Ready - It's Tax Season!

After settling down after the busy holiday season, another season will soon be here - tax season!  As a small business owner, it is important to understand how taxes will affect your business, how to file properly, avoid audits and claim the right tax deductions.

Here are 5 tips to ease the burden of tax preparation and help in preparation for the April 15, 2015 deadline.

  1. Keep Good Records and Understand Available Deductions
    Proper recordkeeping year-round is the first step to ensure taxes are filed accurately. Save essential paperwork that could be needed to back-up deduction claims, should there be an audit. Keep it in mind that tax credits and deductions change each year.
  2. Utilize the Small Business Jobs Act Tax Provisions
    The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, signed into law by President Obama, has over 17 tax provisions to decrease tax burdens for small businesses—several of these provisions can be taken advantage of during this year's tax season. Utilizing these provisions could provide great savings for your business.
  3. Remember the tax credits within the Affordable Care Act
    These tax credits will allow small businesses to cover up to 35 percent of the health care premiums a small business pays to cover its workers. In 2014, the tax credit will increase to 50 percent.
  4. Avoid Common Audit Traps
    It is very important to be aware of potential red flags which could include:
    • Classifying Employees as Independent Contractors – Independent contractors and employees are not the same and it is important to understand the difference. In the eyes of the IRS, misclassification can be seen as an attempt to avoid payroll taxes; non-compliance can bring penalties and back taxes.
    • Home Office Deduction – This deduction is very specific and not all home-based businesses qualify. Know how to determine if you are eligible to claim this deduction and what specific expenses may be deducted.
    • Large Sum Miscellaneous Deductions – If you claim a large amount of itemized deductions or miscellaneous expenses, relative to your income, the IRS could get suspicious. Be specific and label every deduction.
  5. Keep Business and Personal Expenses Separate
    The IRS scrutinizes personal expenses that may have been claimed as a business expense, such as the use of a business vehicle, for personal use. Maintain separate bank and credit card accounts for your business and personal use. Be diligent about keeping good records.

For additional information on these tax tips and current year tax deductions visit the SBA Small Business Tax Guide (http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-busin...) or contact the IRS at www.irs.gov.

You Are Invited to the 2015 Advance Colorado Procurement Expo

Register today for the upcoming Minority Business Office and the State Purchasing Office 2015 Advance Colorado Procurement Expo. The event will be held on Monday March 9, 2015, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt Denver, 1750 Welton Street, in Denver. Admission to the event is free and exhibitor tables start at $300.  
The Minority Business Office and the State Purchasing Office welcome your participation at this sellout event. Businesses can connect with state and local government buyers, as well as other business service providers. There will be a full day of networking and workshops. 

For sponsorship, exhibition and advertising information, please contact LeRoy Romero, Minority Business Office, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3764.

For public procurement exhibitors and general information, please contact David Musgrave, supplier diversity liaison, State Purchasing Office (303) 866-3640 David.Musgrave@state.co.us

Business Tip

The newly designed DIA "Business Services" webpage can connect you to resources and information to prepare your business to effectively compete for airport contracts. 

  • Business Education Courses link contains DIA's Airport Infrastructure and Maintenance presentation material offered to the contractors enrolled in the 2014-2015 program. 
  • Business Requirements link focuses on the many facets that are involved with successfully operating your business at the airport.
  • Diversity/Small Business Services highlights opportunities to involve disadvantaged-, minority-, and women-owned firms in all airport business prospects.
  • Employers Services provides business owners with workforce recruitment at DIA and other services such as financing, tax credits and business resource referrals.

For information about business opportunities at DIA, please visit http://business.flydenver.com/ or contact the DIA Commerce Hub at Diacommercehub@flydenver.com or (303) 342-2351.

Upcoming Events

DEN Commerce Hub Contractor Conversations

Thursday, March 19, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. Location: WorldPort Conference Room H 24735 E. 75 Ave., Denver Contact Alicia Avila at Alicia.Avila@flydenver.com for registration information.

Airport Business Opportunities—At Your Finger Tips

Denver International Airport posts business and contract opportunities on its website, business.Flydenver.com. Remain informed about airport current business opportunities and upcoming business activities by visiting the Business Center webpage. Complete the Concessions and Project application forms to be electronically notified of contract announcements. 

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