March 2014
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Denver International Airport online business resources contain a map of the concession businesses.  The "Concession Location Map" pinpoints the sites of the airport's diverse businesses within diagrams of the terminal and concourses. The business ownership and concession name, contract expiration date, and the location's square footage are listed. The "MTM" designation in the contract-date slot denotes that the contract is currently a "month-to-month" agreement.

DIA Rolls Out New High-Tech Facility Management Software To Save Time and Money

The airport is rolling out a new facility management program designed to make the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the entire airport more efficient and predictable. DIA is using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to combine multiple databases containing facility data into one central location. With BIM, DIA personnel are now able to access information about when an item was purchased, the cost, its specific location, when it was installed, the routine maintenance schedule for the item, and other information important to maintaining airport facilities.

"Using Building Information Modeling to integrate all of DIA's data management platforms into one centralized system allows all of our airport divisions to access the same information needed to manage the airport's current and future assets," said Dave LaPorte, deputy manager of aviation for Airport Infrastructure Management.

High Tech Software

DIA first implemented the BIM integration on the Hotel and Transit Center (HTC) Program, which is building a 519-room Westin hotel, an open-air plaza, and a transit center for the new East Rail Line and all RTD buses. An example of the BIM technology used to model this program can be viewed at

Seeing the benefits of BIM as the new hotel and commuter rail station were being designed, DIA began work on an airport-wide implementation in November 2009 and developed DIA-specific standards and manuals. The BIM system includes models for the three concourses, the Airport Office Building, Jeppesen Terminal, the airport parking garages, and four Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting stations.

DIA's technology partner and BIM consultant, IMMERSIVx, provided their BIM-based data management strategy and Trinityx™. The result is an integrated system that works with DIA's facilities management software (IBM/Maximo) and the FAA/DIA Geographic Information System Geodatabase.

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DIA Risk Management Introduces the Rolling Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (ROCIP)

The airport's risk management section administers ROCIP, which provides insurance for selected capital improvement projects and covers contractors with coverage for worker's compensation, general liability, excess liability (up to $200 million), builder's risk, and contractor's pollution (if appropriate).

Companies proposing to perform contract work at the airport can exclude the normal cost for on-site insurance in their bids. ROCIP benefits Small Business, Minority Business, Women Business and Disadvantaged Business enterprises because it removes the high insurance costs that are otherwise needed to successfully bid on projects.


Other ROCIP advantages include free 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety training workshops and industrial hygiene services, including sampling and analysis at no extra charge to all contractors when there is a job-specific need. See the attached brochure for more information.

Business Tips from 7 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Courtesy of Jamilah Corbitt, Founder/CEO, JaiWiz--Huff Post
Feb. 13, 2014

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Running a business can be challenging and it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve a high level of success. Whether you're already in business, or looking to start a business, it pays to heed the advice of others who have walked in your shoes. I asked a few self-made millionaire entrepreneurs to share their advice for being successful in business. Here's what they had to say:

Even when you have everything to lose, act like you don't

I used to have nothing to lose, but now that I have a lot to lose, I have a whole new perspective on this. Even after you've made it to the top, you still have to act like you have nothing to lose.

Work toward being significant

If you want to have success, you can't make success your goal. The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant—and the success will naturally follow.

Seek and you shall find

There are thousands of clues and even direct blueprints to how to make money if you know where to look. Find a successful company that is creating products or services that you are interested in and figure out HOW they are doing it.

Love what you do

Choose something that is in line with your own personal interest and passion, then it never seems like work. Don't be afraid to fail. It's critical to spend the time early on to hire the right people. If you are disciplined in finding the best and brightest people who are also team players then management is easy.

Don't let them intimidate you out of your dream

Work harder than everyone else—I may not be the most formally educated, the most financially set up, or even the smartest, but I will give them a run for their money when it comes to ambition and determination.

Focus on quality and execution

Hire exceptional people, make sure they feel valued and can work as a team. Work to achieve synergy (energy and alignment). Practice Kaizen (Japanese for "small improvement" and "better") every day, focusing on getting a little bit better with the belief that over time outcomes become significant.

Be a thought leader

Based on my own experience, it pays to be a thought leader in your own industry. In today's world, it is easy to publish your own information (including videos), but the traditional media outlets still carry a lot of weight. Get positive exposure and help others by sharing your expertise.

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