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The U.S. General Services Administration will spend $5.55 billion on more than 250 construction projects in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories. The projects will support the President's vision for a clean-energy future, create jobs, and reinvest in our public buildings. Learn more at

  How Denver International Airport Will Benefit

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received $1.1 billion of stimulus money to distribute to the nation’s airports. The maximum amount for any single project was $15 million, with up to $20 million allowed to a single airport sponsor (the owner of the airport, such as a city or an independent airport authority).

Denver International Airport received a total of $12 million for two projects.

Denver International Airport will direct $7 million of the stimulus money toward habilitation of Runway 17L/35R. This project has a total cost of $12.9 million, and will take about three months to complete.  David Rhodes, deputy manager of aviation/planning and development, said DIA will use other funds to make up the balance of the of the project cost. The project involves replacement of deteriorated concrete panels on the 12,000-foot runway and its associated taxiways.

DIA also was awarded $5 million of stimulus money for new drains and expansion joints on the ramp area between the concourses.

In all, the stimulus-backed construction projects are expected to employ 105 workers at DIA.

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