ARFF Academy - FAA CFR 139 Recertification Live Burn Training

  Course Description

The live-fire training course includes an interactive strategy and tactics class and a complete review of all ARFF requirements. Evolutions include handlines and interior attacks. This four-hour course is typically offered during daylight hours.

Colorado Agency per student cost

 * Indicates your acceptance is required

  Minimum Requirements

All participants must be trained to the level of Firefighter I, Certified Volunteer Firefighter Level 1, or equivalent. Equivalency must include knowledge and practice donning personal protection equipment including SCBA and face mask.

Due to the inherent risk, and for the health and safety of all students and instructors, participants displaying a lack of knowledge or comfort in donning PPE including face mask will be excluded from the burn and shall not earn a certificate of completion.

 * I have successfully completed a 40-Hour basic ARFF class

 * I am trained to NPFA Firefighter I or Certified Volunteer Fire Fighter Level I

 * I am able to don personal protection equipment for a firefighter including SCBA and can comfortably wear a face mask

  Physical Demands of Training

The live burn exercises held in the Initial ARFF Training are physically demanding and include hose advancement and search and rescue. The exercises are conducted in full PPE, at an altitude of 5,420 feet, and in varying weather conditions. Physical condition and health issues should be taken into consideration.

 * I am familiar with the type of strenuous physical ability necessary to participate in this training, and to the best of my knowledge, I am physically fit and in proper health condition to undergo the training

 * I understand training will occur at high altitude and the inherent risks of altitude sickness. I am responsible for actions required before attending class to mitigate the risks of altitude sickness

 * I will not attend the class if I am feeling unwell

 * I will advise the ARFF Training Academy if I have any medical problems or I am taking any medication which will hinder my participation in these classes


We will break daily for 1/2 hour for lunch. A catered lunch can be purchased at $15 per student per day. Students may also elect to bring their own lunch with full access to our kitchen.

Leaving the premises to obtain a lunch is not feasible as the closest fast-food establishment is 20 minutes away.


Students will leave this class with a certificate of completion, meeting all requirements to meet FAA/CFR Part 139 requirements. We do not offer proctors for IFSAC or Pro Board certifications. Agencies are welcome to arrange their own proctors to obtain certification. The link to the State of Colorado Department of Fire Prevention, the entity to provide local proctors is Out of state students should check with their local authorizing agency regarding reciprocity.

To register a proctor, email the proctor's full name and email address to [email protected]. Proctors will be required to sign a Risk and Release agreement. Agencies will not be charged tuition for their proctors. Proctors not registered with a signed Risk and Release agreement will not be allowed on site.

  Appropriate Attire

Casual wear for classroom and full PPE for drill ground. Full PPE ensemble includes SCBA and face mask. Face mask is to have been fit tested within the last year.

 * My PPE meets NFPA standard 1851
 * My mask has been fitted in accordance with NFPA 1404

  Required Release Policy

The following form must be completed and returned for each student attending a course at the DEN ARFF Academy on the first day of training. The form may be emailed in advance to [email protected].

Required Form - Risk and Release Agreement.

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