Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Curbside Transportation Management Services
NUMBER:  201952500-00

Current as of:  6/2/2020
Question Number  1:   I have a question regarding the time of the pre proposal meeting for RFP 201952500 Curbside Transportation Management. The RFP doc says 1pm in the table and in the body of the doc, where pre proposal is talked about specifically, the doc says 2pm. What is the correct time for this meeting?
    Answer:   This was an oversight. The correct time of the meeting is 1:00 pm. This will be addressed shortly with Addendum 1.
Question Number  2:   About the mandatory pre-meeting, could we attend by conference call or it must be in person?
    Answer:   Unfortunately, we have no option for call-in. However, the pre-proposal meeting was not listed as being mandatory.
Question Number  3:   (Regarding minimum qualifications requested on Page 27) we feel that we have achieved this requirement by having over 25+ years in the taxi cab business, limousine and shuttle business as a driver, owner and operator. We have served at the airport since it was located in Stapleton and we have actively continue serving at DEN with our limousine and taxi cab business. In addition, we have a wealth of curbside transportation management experience for various special events such as sports and entertainment events at the Broncos Mile High Stadium and at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, at these events we have served up to 70,000 patrons per event. In this regard, humbly noting the commendable Diversity & Inclusiveness efforts of the City, would other significant curbside management experience as well as taxi cab operating experiences at DEN/Stapleton as briefly stated above substitute for this requirement?
    Answer:   The minimum qualifications are a strong preference, but your company will not be precluded from submitting a proposal for this project. That said, an independent evaluation panel will be reviewing all proposals received for this project, and your company's experience will be evaluated in comparison to other proposals received.
Question Number  4:   (Regarding verifiable references related to experience) Again, based on our broad experience we feel we can do the job and provide the necessary references to verify our capabilities and capacity to serve regulated environments with excellent customer service. However, we wonder if our broad experience and references be considered from suitable and equivalent experiences outside of “an airport that serves over fifteen million (15,000,000) passengers”?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 3.
Question Number  5:   (Regarding experience of site manager) Again, would verifiable years of work experience be considered from suitable and equivalent experiences outside of “an airport that serves over fifteen million (15,000,000) passengers”?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 3.
Question Number  6:   Does the City have incumbent for CURBSIDE TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  7:   Any problems with incumbents?
    Answer:   DEN does not choose to discuss the current vendor/contract. This procurement is for a new contract for this service.
Question Number  8:   Were there optional term extensions in the previous RFP?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 7.
Question Number  9:   Has the City ever offered this extension during the current contract? If so, how many extensions?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 7.
Question Number  10:   With the current contract due to expire this year, does the City plan to exercise an option to extend the Term?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 7.
Question Number  11:   What criteria would lead the City to exercise an option to extend the Term?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 7.
Question Number  12:   Is the current contract wired?
    Answer:   Please see response to Question 7.
Question Number  13:   Last Date to Submit Written Questions is March 12, 2019, 2:00 pm. When is an answer due date for submitted question? It says following the deadline but will there be enough time before proposal due date?
    Answer:   The questions will be answered as quickly as possible. We hope to have answers early next week.
Question Number  14:   Any conflict of interest if the prime hires existing taxi cab companies as subcontractors?
    Answer:   The prime is expected to perform the work.
    Answer:   There is no NAICS code for Curbside Transportation Management Services.
Question Number  16:   VIII. ATTACHMENT 4, INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: At this time would our proposal be considered if we do not yet have all the required insurances and we plan to obtain the required insurances before the start date of the contract if awarded? Is Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability insurances required If a contractor is a Corporation and Small Business?
    Answer:   As mentioned in the pre-proposal meeting, the insurance requirements provided are for informational purposes only; insurance will not be required at the time of proposal submittal. Any selected company must obtain the required insurance at the time of contracting.
Question Number  17:   Given the necessary time to review information and answers provided to bidders’ questions, particularly by legal counsel, please extend the deadline date to provide a minimum of seven (7) business days from the date the final addendum to this RFP has been issued.
    Answer:   DEN is looking at the questions now and will decide whether or not to extend the due date for proposals. If DEN decides to do this, an addendum will be issued.
Question Number  18:   Please provide a copy of the incumbent’s current contract and any amendments.
    Answer:   DEN does not elect to provide this contract. Proposers should be familiar with the requested Scope of Work and the draft contract attached to the RFP. You may request a copy of the incumbent's contract through the City and County of Denver Clerk and Recorder.
Question Number  19:   RFP, Section I., page 6. City, Airport and Project overview, paragraph 4, second sentence – “The work under this Contract is anticipated to start on or about June 2020…” however page 14 first sentence states “…commencing August 1, 2020…” Which of these start dates is accurate?
    Answer:   Both of these dates were rough estimates. DEN is eager to get this procurement completed as soon as possible and will be looking to begin the work as quickly as a contract can be executed with the selected vendor.
Question Number  20:   RFP, third paragraph bullet number one, page 11 “…The specific goal for this procurement is 0% MWBE…” On Introductory page 2 of RFP document, second paragraph “The specific goal for this project is: 0% Minority and Woman Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Participation. Yet in the next paragraph the last sentence reads: “…the M/WBE percentage solicitation level required for this project is 100%.” Which is the desired participation goal?
    Answer:   The participation goal is 0% MWBE participation. By Ordinance, the proposer has to make a 100% good faith effort to use certified M/WBE firms.
Question Number  21:   RFP, third paragraph, bullet number one, page 11 “…The specific goal for this procurement is 0% MWBE.” If there is no minority participation goal, will those bidders who include MWBE participation in their proposal be evaluated more favorably than those who do not?
    Answer:   Evaluation criteria have been provided in the RFP. DEN cannot predict if or how individual evaluation panel members would view and score MWBE participation.
Question Number  22:   RFP Section III-15, Section G.1, page 18 – Please clarify what is meant by an “audited statement of overhead rates.” What documentation specifically would be required potentially of the Contractor?
    Answer:   An audited statement of overhead rates (calculate hourly billing rates for DEN and approval.)
Question Number  23:   RFP Section III-19, Airport Identification (ID) Badge Requirements – It is our understanding that currently only managers have SIDA badges. Please confirm if this requirement extends to all employees of the Contractor.
    Answer:   At this time there is not a requirement for all employees to be badged. However this could change during the lifetime of the agreement.
Question Number  24:   What is the cost (initial and replacement) of the required ID Badge?
    Answer:   Answers to badging questions can be found at the DEN Badging Office. Their website and contact info can be found at
Question Number  25:   RFP Section III-24, Wage Ordinances, Page 22 – Please confirm or clarify if the work conducted under this contract is covered by the Minimum Wage Ordinance enacted by the City of Denver in or about March 2019?
    Answer:   The work is covered by the minimum wage ordinance.
Question Number  26:   RFP Section IV-2(B), FORMAT, Page 23 – Please confirm if the 22 pages are 22 single sided pages or 22 double-sides pages (for a total of 44 pages)?
    Answer:   The page count refers to single-sided pages.
Question Number  27:   RFP Section IV-2(B), FORMAT, Page 24 – Please clarify if Submittal 2 and Exhibit E are deemed “DEN-required forms” and therefore do not count toward the maximum page count allowed.
    Answer:   The page count refers specifically to the narrative portion of the overall proposal, and the breakdown is very clear for each section in the referenced table. Required forms (beginning on Page 30) are not included in the page count. The same goes for Submittal 2 and Exhibit E.
Question Number  28:   RFP Section IV-3, Section 2, Cost Effectiveness (Price) – In order to thoroughly contemplate “where are saving opportunities from the Proposer’s company” and “….cost savings ..(and) the competitive edge” please provide the following: Copies of invoices by month for January – December 2019 and 2018, respectively, breaking down the number of billed hours per position (e.g., Taxicab Dispatcher/Starter and Taxicab Supervisor) and the billable rate.
    Answer:   This RFP is asking companies to provide their proposal for the proposed scope of work, and the associated cost for doing so. We are asking proposers to describe to DEN their specific competitive advantage and how they control costs. DEN does not elect to provide this detailed information on a different contract.
Question Number  29:   RFP Section V-7, Evaluation Criteria, Page 29 – In order to accurately understand how the Proposal will be ranked by the evaluators’, please provide the maximum percentage or number of points that will be assigned to each of the six (6) stated categories.
    Answer:   DEN does not elect to provide the scoring weights for this RFP.
Question Number  30:   Are the answers to the questions # 1 and #2 that were uploaded to the Business Center considered an official Addendum that must be acknowledged?
    Answer:   No. Questions and answers are separate from the formal addenda for this project.
Question Number  31:   Please confirm what furniture, computers, etc. will be provided by the City for use by the Contractor to perform the Scope of Work.
    Answer:   City will not provide furniture or furnishings in the office space for the contractor. Any office furniture or related furnishings shall be provided by the contractor at their expense. Although the City is providing office space
Question Number  32:   Please quantify by amount (if any) for each of the past three (3) years the incumbent operator has been assessed liquidated damages.
    Answer:   DEN does not elect to share information about the current contract. This RFP is to procure a new contract.
Question Number  33:   Sample agreement, Page 11, Section 4.04 Adjustment of Fees – “Effective August 1, 2021, the wages paid to Contractor hereunder shall be increased annually for each contract year during the term of this Agreement…” Is this date meant to coincide with the start of the contract and increase annually? If the start date is on or around June will the effective date of the wages paid to the Contractor change to reflect the earlier start date?
    Answer:   This is the current date contemplated for the annual adjustment of fees.
Question Number  34:   Sample Contract, Section 4.03(f)(4) – Employee Bus Pass Program and Parking – Please provide copies for each of the past three (3) years detailing the amount the incumbent operator has billed the City for the cost of the transit plan.
    Answer:   See response to Question 32.
Question Number  35:   Sample agreement, Page 9, Section 4.02 Invoicing and Payment Procedures. Can the City please elaborate on what other expenses can be reimbursed in addition to approved employee work hours, approved overtime hours, initial ID badge costs, uniforms up to $12,000 per year, 75% of transit passes?
    Answer:   No other expensese will be reimbursed.
Question Number  36:   Please confirm DEN shall provide employee parking in authorized parking lot referred to as “Landside Employee Lot” at no charge or as a reimbursable charge.
    Answer:   Parking will be provided at no expense.
Question Number  37:   Generic Question: How many employee parking passes are issued to the current vendor? How many bus passes are reimbursed at 75% by the Airport?
    Answer:   See response to Question 32.
Question Number  38:   Sample Contract, Section 7.19, Vehicle Use, Page 24 – Please clarify the minimum number of vehicles the City requires the Contractor to provide “…to enable monitoring of terminal and dispatching of operations by supervisors and other personnel.”
    Answer:   The proposer will provide sufficient vehicles to maintain the expected service levels.
Question Number  39:   How many vehicles does the incumbent operator currently use in support of the operation?
    Answer:   See response to Question 32.
Question Number  40:   Sample Contract, Section 5.01, Term, Page 13 – Are the option years at the sole discretion of the City or must the Contractor agree to the extension years?
    Answer:   Option years are at the sole discretion of the City; however, this would be discussed in advance with the vendor.
Question Number  41:   Should the Contract be terminated prior to the thirty six (36) month base term for no-cause or default of the Contractor, would the City reimburse the Contractor the unamortized portion of all major expenditures (e.g., furniture, fleet vehicles, etc.)
    Answer:   This is part of the negotiation that will occur with the successful proposer.
Question Number  42:   Sample Contract, Section 7.15, Contractor’s Offices and Other Work Areas – Does the City provide at no cost to the Contractor a trash receptacle or designated area where trash may be disposed of?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  43:   RFP Section 10, Subcontracting – Please confirm any stated work noted in our Proposal to be subcontracted (e.g., to assist with our MWBE efforts) is acceptable and not in violation of this provision.
    Answer:   Subcontracting is not allowed in this procurement.
Question Number  44:   Sample Contract, Section 11.01, B, Wage Increase for Employees, Page 30 – This paragraph states all Cab Starters shall be entitled to a wage increase effective August 1st of each year. Please confirm this also applies to all positions (e.g., Taxicab Supervisor and Manager).
    Answer:   Wage increases are for employees and supervisors, not the Manager.
Question Number  45:   Generic Question: Does the contractor have responsibility for validating or issuing citations to taxi companies for non-compliance with the Taxicab Rules and Regulations of the Denver Municipal Airport System?
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  46:   Generic Question: Does the Airport intend to have contractor employees manage TNC activity in the assigned area?
    Answer:   Not at this time.
Question Number  47:   Please confirm there are no paper submittals required.
    Answer:   Confirmed. Proposals should be on flash drives, and financial documents submitted should be on a flash drive.
Question Number  48:   Please confirm COI and Bonds are not a required part of the bid submission, but upon award.
    Answer:   Confirmed.
Question Number  49:   Submittal 2: Please clarify whether all positions prescribed by the RFP should be included in the Direct Labor Line or should the General Manager and Operations Manager be included in the Indirect Labor Line?
    Answer:   This decision will be made by the proposer.
Question Number  50:   Is the staff at this location currently unionized? If so, please provide: a) the Union name and contact information, b) a copy of the current CBA and a current seniority list including pay rates, benefit levels seniority dates.
    Answer:   No.
Question Number  51:   The RFP mentions required reports in several areas. Please provide a copy of the last three month’s operating reports submitted by the incumbent operator.
    Answer:   DEN does not elect to share information about the current contract. This RFP is to procure a new contract.
Question Number  52:   Who will be responsible for the installation and payment of any required utilities, including telephone, electric, internet service, etc.?
    Answer:   DEN will be responsible for all utilities except long distance service.
Question Number  53:   Please provide a list of any office equipment/furniture that may be provided to the operator for its use in providing the Curbside Management Services.
    Answer:   None.
Question Number  54:   The RFP mentions Office Space (Exhibit F) in multiple areas, but no Exhibit F was provided in the documents. Please provide a layout of the office space provided to the operator for its use in providing the Curbside Management Services.
    Answer:   Exhibit F has been uploaded to the project page at
Question Number  55:   Will Dispatcher/Starters be required to provide baggage handling services – I.e., loading/unloading customer baggage into vehicles?
    Answer:   Yes.
Question Number  56:   What is the current cost for a monthly transit pass?
    Answer:   Costs for transit passes are available at