Questions and Answers to Project Documents — Business Opportunities
PROJECT:  Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Landside 2020
NUMBER:  202053525-00

Current as of:  6/2/2020
Question Number  1:   Please confirm Diamond Grinding milestone. SC-7 states 150 days from NTP and plan sheet G2 states 120 days from NTP.
    Answer:   SC-7 will apply, 150 day Milestone from NTP; an addendum will be issued to revise sheet G2 to confirm 150 days from NTP.
Question Number  2:   Please confirm whether DEN will pay for more than one TCM per day when work is being performed in multiple locations concurrently.
    Answer:   Reference CDOT Standard Specifications Subsection 630.17: "The quantity to be measured for Traffic Control Management will be the number of authorized 24-hour days of active TCM performed by the TCS or another representative certified as a work site traffic supervisor. Payment will be made for one day of Traffic Control Management regardless of the number of TCSs required to adequately control the work." If work occurs across multiple schedules concurrently, the TCM per day payment will be evenly distributed between schedules, to total one (1) per day.
Question Number  3:   In order to meet the requirements of note 16 on plan sheet G4, the contractor will need a certain number of personnel to have access to the pay-for-parking areas for gate management. How many individuals will have access to the pay-for-parking areas?
    Answer:   It can be anticipated that Company vehicles will be able to apply for and get AVI tags to access the pay-for-parking lots. For sub-contractors and deliveries to pay-for-parking lots the contractor will apply for and be given up to two(2) cards per lot which will included a logging in and out of all vehicles. Access cards must be returned upon the completion of the Work.
Question Number  4:   Does the asphalt patching item include the removal of existing asphalt as incidental, or will the removal be paid separately?
    Answer:   Item 403-00720 Hot Mix Asphalt (Patching) is mostly intended for Asphalt patching around Guardrail replacement on IB Pena(Sheet GR02), limited and incidental removals for this item. Please note that Item 403-00720 Hot Mix Asphalt (Patching) and Item 2020-00220 Removal of Asphalt can be used at DEN PM's discretion for other asphalt areas that may require both removal and patching.
Question Number  5:   Is it still anticipated that no batch plant site will be available on airport property for this project?
    Answer:   No batch plant site for this specific project will be available.