Concessions — DEN Commerce Hub Concessions — DEN Commerce Hub

For those interested in concessions opportunities, multiple opportunities are available to achieve financial and business goals.

At the airport, a concession is a food, beverage, retail outlet or service supporting the interests and needs of the traveling public. There are many different entities and programs that comprise a typical concession. These include:

Prime. The primary business responsible for the concession operations.

Certified ACDBE. The Certified Disadvantaged business partner required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Joint Venture Partnership. The collaboration between two or more firms to determine the best way to build out and manage the concession. (ex: Prime + ACDBE)

Prime/ACDBE/Combination. The certified firm (ACDBE) can be a Prime, or in partnership with a Prime operator.

RMU program. A retail kiosk on a concourse covering a smaller footprint with shorter lease terms and less capital required for build out.

Goods and Services. Concessionnaires may use local certified ACDBE suppliers and service providers to achieve their small business/minority goals in special instances.